Career Studies Assignment

Career Studies Assignment Words: 279

My whole experience through Career’s class has been really amazing. I loved everything about it, my teacher, my classmates, the interesting fascinating assignments, everything. I am actually surprised because I discovered so much about myself and my personality. For example likes, dislikes, challenges, weaknesses, learning styles, strengths and a lot more. Career studies gave me confidence about everything I want to do as I grow up. When I grow up I want to get into the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

An example of a specific career from this industry would be an Event Planner. Career class assured me in what I think is the right choice for my type of personality. As per my research the skill traits needed for this kind of career are great communication, flexibility to work for long hours, teamwork management, and enthusiasm. According to most of the quizzes I have taken throughout class like Myers Bring, True colors, Right brain VS. left brain etc I have an excellent level of these skills.

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I personally feel his industry would be a well rounded fit with my personality because it Involves the 3 things I best like which are 1) Interacting with people, which gives me a great chance the extrovert in me. 2) Planning and Organizing and lastly 3) My creativity. Also According to the Who am I unit, I am a creator. Event planning is actually pretty popular in Canada. As per my research by 2017 Event Management throughout the industry will raise by 9%. This for most part of it will actually have a pretty positive Impact on my future as their will be more Job opportunities open for me.

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