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Chubby America: Fast Food Schools Rene Robed Strayed University Childhood obesity has grown rapidly over the years, and with it health problems such as type one and two diabetes, and high blood pressure. It is most likely that a child who is already overweight will reach obesity at adulthood. With obesity a major growing problem in America the government decided to act by passing a law, The Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act. The bill allows the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to regulate what schools can sell in their cafeterias and it will also help provide resources to increase nutritional quality.

The idea of lowering obesity in America was a plan most people would like to see happen, students would be eating more vegetables than French fries and more fruits then a fast food hamburgers. However, how will it monitor what children eat at home and if they eat the food in school. In order for kids to start eating healthier foods, eliminating outside resources like vending machines output of statuary fat foods and replacing them with protein filled snacks will cut down the obesity percentage in America and also will lead to students being more attentive in the classroom and bringing home their healthy baits home.

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Schools are often held accountable for child obesity, attitudes, and social inequalities. Yet recent studies show that people have been blaming schools for what happens in children’s homes and neighborhoods. ( Hippie, ; Broth 2004; Hippie ; Hughes 2008) After children go home from school there is no telling what they eat at their houses so what they eat at home they are going to want at school. Most of the time it is Competitive foods are foods that are sold outside of the regular regulated food that the school sells foods such as, soda, candy bars, doughnuts, potato chips, and cookies.

Items like these are sold in vending machines and snack bars and do not have to meet the nutrition guidelines. (Hook, ; Alton, 2012) Over time vending machines have become to be a problem and people have wanted to get rid of them all together or reduce the sugar items in schools. So in 2010, The Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act gave the (USDA) rule to stop selling sugar soda and most of sugar food in school and out. With competitive foods out of the picture and schools taking in healthier foods for vending machines will help reduce child obesity.

Having exercise in school like classes in P. E. ND recess is a good way for kids to get studies in shape and also a way to get children to be more attentive in the classroom. According to Bullied (2012) schools have reduced the time for physical education so that they have more time to focus on academic needs. Yet according to Abash (2011, P. 2) “Health related problems play a major role in limiting the motivation and ability to learn. How can children be more motivated and excited to learn if schools keep cutting time in physical education and other creative electives? According to a study taken in a small school in Japan by Yeastiest (2011) wows that children who got enough exercise and play time in a thirty minute recess in between classes achieved a higher grade than an average student who only has a short twenty minute break. Nevertheless having more social resources available in schools will have a big impact on student’s minds.

Ronald of School Health 2011) So having a well timed breaks and recess can not only help the children be more active and motivated it will also help the students in the classroom improving on assignments and help sharpening their minds even if it is cutting some of the already long academic time. It is no secret that Americans love their fast food restaurants for a quick bite to eat once in a while but turning are schools into a fast food are not the way to go.

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