Assignment: Energy saving and the Internet Assignment

Assignment: Energy saving and the Internet Assignment Words: 482

The Internet saves a tremendous amount of energy, time and money because people can do a lot of work without commuting to any place. Previously things like paying bills; shopping etc required a person’s physical presence. Now all this can be easily done without moving from your home or office or waiting in queues and wasting a lot of time. The internet performs all these tasks just at the click of a button and the blink of an eye. The Internet is as good or bad depending upon who is using it and to do what: Besides it saves the environment because carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles add to the pollution and hastens global warming.

The Internet also saves millions of trees every year because now paper is not required in large quantities because all correspondence is carried out via email. Oil supplies were being diminished rapidly, but now with video conferencing thousands of people do not need to travel for business meeting which again contributes to the reduction in pollution and saves millions of dollars in expenses for those who had to travel out of necessity. The use of electricity has also been reduced because now large file and storage cabinets are no longer required as millions of bits of information are saved and transmitted via the internet. The threat of letter bombs has also been reduced because now people receive very little mail because they communicate via the internet.

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The world economy can continue to grow by consuming only a fraction of the energy and money that was an essential part of business before the invention of the internet. Education is also being widely enhanced by the internet in many parts of the world where there are no schools or teachers. Online colleges are now becoming very popular because students can earn degrees while working in some other part of the world because they received all notes and lectures via the internet and do not need to attend a brick and mortar college or school. However, people who rely extensively on the internet and computers become inactive which results in heart diseases because of a sedentary type of life.

However, the manufacture of computer chips creates a lot of waste in the materials that are used to make them. This includes copper and other lethal chemicals. Since billions of chips are manufactured everyday throughout the world, there is a tremendous amount of waste which must be handled in a manner so as not to damage the environment. However, in spite of all the negative aspects of the internet and computers, it advantages far outweigh its negative aspects and the invention of the internet is a blessing for humanity as a whole.

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