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Cindy Xin Wang MBA 5500 Managing Confrontation Writing Assignment 1 Mar. 25th, 2010 Confrontation: Based on My Personal Experience Confrontation is never a pleasant process for both the one who conducts the action and the one who is confronted with. According to the textbook, crucial confrontation is defined as face-to-face accountability discussions with the aim to address and close the gap between expectations and actual performances. The gap is usually violated expectations, broken promises, or poor performances.

Confrontation is not a simple discussion but deals with an urgent high-steak issue. The differences between what was promised or expected and what actually happened are very common in real life. Most of the time, however, people try to avoid confronting others even though they want to hold someone accountable. They believe the action is either unnecessary or unaffordable. After the first lectures in this class, I began to realize that some confrontations do not necessarily to be unpleasant.

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Some confrontations could be very effective and helpful in improving results and relationships if conducting well. Before confronting people, first, we need to analyze the consequences of either confronting or not confronting this person. Then we need to identify the real issue by unbundling with CPR (context, patter, and relation), and distill to a single sentence for the whole situation. Then we can make a decision on whether to confront this person or not. Also, to master confrontations, we need to avoid silence, violence, and hogs.

This paper will discover a potential confrontation that has troubled me for quite a long time, and use the skills that I learned in this class to examine the situation and decide whether to conduct confrontation or not. The issue that bothers me for a long time is a grading discrepancy with a professor. I took that class year. I got 89. 6% of that class. Most of the students in that class were the same major with me and we’ve know each other very well. The score that I disagree with is the participation points. The grading policy was the quality of the I thought I was misjudged as

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