Ba 411 Quiz 1 Assignment

Ba 411 Quiz 1 Assignment Words: 385

Multiple Choice Questions – 10 Questions 1. True or False: The BA 411 syllabus is subject to change, so you are responsible for understanding and complying with any syllabus changes mentioned in class, received via email, or posted to the course website. |a. |True | |b. |False | 2. Where can you find information about the BA 411 teaching assistants and their office hours? |a. By wandering around the 3rd floor of the Business Building | |b. |Course website | |c. |By emailing the instructor | |d. |By phoning the Management Department | 3. Which of the following is NOT considered to be a required text for BA 411? |a. |The Wall Street Journal | |b. McClure – Digital Custom Text (Wiley, 2011) | |c. |”Capstone Business Simulation,” Management Simulations Inc. , 2011 | |d. |Course website | 4. All emails to the course instructor or TA’s should include which of the following? |a. |Only the request for information you need | |b. Your section number and student ID number | |c. |The name of your favorite childhood pet | |d. |All of the above | 5. True or False: Missed quizzes may be made up by requesting and receiving approval. |a. |True. Follow the same procedures as for a late assignment. | |b. |False. You are provided two “free drops” of quizzes, so no make-ups are available. | 6.

The SAR and the RTS must be submitted: |a. |To the Turnitin drop box | |b. |By emailing it to your TA | |c. |To the drop box on ANGEL | |d. |Before you pass go or collect $200 | . Important goals for the classroom in BA 411 include all of the following except: |a. |Creating a positive learning environment | |b. |A ban on the use of cell phones | |c. |Encouraging the students’ success in the course | |d. |Facilitating the students’ earning process | 8. Key Components of the Report to Shareholders include: |a. |A Porter’s Analysis | |b. |A SWOT Analysis | |c. |A DuPont Analysis | |d. |All of the above | . Extra credit opportunities: |a. |Are not available in BA 411 | |b. |Include the BA 411 at Smeal SWAP charity | |c. |Are worth up to 1% of the course grade | |d. |All of the above | 10. Being “fired” from your team in BA 411: a. |Involves Donald Trump telling you that he’s very disappointed with you | |b. |May be initiated by your team members for any reason at all | |c. |Must be approved by the team’s TA | |d. |Means you are responsible for no further work in BA 411 |

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