Benefits and challanges of online education Assignment

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Benefits and Challenges of Online Education Allied American University Author Note This paper was prepared for English 160, Module 4 Homework Assignment taught by Instructor Cynthia Mushiest. An evening out. L. Going out during the night. OH. Reasons why you should go out at night. 1 -Its more romantic to go out. CLC 2. At night there are more things to do . 0 1. Night time events. AAA. The things to do at night on an evening out. Night stole around the city.

A boat ride around the city at night. Conclusion. 1 . Why an evening out is good. Going on an evening out-hanging with friends and loving life. The sound of babies crying and people lauding. The stars shinning and lighting up the night sky. The smell of food lingers in the air. Holding hands and soft sweet kisses fills the air with love. Having romantic evenings out is a fun thing to do. Look how the stars light up the sky. How the sound of laughter and Joy fill the alarm and how the smell of food fills my nose. Loving life and living the dream.

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Horse back ridding or a long walk on the beach. EnJoying this evening out all smiles. Soft gentle touch from the one I love, sweet kisses upon my lips. Loving this evening out having fun hitting the clubs dancing until my feet hurt. L laugh so hard that I can even berth boy I think my heart might stop. Maybe even hit the bowling alley to play a few games and win. I love being with family and friends to Just laugh until the night ends. Horse back riding or seeing a movie. Evenings out are lots of fun. Never pass tree chance by tofu

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