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When I was working in if I had a Job, how this sentence would play into my day-to-day work activities would be is not have conflicts with my other workers, in if there were any conflicts I would try to smooth things out instead of making things worse, you want your coworker’s to trust you not let them think you are against them, immunization skills is the best thing anyone can have because instead of someone talking behind your back saying this and that if you have great communication skills at work, conflicts can be handled without words being passed among each other, things can be controlled in a very timely and efficient way.

How does it help you manage your daily activities? How it helps me is when I am working on our assignments or ass’s, I find myself writing better so that people can understand what I am trying to relay to them I Just have to be careful of my run-on sentences, I still have some improvement on my immunization skills but I am taking it day by day, because I have had some complaints about my writing skills that’s why I refer verbally speaking than writing mayday of the week because you don’t have to worry about your punctuation of any kind. What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace?

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I have not worked in quite a while, but I do use a lot of the communication skills with my schooling, because we have to communicate every week through our assignments as well as our ass’s, and if what we are saying don’t make sense or they cannot understand it, it means nothing at all, because if your words are not clearly written no one will understand what you are trying to relay to them, because before coming to the university my communication skills were terrible still is but I am hoping to improve hopefully this class will help me learn the right communication skills that I need to know.

What message types are results of these trends? The message types consist of different kinds and if they are not used correctly they don’t amount to a hill of beans. The types that I can say can help me are verbal, mails, note taking, and letters.

The reason I chose these is because when you are writing notes or letters or even sending emails you need to have great communication skills, without them whomever is reading your messages they want make any sense because communication skills is or can be very important, especially to whom you are writing to and about. Because for one you want your client or whoever you are writing to, to understand what you are writing about not trying to guess on the topic or subject that is being written on or about. No references again:

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