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Kerry suggested McDonald’s but Rebecca suggested KEF in the end we ended p going to McDonald’s. All of us involved used a lot of different body language but we were all mainly relaxed we were using a lot of eye contact. I have noticed that we all use a lot of hand gestures when speaking to each other. I think we use hand gestures towards each other to express more feelings towards the conversation and to try and put across our point in a more specific way, hand gestures do add more intensity to a conversation depending on the type of conversation and the hand gestures involved.

When using hand gestures your point is getting put across in a quicker way than if o had a conversation without, an example is if you are walking out of a room and you are expecting people to follow, they may not be able to hear what you are saying but if you wave they can see you and will follow. I do think our communication skills towards each other have been effective so far as we are always able to understand and respond to each other fairly quickly and get along with each other very well.

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I think the main reason it was effective is because of our body language because we are quite open and relaxed around one another. Sometimes our communication skills are not effective because when one person is speaking another will speak over them and try to get there point across at the same time, this results in the communication being ineffective because we are only getting bits of each others conversations. Another conversation I have noted down was being going to the A+E department of the Liverpool Royal Hospital.

The main people spoke to while there were doctors and nurses. They were having a conversation about the type of scan they think I should be getting, in the end they decided with a CT scan. This particular conversation was a very formal conversation, this conversation was formal because of their job roles and the environment they were in. Having such a high job in the health care profession means you must speak and act in a formal way to all patients.

If the doctors did not have a formal conversation it would give the patients the wrong impression. Their body language was serious, using a lot of hand gestures to signal what the scan was for and which part they would be scanning, holding eye contact with each other for long periods of time, a lot of dead nodding in agreement and having a straight stance, this is showing that their conversation was formal because of their body language and the way they act towards each other.

I think their communication was ineffective at first but because they were having a lot of disagreement to what they thought was best but as their conversation progressed they seemed to be more in agreement with each other and all ended up deciding on the one answer overall. When being on the bus and trains and overlooking other people’s communication, I think when being on public transport their communication s ineffective towards each other as the majority of people have head phones in and don’t seem to be paying any attention to anything but their phones.

They always tend to have very closed body language, poor posture, they do also seem to be quite distracted, show signs of tiredness like yawning a lot and do repetitive actions like tapping their feet. Think their communication is ineffective because their body language is showing they are paying no attention and is also showing signs of being distracted. Their communication when being on public transport is ineffective because when playing on a hone or listening to music they cannot pay full attention to one another.

My first effective point I will be making about communication is why is it effective? During a conversation with somebody you instantly change your posture and expressions, depending on who you are having this conversation with for example if it is with your friends you are more relaxed and use more English slang such as; Quid, knackered and LOL When we use these words with conversations shared by friends.

However if it is for a job interview or meeting a sophisticated person your vocabulary changes, your posture hanged and your expressions become more uptight and uncomfortable, we start to then change the tone of the conversation as well through both encounters. Although when for example you are on the internet on social networking sites speaking to your friends online and you are informing them about an uncomfortable encounter with a job interview, they cannot see the extent of the emotion, body language and expressions so things can be easily misread.

So therefore using speech to make the communication more effective, does show the full extent of a conversation rather than being online. Throughout the day in the health and social care sector you will come across people you do not know, they could be foreign and you could have a low level of understanding towards their language. With people from all over the world trying to communicate using only hand gestures and facial expressions, you will not get much understanding of what their needs are or the importance of their needs.

The different situations that person could possibly be in could either be life or death, they could also be tying to warn you about something, and only using hand gestures and facial expressions o may be able to pick up a bit but not a lot of what this person is trying to get across. In this particular situation their gestures would indicate what sort of scenario we would briefly be facing, so to conclude the hand gestures and expressions are extremely effective in most situations we face on a daily basis.

Listening is an effective part Of communication because, it allows you to make sense and have an understanding of what the other person is trying to say, giving you all the correct information needed to respond appropriately. Listening and hearing are two completely different things, existing is a skill whereas hearing is a physical ability, without listening you would not be able to understand and process what the other person was saying. So at school you would not understand what assignments are needed as for us to fully understand what we are required to do.

Focusing on the speaking and not interrupting will improve your listening skills and give you the ability to understand a lot more compared to if you rudely interrupted the other person you then wouldn’t be exposing your listening technique. Although on a day to day basis we expose all these skills without even using our brain or showing any difficulty accomplishing, so this is the first explanation of communication we use daily. Body language is also another part of effective communication, as it can change the tone of the conversation and make something believable even if it is not.

Body language also presents a strong image of the speaker. When using the different types of body language more than half of the impact made is through body language, your posture, and eye contact, tone of voice, facial expressions and finally hand gestures. Using body language such as hand gestures when speaking will also emphasize the importance of the point you are making therefore making it one of the most effective parts of communication. Experts say your body language counts between 55% and 65% of our communication. Another effective part of communication is speaking.

It is effective because without speaking you would not be able to respond to questions asked and your body language would not count for much. Also using your speaking skills you will have the ability to persuade, inform and direct information at the listener. Many people do not think of common speaking as being a skill but in fact it is. So to conclude this second point I am making about effective communication that use very often, through time speech has evolved from all the countries around the world from one language to thousands in 2000 years. Verbal communication is when people communicate using speaking and listening.

There are many purposes to verbal communication the main one being to relay information from one person to another while making sure they are getting the correct information. An example of verbal communication is having a conversation with a friends or family member using informal engage and using relaxed body language. As when you are with friends you do not feel the need to have a formal conversation and use a serious type of body language, when people are not having a formal conversation your body language will become more relaxed and their attitude Will change and they will start to use slang.

Also with friends you will change your posture and stance to become more relaxed and comfortable around that certain group of people. Non-verbal is when communication is taking place but without words, using only body language, the appropriate facial expressions and eye intact. An example of non-verbal communication is passing someone in the street and either having a facial expression that shows you smiling or a blank facial expression. When using non-verbal communication you are relying completely on how you look and how your body language and hand gestures present you to be.

When working in the health care profession you have to be aware of all cultures, communities and languages. As you would not expect someone who did not speak English or spoke very little English you would not expect them to be able to fully understand what you are saying. Also being aware not to discriminate against someone’s gender, sexuality, faith or someone who is not the same as you, you must always as for the permission of the patient before you give any medication and ask them about any allergies.

An example of different cultures would be if you had a patient who was a Jehovah witnesses would not be able to receive a blood transplant or an organ transplant, so you would have to find an alternative way to treat them, making sure the decision you make is in the best interest in the patient and goes with all their religious needs. Another example of efferent cultures is a Muslim can only eat Hall meat, so in a hospital or any health care setting you would have to respect their views and religion and make sure Hall meat is available for them.

You would also have to be understanding that different religions have set times and places for prayer, also needing to wear specific clothing and having specific items around them to complete their prayers. If you had to attend a patients home to care for them you would have to dress appropriate to their religion and respect their views. Understanding that everyone has a different culture or religion is important when you are part of the health care profession you will need to be aware and be able to respond to that person in a profession and formal manner.

It may not always mean that someone has a different religion sometimes it’s the case of someone have a language need, they may need a signer. We need to be able to understand that not everyone is the same and treat everyone with the same amount of respect and formality when in a workplace setting. When dealing with someone where English is the first language you must take into consideration their first language and have a translator on hand.

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