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This section would include the contact information and reference citation for the respective state licensee office. Education This section will describe the education requirements such as what degrees are acceptable, how many semester or quarter hours required, and any specific courses required. This section should also include any additional educational experience required. Work Experience Required This section will describe the work experience required for the specific license desired.

The description should include number of hours required overall with specific hourly requirements such as number of hours of direct client service, umber of hours of supervision, and any other hourly requirements. The work experience description should also include any specifications on supervision, such as whether or not the supervisor has to be an approved supervisor by the state licensing board. Finally the work experience description should include any areas of practice that the state office requires to be included when applying for licensee.

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Examination This section should describe examination requirements by the specific state office. The description should include what examinations are required and any specific score requirements noted. Uses and Restrictions of Assessments This section should begin with a short summary of information provided by the specific state office. Uses of Assessments This section should address the acceptable use of assessments per the specific state office. Restrictions on Assessment Use This section should address any restrictions on use of assessments per the specific state office.

References References should be per PAP format and should match citations in the text. References should be included for each source of information used. Exploring Reliability and Validity – Values and Motives Inventory Types of Reliability and Validity In this section, explain the type of reliability and validity used in this inventory. Areas of Concern and Strength Begin this section with an introduction paragraph. Then provide a sub- section of discussion on concerns or weakness such as low coefficients and a sub-section of discussion on strengths such as high coefficients.

Concerns Use this section to discuss the concerns/weaknesses that you note. Strengths Use this section to discuss the strengths that you note. Sample Size Use this section to discuss how the sample size may influence the constructs purportedly measured by the test. Include discussion of strengths in the sample size and weaknesses in the sample size. Nature of Population Use this section to discuss how the nature of the population may influence the constructs purportedly measured by the test.

Include discussion of strengths in the nature of the population and weaknesses in the nature of the population. Opinion Use this section to discuss your opinion regarding the quality of the test. Summarize information in the report and then relate this to guidance per your course material about test quality. Remember that even though this is your opinion, keep your writing in third person. References Be sure to include all references that you have cited in your paper such as the inventory (example below) and course textbook reference.

Your reference page should be a separate page at the end of the document. This is the correct reference for the inventory that you are examining: Values and motives questionnaire: The technical manual. (n. D. ). Bedsore’s, J: Scythe International. Project 1: Initial Interview Type a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) summarizing this assignment as an initial interview to conduct a mental status examination and assess “client’s name” for the reason indicated in the referral question that you have chosen.

Identifying Information This section should provide the client’s identifying information in narrative form. Include the person’s name, address, phone number date of birth, gender, marital status, occupation, current work/school information, emergency contact, and date of your interview of the client. Referral Question State that “client” was referred to assess him/her for “reason indicated in the referral question you choose from the 3 choices provided in the instructions.

Physical Appearance Presenting Appearance In this section use narrative format to present age, sex, ethnicity, height and eight description of the client, description of clothing worn, and presence of any assisted devices such as glasses, cane, etc. Also include in this section a description of any physical deformity that is present. Basic Grooming and Hygiene Provide a brief description of the client’s grooming and hygiene and appropriateness or not for the interview setting.

Approach and Coordination In this section use narrative format to describe the client’s behavioral approach to the interview and the client’s gait and motor coordination. Also describe the client’s eye contact, facial expressions, and rapport with you throughout the interview. Finally address the client’s degree of alertness and the mood and affect present during the interview. Present Level of Functioning in Work/School, Relationships, and Leisure Begin this section with a paragraph that addresses general functioning of the client in work and or school, in relationships, and in leisure.

Then address the MS information as follows: Language and Speech In this section present the MS information in narrative format regarding expressive language, receptive language, and speech as outlined in the document provided for you on “How to Conduct a Mental Status Exam. ” Orientation and Thought Processes orientation times the five areas indicated in the instructions, client’s coherence, client’s concentration and attention throughout the interview, client’s thought processes, any hallucinations or delusions present (note if absent), intellectual ability, and abstraction skills.

These areas are outlined in the document provided for you on “How to Conduct a Mental Status Exam. ” Medical History and Current Status In this section, use narrative format and discuss the client’s present health status(as described by the client) and date of last physical, any current health implants or absence of these, general health history, any past or present health treatments, any current medications, other drugs, or supplements, client’s sleep pattern, client’s appetite level and any recent changes in appetite, and client’s exercise pattern.

Past Counseling Experiences or Psychiatric History In this section use narrative format and discuss the client’s concerns addressed and type and length of treatment that client has received for any concerns addressed (if none, state this). If the client has received help for any concerns addressed, also discuss the types of outcome from the help received with concussion of positive results and discussion of unhelpful results.

If the client has not received professional help for concerns addressed use this section to also note how client coped with these concerns up to the time of the interview. Include discussion in this section of any medications used to treat concerns addressed. This should include prescribed medications, over the counter medications, or self-selected substances used to treat concerns such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

Family Information In this section use narrative format to describe the client’s current marital status, umber and ages of children living at home, number and gags of immediate family members not living at home, other people living at home, any violence or physical abuse in the family, family-of-origin make-up, influences of the family- of-origin on present problems, family history of psychiatric problems, and family history of substance abuse. NOTE: If there is not family history of psychiatric problems or substance abuse, state this.

Social/Developmental History In this section, use narrative format to discuss any irregularities in development or indicate that the client had normal development with no presence of any irregularities. This may include prior experiences in life that have framed the client’s general approach to life. Also indicate the client’s religious affiliation or so state if there is none. Discuss the client’s current social situation such as social networks or activities that client engages in.

In this section include discussion of the client’s values that seem to frame life for them. Educational/Occupational History In this section include two paragraphs with one addressing educational history and one addressing occupational history. In the paragraph on educational story include client’s level of educational attainment and any specialized training, college majors, etc. That apply to the client. In the paragraph on occupational history include discussion of previous work experiences, reasons for any job changes or terminations, and any military background.

Conclude this section with a paragraph of indication of the client’s report on overall satisfaction of any current job or school engaged in and any current stresses related to current educational or occupational experience. Cultural Influences In this section use narrative format to describe in general cultural factors present tit the client that provide influence on issues discussed. These should include the client’s race and/or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and any experiences of discrimination or perceived internal or external barriers that apply to the client (if none present, so state).

Also use this section to discuss any other cultural influences that may be present for the client. Achievement Results SAT Scores Use the first paragraph to summarize the case to the client as you understand the client’s concerns. Use the second paragraph to discuss any additional information the client may not have considered. Use the third paragraph to discuss alternatives for the client at this time for the presenting issue with inclusion of client input in resolution decision.

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