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One could argue that purchasing a computer is akin to searching for a spouse; it needs to be both reliable and dependable while also offering compatibility and helping an individual achieve their goals. The variety of laptops currently on the market is astounding. There is essentially a laptop for everybody depending on their budget and criteria and many websites available to assist consumers make informed, technologically savvy decisions. CNet. om is among the leading websites in terms of reviewing various technological devises, laptops included. In their mission statement they assert that their company’s goal is to provide consumers with the “information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech. ” (CNet. com) Another reputable site is PC World, a magazine both online and in print which objectively reviews the most current computer and IT technology. Both of these sources were key in assisting my purchasing decision.

When in the process of choosing a laptop to purchase, I had to itemize the list of basic tasks that I needed it to perform as well as any other special features that I could ultimately employ. I am a student, wife and mother and so the main uses of my laptop are for writing papers, doing research, paying bills, online banking, listening to and downloading music, shopping, loading pictures and watching DVD’s. I had narrowed down the search to two laptops with the help of CNet. com and the online PC World Magazine. CNet. om highlights a feature called the “Best 5 Laptops,” in which it details its editors top five choices along with information describing why those particular computers were chosen. Among them one had no price listing and two were out of the price range of this assignment. From the two eligible computers, one met my purchasing criteria and standards. This laptop, The Gateway NV7915u is described by CNet’s editors as having an “impressive mix of features” for its cost. Some of those features include Intel’s Core i3 processor, excellent multitasking features and a large screen with great sound output, all for $599.

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I was almost immediately sold, however, after doing further research, I found what I felt was an even better option through the reviews on PCWorld. com. The computer that I chose is the Toshiba NB205-310 priced at approximately $400. 00. This laptop received both top reviews among the editors from PC World, as well as from those who had purchased and then reviewed it. One of its most enticing features is its extremely long battery life as well as an easy to type on enlarged keypad.

In addition, it is lightweight and has a large enough memory which would very comfortably suit my requirements. Although the laptop that I chose comes with certain standard software such as Microsoft: Works 9, I felt that it would be necessary for me to purchase a better program to assist me and my distinct needs, such as writing papers. I therefore chose to equip my laptop with Microsoft Office 2007, in particular the Office Home and Student, which is geared towards my exact specifications. This package is priced at $149. 95 and is comprised of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

I also felt it necessary, that in making a large investment in hardware to additionally purchase an anti-virus protection program in order to assure the security of my laptop. Being that I use my computer for online shopping and banking the Norton AntiVirus is known to have an excellent performance record. As there was enough money still left in my budget, I chose to purchase a two year download of the All-In-One security package for $134. 99. This program offers improved parental controls, improved vulnerability protection, protection from phishing scams and automated Backup and Restore, among other superior protection features.

Currently, the Toshiba NB205-310 is equipped with 1 GB of RAM, which although is not that much, is sufficient for the purposes that I need. However, if in the future I am to require more, there are further RAM purchasing options. As most of my budget has been depleted, when I am able to save more money, I would in ultimately like to buy a four-in-one printer, which includes a printer, scanner, fax and copier. As a student, I am constantly writing papers and these features would greatly assist me in that task.

I haven’t yet chosen the make or model for this hardware as there are constantly new models being created and perfected. As for now, I believe that I have made the best choice in hardware for both myself and my family. BIBLIOGRAPHY Ackerman, Dan and Stein, Scott. “Best 5 Laptops. ” CNet. com, April 16, 2010. Web. May 2010. http://reviews. cnet. com/best-laptops/ Gladstone, Darren. “Toshiba Mini NB205-N310. ” PCWorld. com, July 6, 2009. Web. May 2010. http://www. pcworld. com/reviews/product/113273/review/toshiba_nb205310. html

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