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Chapter II Review of Related Literature and Studies SYSTEM ANALYSIS & DESIGN CASE STUDY PROPOSAL OUTLINE CHAPTER 1: THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGPAGE II 1. 1 Introduction 1. 2 Background of the Locale 1. 3 Statement of the Problem 1. 4. 1 General Problem 1. 4. 2 Specific Problem 1. 4 Objective of the Study 1. 5. 3 General Objective 1. 5. 4 Specific Objective 1. 5 Theoretical Framework 1. 6. 5 Conceptual Framework 1. 6. 6 Paradigm of the Study 1. 6 Significance of the Study 1. 7. 7 Educational Significance 1. 7. 8 Economic Significance 1. 7. 9 Social Significance . 7. 10 Technological Significance 1. 7 Scope and Limitation 1. 8 Definition of Terms CHAPTER 2: Review of Related Literature and Studies 2. 1 Foreign Literature 2. 2 Local Literature 2. 3 Foreign Study 2. 4 Local Study 2. 1 Local Literature Aquilan (2004) made a comparable thesis on the automation of time attendance that records the time in and time out of every employee using Key card system. It tends to eliminate the manual recording system of time and attendance and also include salary computation of each employee based on the time and attendance reports.

Ramon Faloran (2005) wrote in the article “The Computer Edge of the New Employment and Opportunities “in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He stated that computer gives you a different feeling about what is happening in the company. Business will be highly competitive and innovative because the computer provides instant information. Study by Cantoma (2004) in her thesis entitled “Computer Library System for St. James Academy” stated that, in manual system in retrieving, maintaining security and piling records take place because of the years gone by. Furthermore, these files were only kept in envelopes and folders in wooden rocks.

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There are also Instances when the right information is given to a wrong person, which affect quality of service. According to vantagepointsoftware. com the Attendance Management becomes possible with Time and attendance Monitoring System because they allow the managers to be able to track employee time in an efficient manner. In addition, managers are also able to see records in the form of employee profiles and they can easily manage their time and attendance data. Buddy punching; which is a common practice in many organizations is also eliminated through time and attendance software.

Through attendance Monitoring System, Company are able to perform scheduling easily, hence going way ahead of just tracking attendance but also managing and planning the employee’s time in the organization. It is through time and attendance software that employees can apply for leave in a timely manner. Each employee has his or her own profile on the system in which an account of the leaves taken and the balance of leaves are given. This enables employees to take timely leaves. When this happens, Using attendance Monitoring System they know in advance who will not be coming in a certain period of time.

This makes workforce planning and task planning easier for Company as they assign tasks to people and notify employees when a position needs to be temporarily filled in for. Through all the features of the attendance Monitoring System, valuable resources of the organization can be managed efficiently. This is done when the present workforce is used to the optimum level and time is managed effectively for performing a job. In this manner, attendance Monitoring System contributes significantly towards the effective use of time as well as human resource, both of which are valuable and scarce for organization.

By using results from the software in a smart manner, it becomes possible for Company to achieve results in effective workforce management and employee engagement, both practices that win the loyalty of employees. http://vantagepointsoftware. com/attendance-management-through-time-and-attendance-software/ 2. 2 Foreign Literature According to Primer (2005), for many businesses automating the collecting of employee attendance data when employees begin their shifts is still a manual process.

Even business that has automated or computerized processes such as scheduling, inventory, purchasing, general ledger and payroll processing still use manual methods such as time cards or attendance sheets to collect time and attendance data. NOVA time (2007), the system that will give management the power to not only utilize the tools we have available to us today, but will continue to grow an devolve, giving it the capability to incorporate and utilize the tools the new millennium promises to bring us. NOVA time has brought a system designed for growth while maintaining the maximum in flexibility.

Where the sophistication lies within the programmed mechanism of the system, allowing for a quick and simple implementation and employee training cycle In the 2005 annual report of the Forest Products Research and Development Institute under the Department of Science and Technology, it is said that,  “The computerized database and attendance on Forest Products Research and Development Institute was designed to facilitate the Institute’s data entry, processing, computation and maintenance of employee time and attendance transactions.

