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Subsequently, upon noticing that there is no improvement in the past periods after evaluation, George become unapproachable which produce an undesired atmosphere and feeling of hostility among workers and management. Conversely, Cecil was least improved and worsened in the situation. Viewpoint Mr.. George’s Viewpoint Objectives To bring back the desired psychological atmosphere in the office to the way it was before the performance evaluation was conducted To reconcile his prior impression that was taken differently by one of the senior analyst, Cecil To reestablish friendly relations between his group and bring back their trust

To find the best approach in encouraging his group to give their best output and contribute over good productivity To make possible adjustments and strategy in improving himself and his style for the betterment of good leadership and management. Statement of the Problem What are the necessary steps George must do in order to save everything that was aggravated? Areas for Consideration v The problem arose on the time the performance evaluation was made. V Cecil ended up the lowest considering that she was much more experienced and had the necessary training and background to be able to perform her task as project evaluator. Cecil took differently the impressions made by George to the group subsequent to the performance evaluation’s outcome v Cecil became unreceptive to suggestions and comments made for the improvement of the group’s performance and end up contribute nothing to the group. V Prior to sequels happened, the whole office was one big happy family. V Upon noticing that there is no improvement made in the past periods after performance evaluation, George become unapproachable and started becoming easily irritated. V Everyone in the office got the treatment they did not deserved and was reared the same way as the guilty one. George unapproachable style was met negatively and produced an undesirable atmosphere in the office which created a feeling of hostility among workers and management. V Cecil least improved and was even worsened as a consequence of the negative response of George over low productivity and slowness. V Everything was aggravated by the way George dealt with the problem. V. Alternative Courses of Action Analyze the situation and make judgments according to what is observed. Advantages Determination of the problem will be achieved and realization will take lace.

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Further investigation to the events happened will be pointed out and will be given possible judgments. Judgments is certain from facts observed in the situation Disadvantages Analyzing the situation will be quite difficult and requires ample time of observation. There is a possibility that misinterpretations in analyzing the situation may manse. Making judgment according only to what is being observed may not as accurate as it is desired. Eliminate the air of hostility by way of personal arrangement with his group so as to have clarification of the things that had happened.

Hidden feelings within the group’s relationship will be uncovered. George’s side may have heard as well as the group’s point of views. Knowledge as to give out the best way to govern his people under his responsibility will be gain. Cooperation of the group is highly regarded, thus any uncooperative acts within the group may ruin intentions and desired outcome. The ability to deal with the feedback of the involved person’s perception and feelings obtained from the arrangement made depends upon the person concerned. Courage in expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings among the group is needed.

Initiate corresponding rules and regulations to compel the group in giving their best to contribute to high productivity and improvement. Every person in the group will be inflicted to make their efforts to avoid job default. Satisfactory coordinated job will be obtained since everyone is expected to bring out their best. Everyone will focus on their designated assigned job assignment. Dispirited feelings will arise since everyone is forced to do their job. There is a possibility that the air of hostility between the management and workers will worsen. High chances of job dissatisfaction and low employee morale.

Conclusion With careful analysis and further observation of the sequence happened in the case, it is then believed that the situation rooted from misinterpretations and impressions nearly aggravated the once intimate relationship of the people in the division. The air of hostility as a result of the subsequent events of project evaluation took its place and in order to solve the situation, hostility elimination is believed to be accurate. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” this must be true to the succeeding events happened in the division.

As the dead of the evaluation division and the believed cause of aggravation, George is responsible for bringing back the prior atmosphere in the office. Recommendation For the reason stated above, AC which states that “Eliminate the air of hostility by way of personal arrangement with his group so as to have clarification of the things that had happened” shall be considered as the best way to solve the case. One of the most important functions of leadership is morale boosting which is associated with morale and productivity.

Thus, elimination of the air of hostility y way of personal arrangement with George’s group is necessary to build and gain trust and confidence to work out every essential job responsibilities as well as the best way to attaining desired morale and productivity. VIII. Implementation The following is a set of ways George must do to accomplish objectives and solve the situation: Sequence the events happened to determine the reasons behind low productivity and lack of improvement. Bring back his jolly appearance and make an apology to his group especially to Cecil.

Initiate a one-on-one personal arrangement to his group and try hard to encourage everyone to uncover their hidden feelings, thoughts and emotions towards him and his way of leading. Constitute a group conference to find out the group’s point of view and give sincere apology as well as take positively all the group’s criticism and gather necessary advices to have an idea on how to lead in a better way. Highlight all the feedbacks and criticism made by his group and research and take the steps, strategies and style to better lead his group. Evaluate his group’s performances to find out whether he took the right steps.

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