Concepts of Ecological Sustainability Assignment

Concepts of Ecological Sustainability Assignment Words: 441

This assignment assesses lecture and textbook understanding; use those resources to answer the 10 questions below in at least two solid sentences each. Work must be written In your own words and adhere to proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics. L. Lecture A What Is ecological hierarchy? Ecological hierarchy Is the 4 levels that Ecologist study. It ranges from an Individual organism on one level all the way up to an entire CEO system. B What does the study of environmental science encompass?

Environmental science covers all aspects of the world and Its CEO systems. That ranges from microbiology to the study of issues and laws concerning our environment. C What is sustainability? Sustainability is the ability for an organism or system to sustain itself without over using resources. This would also include sustainability crops, farms and others. II. Textbook D What is urban sprawl and why does it occur? Urban sprawl is an urban area moving outward instead of upward. Urban sprawl appends when a population outgrows its area and needs to expand.

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E What are the primary environmental impacts of urban sprawl? With urban sprawl, the population will have demands and needs that need to be met. This would include shelter, food, and education and so on. F What is the concept of smart growth? Smart growth is the concept of urban sprawl that Is concern with the sustainability of the ecosystem. These areas may Include sustainable farms, multifamily dwellings or alternative energy sources. G What are some economic and ethnic manifestations of urban blight?

When an urban area dies It not only produces some unsanitary call Issues but It also effects the environment. Unattended to structures will deteriorate and some Items In those structures can contain dangerous chemicals and by products. H Why do environmental conditions, as well as the presence or absence of resources, Take the human condition for example. We as human have basic survival needs that we must meet in order to survive. Food, water and shelter are not only our basic deeds, but so many other organisms as well.

I What are organic compounds, and why are they important to living organisms? Organic compounds are some of the building blocks of live. Proteins, for example happen as an organic compound. J What is the key function of the three biochemical cycles that the textbook describes, and why were these elements chosen? These cycles are some of the basic make up of life (Carbon, Oxygen and Water). In most living organisms and even some unloving objects, all three of these cycles are present.

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