Brainstorming Assignment

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Brainstorming Brainstorming Is used to quickly create a variety of ideas and thoughts pertaining to a particular subject. Students can choose methods of brainstorming that are categorized as structured, unstructured, or silent. Structured brainstorming occurs when the team leader encourages one team member at a time to reveal their concepts. This is the most limiting technique and eliminates active communication among the group. An unstructured atmosphere allows team members to disclose their Ideas and actively build upon the thoughts ND interjections of each member.

One final technique in brainstorming is referred to as silent brainstorming. This forum is where students post their ideas for the team to review. Since there is no dialogue or verbal exchange of opinions, teams often utilize another method of brainstorming In conjunction with this (Spats, 2013). With the rapid pace of the class, brainstorming for our purpose needs to be done in an efficient and quick manner. When assignments are posted and am members chose their portion, a combination of both silent and unstructured occurs.

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The convenience of an electronic environment allows for postings by each member but It also allows for add ions and feedback from each member. Peer reviewing provides an alternate means of evaluation and feedback separate from a professor. It is often utilized in collegiate writing. Methods of peer review can transpire face to face or in written feedback. The responses that are submitted can reflect a rating or read or through comments that a reviewer makes.

The electronic forum that our team uses allows us each to submit a draft of our assigned work at a specified date. Next, each student can take a close look the material and detect the strengths and weaknesses that are among the text. The feedback that follows comes through the discussion thread as each member reviews the drafts. This enhances and improves the writer’s ability to illustrate information. Critiquing another members ark is quite useful but must be received as evaluation of the written material and not the writer themselves.

Although to benefit from peer review adequate structure of the process must be present, it also must have consideration for the learning environment and assignments. Groups that have longer terms together may incorporate worksheets as a tool, but in the setting that this team finds themselves, the compiling of reviews and interpretation are handled through a discussion thread that provides the platform for peer review to be accomplished.

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