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A few of these factors are where you live, how rare the Job is there, how much experience you have, and many more. Elementary teachers work a little more than a 40 hours a week and have about a 10 month year starting at August and going till May. They have a lot of responsibilities in and outside of the classrooms that people may not even expect. Some of the obvious ones are watching the kids and teaching them what they are suppose to learn. To do this they have to give assignments and test. After that they would have to check it and give some feedback to the students work.

For working with the students they may face working with special deed students. For these students you have to help them more than the other students and make sure they aren’t getting picked on. The teachers must also face students with different race, religion, and ethnic groups. This may mess with the lesson plan because the teacher can’t be racist in any way. Teachers spend a great amount of time working outside of the school day also. They have to check all of the papers, figure out the lesson plans, and do things for the school. They may have to supervise sporting events, lunches, recess, and passing periods.

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Maybe even plan and go on field trips. Field trips may take a while to plan because a lot of things come into play like how much will this cost, will parents want their kids to go, and will it be worth the time. Teachers need to evaluate students performance and potential to know if they are doing a good Job teaching. In order to make learning interesting and so the students want to learn, they need to use many different learning techniques. Decorating classrooms for seasons and holidays help to motivate students. Students are usually more motivated in private schools and teachers have more control because of the smaller classes.

They can encourage collaboration by using group exercises. Computers also play a big role in the education teachers provide because teachers use them for many things throughout the class. Using computers, films, and tapes helps with instruction. At the end of quarters, teachers need to assign an end of the quarter grade and comment on the students performance. Teachers need to participate in faculty meetings and supervise teaching aids, interns, and student teachers. These things help the teacher be social because most of the day they are isolated from colleagues and stuck in their classroom.

During the summer, not all teachers have a vacation. Some work in a summer school or camp, some pick up part time Jobs, and others use it to gain more education by enrolling in college courses. There are many different career paths for elementary teachers and some of them are experienced teachers, counselors, librarians and other school-related professions. There are many different reasons I want to be a teacher. Teachers have to have strong communication skills and they need to show they are in charge. My personality results, .NET, says that if anyone tries to pull rank, I am the type of person to put them in place.

Having knowledge in all subjects and being organized, patient, creative, smart, and dependable makes a great teacher. Enters are clever with problem solving and knowing how to cut corners so they can catch others who have done something wrong. I must cope with unruly behavior and experience a lot of stress with the general work. By not letting anyone think they are better than anyone else, I can eliminate bad behavior and use my clever problem solving skills find solutions to disturbances in the classroom. Having fun while teaching will help the young kids learn better and watching out for the kids are important factors to member.

Being an .NET, I am very fond of toys and verbally and cerebrally quick which will help me have fun in the classroom while watching out for my students. Teachers are always working with people like students, faculty, and parents. Because of my personality, I am good at acquiring friends, I have a good sense of humor, an shock people who don’t know me personally with my great personality. To become a teacher, there is a lot of schooling involved. I need to get a bachelor degree and a teaching license. I also need experience in student teaching and internships. Private schools do not require a license but a certification from the stats board.

The more schooling I have, the better the chance of finding a Job. Most people who go to college to become a teacher major in one certain subject. Many four year colleges require a sophomore year to be completed before someone can apply for admission to teacher education programs. Teacher education programs are now requiring the use of computers and student-teaching internship. Most states allow Professional Development Schools that have a one-year experience of teaching firsthand. After earning a bachelor’s degree, I can then enter the PDP. Some states require technology training.

To obtain a license, someone must exhibit proficiency their subject and be tested in basic skills. They must also get a teaching credential. By getting a bachelor’s degree, I can get my license. Licenses are usually granted by the state board of education. There are different licenses for different states and most states require teachers to complete a number of hours of continuing education to renew their license. If someone wants to teach in a different state, they have to g a new license in that state but most states have agreements to make it easier for searchers licensed in one state to get licensed in another.

All states offer Alt. License for people with a bachelor’s degree, but who lack education courses for a regular license. Most Alt. License are to ease shortage on high demand subjects like math and science or for rural areas that can’t find teachers. Alt. License are to attract people into teaching and it helps people move from one career to teaching. If their progress is satisfactory, they could receive a regular license in one to two years. There are some extreme conditions where they may issue an emergency license here someone begins teaching immediately.

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