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This is because the files in cloud computing goes not stored in physical computers but with the third party servers in which user can access it through an internet connection regardless of the location. Many people and especially business moving to cloud computing because of their benefits which reduce cost and complexity, increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits. Cloud Is one of the Innovations that people Invented where users do not have to buy or Invest In Information technology Infrastructure, hardware and software licenses.

Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Many people nowadays use cloud computing services for their own personal needs. For instance, there is a lot of people use social networking sites and website such as Faceable. Mainstream and Google Drive where all of this social networks are cloud services. People can keep photographs on their own computers and stored on servers owned by third parties. Top companies that provide this kind of service are MOM, Salesrooms. Mom, Google, Amazon Web Services and Dropped. Cloud computing and services become popular because people can access their social networking sites, e-mail and documents from everywhere in the oral at any time, at minimal or no charges at all. For instance, as students, we are now store our assignments and reports in e-mail and cloud computing such Google Drive and Dropped. It Is much safer rather than storing in any external hard drive since the documents and files stored In the hard drive may be Invaded by any kind of viruses.

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In which it may resulted in losses of documents and files. When it comes to privacy, it is extremely important for businesses and people to have security and privacy of personal information. Cloud computing provides an access to information room any part of the world, therefore it is vital to ensure that the information is safe and that only the people who need to access it are able to do so. There is also risk where personal information which sent to cloud provider might be kept or used for other purposes.

Other that personal Information, documents or reports stored In cloud computing can be a threat to the business where some parties might use the information available to compete with one another in unethical ways. L. COST SAVING Cloud computing is such a cost saving in operate the company. The company may save the operating cost as well as their valuable time. For instance, cloud computing services are typically pay as you go, so there’s no need for capital expenditure at all. Cloud computing is much faster to deployed; businesses have minimal project start- up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses.

Not only big companies can have such technology but even small businesses can now compete with the existence of such technology. Furthermore, the company do not have to pay for higher price to renew license of the computer programs. With the available of on-demand cloud resources, new configurations can be up and running within hours or minutes, so that helps reduce he time element. Since users will only be charged for that amount of time they use cloud, that helps reduce the money needed. Besides, there is no need to waste on papers and printing as everything is now available on the internet.

Another take on better resource usage is based on the fact the principle of “economies of scale”; cloud service providers, in general, more efficiently utilize physical resources and reduce energy consumption in contract to a traditional IT approach. Apart from that, the company will spend less on personal training since the used of cloud computing is very easy. For instance, the company can reduce pending on sending the employees for taking the course in handling the system. Finally, the company don’t have to spend more on technology infrastructure since everything is on the internet. II.

FLEXIBILITY Cloud computing service allows the users to access any information that they need by using any of the devices such as smart phone, laptop, tablets and others. Since people are more tech sax. N. Y in this new era, cloud computing may give a lot of benefits to the users where they Just bring their gadget at any place and any time. With the services, you are more flexible in doing work. For instance, in designing new reduce, the process can be running up in a faster way so that it can help to reduce the time. Furthermore, it is also provides ways to try out new ideas and it can use to shift business focus more Justly and hastily.

I en Tattletale TTY AT ten cloud computing service also allowed employees to work Trot anywhere as long as they have the internet access on that time. Nowadays, developing country like Malaysia has provided free wireless internet almost anywhere in big cities besides telecommunication services that has mobile data service that give access to the internet has made cloud computing more reachable. Thus it shows that, cloud computing service is facilitated the workers work life balance and productivity improvement. In addition, cloud computing service also allow employees to sync up their document and share with others.

All the record will be updated right after the users done their work and the colleagues will receive the document in real time. There is no need to wait until Monday or during office hours to receive an important document because cloud computing service has the flexibility needed. Ill. As mentioned above, cloud computing service is allowing users to use from anywhere ether than sitting at the office and send the files and documents through email. Without the cloud service, it is only can work at one time for the same document only.

However, with the cloud service, it helps to keep all the files in one location that easy for every user to search them. Besides, the work flow in the organization will be easier. For instance, the employees don’t have to pass around workloads for approvals as it is normally takes a lot of time for each person to receive a workload and the approval process can be reduced, since the approval of the documents are done electronically. If any changing occurs, the system will automatically save the version and ensure that the next editor will work with the most up-to-date file.

Apart from that, through cloud computing, it can avoid from losing the valued information when they are losing their laptop since it’s saving the data through online and they can access the applications although by using different devices. Therefore, although the company is suffering from the losing their devices such as laptops or computers, they might not be worried of the valued data stored in the devices since the data were saved online. Other than that, having this service, an organization or company no longer needs to use papers. Cloud computing is more environmental friendly.

Other than cutting down processes and steps, this has also helps in making things easier and work will De more inclement Ana well organelle walkout any need AT Telling or documentations where it will take more space in the office. No more pilings of papers and files make it easier to administer documents as they are Just a click away and very easy to find. Securing important data is very important in all organization especially organization that have to comply with industry regulations. When everything is stored in the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.

In cases of stolen computers, documents, virus attacks, wrecked computers, documents lost due to network breach or natural disaster, the will be costly but if all stored in a cloud computing service, the files will easily recover and only approved individuals access your data. Hence, the wasted computers will not containing valued information which needs to be secured. CONCLUSION Cloud service and computing offers a lot of benefits for organizations and individual whether large or small businesses. World nowadays are more technology as’. N. Where people used lots of technology in completing work and task. This cloud computing broaden the range of computing uses and increase the flexibility in access through internet connection. There are also still concerning on privacy and security of storing files in the cloud service. People and businesses need to have control over who to access to their files and information stored. There are many other benefits of having cloud computing services. With this vast growing technology, everything seems to be easier and reachable within seconds even when we are away from the office desk.

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