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Now open up the piece with your fingers. It helps to push slightly on the bottom of the piece, collapsing and rounding it B. Discussion little red riding hood. (recycling story) Once upon a time there was a wolf that lived in a big, green forest up in the mountains. He was a very nice wolf, always kind to everybody. He loved the forest and e took good care of all the plants and animals in it.

One sunny day, as he was watering some wild berry bushes, he saw a little girl. She was dressed very strangely, In all red: she was wearing red trainers, red Jeans, a red sweater and a red cloak with a huge red hood. She was carrying a basket and was throwing rubbish In the forest: cans, plastic bottles and paper. Naturally the wolf got very upset because littering Is not good for the environment. If everybody does that, soon there will be more waste In the forests.. So he went to the little girl and, very politely, asked her not to cause image to the environment because there were recycling bins everywhere In the forest.

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The little girl laughed at him and said rudely: ‘You look very funny! Why Is your nose so big? ‘ ‘To help me smell better, In case there Is waste In the forest’ answered the wolf. ‘And why are your ears so big? ‘ asked the girl again. To help me hear better, In case people come to throw rubbish’ explained the wolf. ‘And why are your ears so big? ‘ she asked once more. ‘To help me see better, in case people litter the forest’ said with this nasty little girl. He wanted to teach her a lesson. ‘Vive got a big mouth to help e eat little mean girls like you he said in a loud voice.

The little girl got very scared and run away towards the house at the end of the forest. Question: What will you if you’re the wolf in the story? Answer: Question: Why should we keep our nature clean and green? C. Evaluation Activity In a piece of paper write all the lesson’s you get from the story “Little Red Riding Hood” V. Assignment A. What will you do to prevent pollution and keep our surroundings clean? Prepared by: Kenneth Bryan M. Narrated Leader: Jose Angelo Mendoza Members: Ian Miguel Lacked Clark Christian Lazar Christine Says Kenneth Bryan Narrated

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