The system allows employees to log in/out as the swipe their IDs through a barcode reader attached to a computer terminal. The processing forms include those for legal holidays, travel order, tardiness, under time, vacation and sick leave. Pertinent Report forms have been designed for easier access to all these data. ” Time ; attendance

Time and attendance software allows companies to track and evaluate the performance and work activities of employees using a single software application time ; attendance software enables employees to store track and organize the most important student and employee time related information in our place. Everything needed to track and monitor the student and employee activities and management processes is available on a computer. Companies with large number of employee usually need to install several time ; attendance machines; in this case networking becomes important.

RS-485 and RS-422 network protocol is commonly applied for time ; attendance networking. Store system use more robust and friendly networking terminology such as Ethernet and wi-fi. http://en. wikckepedia. org /wiki/time;attendace. 2. 3 Local Study According to University of the Assumption (2006) uses computer identification account (Log in Name and Password) for access to the institutions computer usage logs occurs electrically through the individual users log in/out process.

Users are also informed that they are responsible for any computer file’s, database and/or internet sites that are accessed through their computer identification account, notwithstanding their failure to adhere to the log in/out process, on their voluntary publication of their account information to others. The implementation plan has been developed to support the strategic plan of the Attendance Monitoring System. The implementation plan will be amended and updated as new actions are introduced and as developments are implemented to the system. The system tracks the performance of employees regarding their attendance on a daily basis.

Attendance Monitoring System provides a foolproof solution using fingerprint authentication with the use of a Barcode Scanner for input and affiliated with payroll system and human resource development system and provides efficient reports of the company. The system records details such as arrival and departure of employees besides monitoring their attendance on a daily basis. Attendance-monitoring system serves as a time log that is set up as a computerized database. An attendance- monitoring system maintains a daily record of a person’s arrival and departure time from work or school. System Type the attendance-monitoring system database is an application that contains electronic files about a person’s history. Common Attendance Features * an attendance-monitoring system contains a person’s name, address, date of birth, medical history and attendance history. * There is a difference in recording keeping if the person is an employee or a student. Attendance-monitoring system for an employee would contain employment history, references and performance information. An attendance-monitoring system for a student would contain their academic progress, standardized test scores and teacher comments.

Employee Benefits 2. 4 Foreign Study According to scribd. com using computer identification account (Log in Name and Password) for access to the institutions computer usage logs occurs electrically through the individual users log in/out process. Users are also informed that they are responsible for any computer file’s, database and/or internet sites that are accessed through their computer identification account, notwithstanding their failure to adhere to the log in/out process, on their voluntary publication of their account information to others.

Attendance monitoring (2006), Attendance monitoring is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. It is a system-based time and attendance that allows the user to collect and organize employee time data simply and accurately. You can use Time Force to: • Easily and efficiently track your employee time. • Manage your time & attendance data and employee profiles. • Eliminate buddy punching. • Make employee scheduling a breeze. • Reduce the headaches and time associated with payroll.

Best of all, Time Force can quickly pay for itself in time savings, reduction of time theft and elimination of payroll errors. Time Force is the manifestation of 10years of experience, customer feedback, and research and development in the time and attendance market. Over 35,000 businesses use Time Force. http://www. scribd. com/doc/45262822/Thesis-1-4-ted According to www. derby. ac. uk the University of Derby Implements an attendance monitoring system or their students, once the programmer advisory service received the email notification.

The attendance monitoring process will begin. The student will first be sent an email outlining the impact their module registration the email also states that the student must contact the module at the same time the programmer advisory service team will send a text message about their non attendance, the text message has pronoun to be an effective method of getting students to responds quickly. Student liaison officer to The student’s non attendance they may be aware of circumstance which are affective the student study.

The University of Berfordshire adapted the student attendance monitoring system of the SB Electronic system ltd. This system is entitled Onyx. Onyx was developed for five purpose, these are: lecture attendance assignment submission examination attendance event monitoring and open day registered. CONTEXT DIAGRAM Admin Attendance monitoring using keycard for SNC Instructor Attendance Checker The one who hold The data The one who use the Keycard and the one Whop being monitored Record the data The of attendance The one who input the data

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