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This document gives the brief of risk management plan for my institution in general and my departmental level in particular. On the following pages you will be able to know xx risk management plan as well as risk management for Investment Department and this for accomplishment of the assignment of Contemporary management courses.

Contemporary management assignment In order to accomplish the assignment of Contemporary Management, I have tasked to write the risk management plan for the strategic plan of my institution in general ND to write the risk management plan for my department in particular. As an officer in charge of non fixed income in Investment department of xx the following summarized the risk management plan for the strategic plan of my institution and the risk management plan for the investment department. . The risk management plan for the strategic plan of my institution The risks management plan for strategic plan in my organization are as follows; first of all xx is a institution with the key functions of pension and medical scheme, collection of contributions, investment of members funds and payments of benefits hush advising the government on social security matters. The execution of above functions requires or needs setting realistic strategic plans and clear implementation mechanisms.

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In the setting the strategic plan the top management will be guided by the output of the environmental scanning and the implementation of the strategic objectives of the organization. The top management’s environmental scanning reveals that it has a lot of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to enable it realize greater achievement in line with the vision of the organization. Triangle plan In my organization must De Tort teen pergola AT tense years as Institution that governed by the government.

This strategic plan is designed depending on the goals of the organization; Goals Specific objective Risk related Strengthening financial sustainability of the institution 1. Register new members – low number of members registered 2. Sensitizes the working population and the general public on their social security members registered -poor planning and means of assassinations 3. Design policies and strategic papers to implement the organization reform –

Policies and procedure manuals may not in place 4. Develop staff or employees capacity building -poor designing training plan and it implementation due to lack of funds. 5. Prudently invest member’ funds -organizational investment policy may not be reviewed and updated. Provide quality services to customers 6. Improve customers satisfaction survey -customer satisfaction survey report may not in place -revision of service delivery standards may not be in place no implementation of report produced 2.

The risk management plan for the my department No of acquisitiveness’s planned by Portfolio management Division Risks related to the activities done by Portfolio management Ranking of these risks in my department Controls for mitigating these risks 1 . Identify investment opportunities generating good returns Failure to identify profitable investment opportunities, leading to low returns High risk Designated group or unit should be in place to identify business or investment opportunities. . Evaluate the attractiveness of potential investment investments Medium risk Concentration of All sectors should be covered to get more diversification of projects Ђ Bureaucratic delays may lead to selection of inappropriate investment opportunities High risk Deterrent steps Tort analyses In teen Investment process snouts De appeal Ana followed (identification, appraisal, review, risk analysis and approval) by decision maker and at time required. Ђ Funds may be invested in undesirable investments High risk Allowable and prohibited investment must be defined in the investment policy Highly risky investments may be undertaken, greatly exposing the institution For every investment proposal, a risk report analysis need to be prepared and vomited to G and Top Management Team Project may not be agreed upon by decision maker or delay to take decision High risk Clear investment decisions, investment policy and procedure manual, investment plan 3.

Monitor and evaluates investments and make timely recommendations on opportunities and treats on these investments Risks associated with investment projects may not be dually identified and analyzed Investment committee should be in place for advise, risk management team involved before a decision is taken Delays in implementing an investment decision may lead to increased costs A project Implementation program Is drawn upon Ana Tallow consistently.

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