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Case: IRON ORE COMPANY OF ONTARIO ASSIGNMENT: 1. Where are the bottlenecks in IOCO’s operation? 2. How should IOCO deploy its shovels? 3. Should IOCO stockpile ore? When? How much? Case: Dynatrol Corporation: Andover Assembly Division ASSIGNMENT: 1. What are the most urgent problems confronting Jan Havel at the Andover Assembly Plant? 2. What sequence of actions would you recommend to address them? 3. How difficult will it be to “sell” your actions to Murphy, DesMaisons and Selfridge? What would you do to gain their agreement and full support? Note: This case is in your 3304 casebook, not the Klassen and Menor case text

Case: Manzana Insurance – Fruitvale Branch (Abridged) ASSIGNMENT: 1. How is the Fruitvale branch doing? 2. What are the major reasons for its difficulties? 3. What is your assessment of the backlog and turnaround calculations in Exhibit 3? 4. If you were Bill Pippin, what would you do? Note: This case is in your 3304 casebook, not the Klassen and Menor case text Case: Quinte MRI ASSIGNMENT: 1. What is your analysis of the cause of the current backlog? 2. Where is the bottleneck in the process? 3. As Dave Wright and/or Kevin Saskiw, what would you recommend? EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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Quinte MRI, Inc. was a small, but growing, international service provider specializing in a variety of medical technologies including MRI. Quinte MRI’s founder, Dr. Syed Haider firmly believed that the residents of smaller communities deserved the same level of health services as the residents of the larger urban centers. Haider’s first attempt to establish a facility such as this was unsuccessful due to Canadian regulations prohibiting private-sector MRI. MRI had become increasingly popular, by 2001 there were 18 million MRI procedures performed in the United States. Dr.

Syed Haider have appointed David Wright and Kevin Saskiw to address this problem pertaining to the MRI facility and only gave them two days to make recommendations and provide a detailed action plan. As David Wright and Kevin Saskiw, I propose making the necessary adjustments to address the backlog of MRI scans and better manage the bottleneck of the process. The MRI clinic is experiencing problems; the relationship between BCMC and Quinte MRI is in trouble because promised expectations of 2 scans per hour is not met, performance is reduced , productivity is declining and they are at risk of losing their competitive edge.

Balancing the process flow will make the operation more effective and manageable. With the process the way it is there are a lot of variability and uncertainties that I will have to contend with. By better managing the scheduling process I will definitely reduce wait times and increase productivity to meet set expectations of two per hour, which gives an output rate of 16 per an 8 hour shift.

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