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One of the songs in the musical Oklahoma! Is “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”. The song was written by composer Richard Rogers and the lyrics were written by librettist Oscar Hammerings II. After long collaborations with other composers and librettists, Rogers and Hammerings Joined forces in 1943 and created the most successful partnership in American musical theater; their first piece being Oklahoma!. Together,

Rogers and Hammerings created numerous popular musicals, including the very popular The Sound of Music. Their musicals earned many awards, including 35 Tony Awards, 1 5 Academy Awards, 2 Pulitzer Prizes, 2 Emmy Awards, and 2 Grammar Awards. They were named among the 20 most influential artists in the 20th century by Time Magazine and CBS News. Oklahoma! Was the first of a new genre, musical play, which blended Rogers and Hammering’s own unique styles. The musical is set in America’s Western Indian Territory at the turn of the century.

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It is about the rivalry between local farmers and cowboys where Curly, a handsome cowboy, and Laurel, a farm girl, play out their love story. Their love story turns out being a bumpy ride but in the end they succeed in making a new life together. “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” is a musical theater piece in the musical Oklahoma!. It is a very happy and carefree sounding song. Set in the country side, it has references to farm life such as meadows and cattle. The song has a very optimistic style to it.

Hugh Jackson portrays cowboy who sings about a wonderful morning whereby everything is perfect. Although one could hear the use of a few missed pronounced in words, such as, “mead”,”morning” and “Weller”, these were placed to depict the culture. Otherwise, he enunciates well and his cut offs are on cue. Instrumental accompaniment to “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” consisted of woodwinds,( flutes, clarinet and oboe); strings, (violins, cello and bass); piano, keyboard/synthesizer. These sections were very prominent throughout the entire piece.

The brass section (French horn, trumpet, trombone) was prominent in the beginning; however, after the vocals started seemed to be less audible possibly because they could have been utilizing mutes. The only percussion heard was a glockenspiel, or concert bells, which were readily heard throughout. The dynamics of this piece are very soft and flowing. The tone is very smooth and light sounding as well. The song has a simple three beat melody with a fair amount of staccato played by the orchestra.

It has a steady rhythm which is upbeat and fast, and areas where it is soft and slower. Its tempo is vice, or lively. All of these elements work together in order to create a cheerful and flowing musical piece. “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” has a very expressive feeling to it. You feel Curlers energy and optimism for the day; however, Aunt Leer seems much less optimistic for the day as she works at churning milk. At one point it seems he is making fun of Aunt Leer when he states “an old weeping Weller is laughing at me”, assignment 3 music By madcap

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