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One of society’s popular issues – conformity, is the act of one individual likely to change his or her thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes In order to fit In a group or to follow social norms. Norms are understood as unspoken, Invisible rules appeared by a group of people then spread out to the whole community. Conformity occurs in various environment and situations, which fashion trends, plastic surgery, and tattooed people are some typical examples (depends on the case).

Furthermore, when talking about the place where conformity rules over, is which we are most milliamp with: the school. First of all, we can possibly see that school managers, staffs and teachers are the ones who directly apply conformity on students. Rules and punishments which are thought to organize and unite everyone but the reality Is reverse. These excessive and unreasonable ones constrain student from freedom, that later on make them afraid of schools, studying, and conform hopelessly although their brain are opposing.

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Plus, the approach of rigid and severe educating nowadays leads to reducing curiosity and creativity in students. This problem happens in not en but many different countries, hence takes part In declining the developing education. Besides, there Is still a minority of teachers who are stubborn enough to reject any students’ new Innovative resolutions so as to protect their ego. Yet another outcome of the conformity doctrine is standardized examinations. Future of the humanity’ should be tested on their personalized and specific abilities to prepare for life, not Just narrow and impractical plain papers to figuratively test our memory – which then disappears like it never happens! It may be exaggerated but somehow, schools have made us Involved In either a batch or flow production, waiting for an acceptable diploma to apply for ordinary Jobs with and expectation of getting average Income… In another aspect, students ourselves are conformist as well.

From observation, there are mainly three considerable reasons why students conform, and one of them is lacking of knowledge. In a group work or class period, those who are not as clever as others usually listen to everything discussed or lecture assuming they are all correct. They make themselves lower than their friends, follow orders hen doing a project, or obey the rules unconditionally. The second type are whom we can possibly call “trend followers”.

These Individuals are the one who would buy a pair of shoes that has similar brand to other majorities in school; put on sweaters in a boiling temperature of 35 ;C because fashion icons in Russia wear them; or even mimic the same tattoo as their idols’. Their needs of affection and admiration from others resulting in conformity that they want to mimic everything from the loved ones! Finally, the third and also why students conform is that they are yearning to be retorted: they would avoid any action leads to disagreement or making them an outcast.

Anything that seems harmful Is always on their black-list Including arguments, bullying, criticism therefore they ignore their individuality to make themselves be like the majority. We can find these kind of students everywhere: agree on every decision made despite of having different opinion; suddenly draw back their arms after seeing no one raises theirs up; or more unintelligible like one claiming he or she has not finish the assignment – which is supposed to be done uniformity affects education – beneficially or contrary, is still debatable.

To consider in a positive way, the fact that conformity provides cooperation and acceptance is undeniable. It keeps students from engaging in anti-social acts for fear of isolation plus ensures security. Conformity is metaphorically like an established path for us to follow without deliberation and therefore make a great assistance since we are not capable of everything. Moreover, besides self-completing, it also maintains social norms, discipline, and easily operates school via ‘obedient kids’. However, many argue that conformity brings up more draw backs than its advantages.

Taking as an example: the school bell. When it rings, the whole school Jointly moves to another location to start another activity as now it is controlled by an audio signal. Clearly, there are logistical issues to consider if we are to safely and effectively manage a volatile school population of over SHOO young people, but are there any less militaristic ways to operate? When will we see schools acting less like prisons or military bases, and more like places where learning can actually be enjoyed? It is Lear that schools should be founded on diversity not on conformity.

Yet to achieve this involves not only a strong consideration of the development of individuals and their specific abilities, but also on the need for each school to create its own distinct identity within its community. It is not only the school’s duty to apply conformity properly but also our accurate perception that does. Do you want to become one of a mass chain of approximate dolls that people always see you as one tiny part of a group, or a distinct star shining in the dark sky? Whether good or not, remember that being yourself is the best!

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