Communication and Speech Skills Felicia Assignment

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LEARNING TEAM CHARTER Course Title COMM 105 ? Instructor Sean Preci Course Dates 04/06/09-05/04/09 Team Members/Personal Information Name Phone Fax Email Chris Mercado 619-403-4534 cmercado99@email. phoenix. edu Natalie Moraga 619-674-0240 natsam520@email. phoenix. edu Felicia Kleine 619-669-8418 feliciaak15@email. phoenix. edu Diana Sanchez 619-277-5523 dianad88@email. phoenix. edu Tiana Jones 619- titi08@email. phoenix. edu Team Member Skill Inventory Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop) Chris- punctual, creative, organized/ I want to develop my communicating skills Natalie- organized,team player/ I want to develop my speech skills Felicia- creative, smart, loves to do presentations/ I want learn to fosus more Diana- friendly, out going, computer savy/ I want to be more punctual Tiana- creative, friendly, I like to draw/ I want to learn to speak in public

Learning Team Goals (May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc. ) We would all like to leave the class with more knowledge about writing and, how to become better at it. What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals? Diffrent schedules, where we live , communication. Ground Rules Meeting schedule, locations, attendance expectations, agenda, assignment completion, communication methods, etc. ommunicate through e-mail and online chat, we all expect to complete individual and group assignments on time and to the best of our abilities. We also like to pick a day for everybody to meet to get all work done. Conflict Management What are potential conflicts that might arise among or between team members during this course? How will team members deal with these and other conflicts? The way we communicate and sometimes we all argue because we all have different opinions. Faculty Member Feedback to Students

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