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Competitive industry, need to be constantly improving Expenditure is more than earnings. Professional Standards relating Allied Insurance No business is free from day-to-day problems, like wise Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives has personal, professional standards and practices it, which helps resolve such problems. The main objectives for preparing this Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for Allied Insurance Company are to Provide employees with the information of how to carry out the daily recurring work process that are conducted or followed within this organization.

Maintain a standard whereby, everyone will be able to follow and provide the customer with standardized quality end-product. The present employees as well as any new employee will be able to perform their jobs properly thereby, facilitating consistency in the quality and integrity of the work carried till end result. Minimizes variation and promotes quality through consistent implementation of a process or procedure within the organization, even if there are temporary or permanent personal changes Being one and only 100% local company, Allied insurance company deals with insurance coverage of all goods and facilities in Maldives.

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Moreover it also deals with insurance of life and provides health insurance. Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives founded in 1985, also celebrates its 30th year in the service by the year 2015. The company has become one of the most leading insurance companies in Maldives due to its loyalty to its consumers and the professional standards maintained by the company. Some of the professional objectives are worth to be mentioned Identifying consistent customers Identifying regular customers and maintain good relationships with these customers. This leads to future benefits such as getting new clients with commendation by long term customers.

Reliability of products Customers rely on the company as the customers are given consistent information and services. The key to become preferred long term business retentions for the customers is to provide accurate information. Timeliness and Quality of Services Busy schedules of customers are taken into consideration. So fast and quality services is provided Based on my strengths I believe I have skills that will help to maintain these standards, although I have to gain more knowledge about the products and improve my communication skills to become more perfect.

It is important to have quality personal and professional standards as all the employees must work together to make the company a worthwhile, healthy, and profitable organization. This is the only way the company can provide a suitable working environment that promotes genuine concern and respect for others including all employees, customers and other stakeholders of the company. To achieve as an employee it is important for me to have better knowledge of the products and more marketing experience in future. Identify own development needs and the activities required to meet them

Lacking in product knowledge and insurance experience Get more information about the different products and be through with the products. Attend more seminars and workshops regarding insurance Do research using internet, books and journals regarding insurance Seek help and assistance from experienced colleagues Enhance vocabulary which fits to the insurance industry Give Eng presentations Improve speaking and listening skills Self-confidence Work in front office for longer duration and meet customers of different styles in daily life. Talk more to all colleagues and during staff meetings

Taking initiations for different activities Identifying development opportunities to meet cue rent and future defined needs Seminars and training sessions conducted by organization Short term courses held by company Doing internet researches Learning from experience Learning from mentor Since I am ambitious and strong follow-through will do my job anyhow. My articulate nature will help me to convince other people in my work place. My honesty and hard-working attribute will make me reliable and trustworthy in my working place. My analytical skill will help me to finish my job accurately.

My technical and IT skill will help me to done my job orderly and systematically; it will also help me in technical side of my job. My leadership skill, management skill and team work skill will help me to become manager in my working place. To understand learn my future job my information and learning skills will help me. My problem solving skill will help me to solve problems in my future job. Short of experience may create problem to thrive in my future job. My impatience nature may hinder my future career’s progress. For my emotional nature people may try to make me emotionally hijacked.

Not to cope with mime pressure may do my future job vulnerable. Lack of managerial skill will be main barrier for me to become manager in my future job. For lack of money may not able to further academic study and proper training for my future job. Not to fit in company culture will make future job uncomfortable. For my low presentation skill may not able to draw attraction of my superior in my job and I also may not present my knowledge in front of people. Facing problem in working with other will make team disappointed in my future job.

To deal with my weakness I will need to take various training and activities which are realistic and job related. I will also need to consult with expert to know how to abate my weakness. To gain experience will need to work hard and involve myself in work related activities or part time jobs. No. Objectives Methods Time Frame Monitoring Enhancing communication skills (By End of April 2015) Reading novels and articles End of April Seeking feed backs from supervisors and colleagues Doing one on one speech sessions with colleagues and getting feedbacks.

Fill a diagnostic form from colleagues to find any change Giving presentations during staff meetings Monthly Watching movies and NEWS Ongoing process increase self-confidence (By End of May) Search internet regarding increasing self-confidence Weekly styles. Monthly Talk more to all colleagues during staff meetings. Get wisdom from people with good success backgrounds Taking initiations for different activities official and unofficial Mid May 201 5 3 Improving product knowledge and insurance experience (By End of 201 6) products.

Ongoing process Review progress in September and October from managers and supervisors Attend more seminars and workshops regarding insurance. When offered Do research using internet, books and journals regarding insurance. Ongoing recess Seek help and assistance from experienced colleagues Devising a personal and professional development plan based on identified Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan Action plan The first thing which should be done in implementing Action plan is to be obvious about the goals.

This is because the target can only be achieved if there is a plan worth of a challenge. Setting up smaller goals and achieving them will guide to plan and accomplish much larger goals. Have to be strong with strong commitments. Fear is the main emotion that leads to failure in whatever we do. It is very important not to make fear an obstacle for things we do. The best way to get rid of fear is facing them. This can be achieved by getting exposure in public social events which will make someone more open and confident.

Emotions resembling excitements and positive thinking are great motivational step to go forward with implementing action plan. This is a precaution from losing hope. Reading is an important activity to gain knowledge and improve communication skills. It is also vital in finding better jobs which require reading skills in many areas. Moreover this also improves ones’ vocabulary. Vocabulary is very important for successful communication. Reading improves ones’ self-development, but it comes with a price, time. Moreover reading cannot be carried out during busy office schedule.

Reading and browsing internet at office hours will influence organizational objectives. Searching internet is also an activity for this as it is the most efficient way in getting knowledge and opinions of other people regarding different matters. However there are disadvantages when taking and understanding information from the internet. As, not all information retrieved from the internet is authentic. Seeking intensive guidance from qualified and experience people will increase ones’ confident and knowledge. This is an essential activity because this will help gain wisdom and confidence from their success stories.

However other people are and for them to give time to be attached to them might be difficult. Revising previous mistakes and avoiding them instead of giving up will help to reach the goal after failed attempts. Action plan, process of implementation and activity designing helps to understand one’s goals which were never known to be in existence before. By designing an action plan and trying to implement the plan improves many aspect of one’s personal and professional development. By implementing and achieving these objectives it will help to increase interpersonal skills within the organization.

In addition to all this professional development skills will help to perform well in aspects such as managing projects and interactions with clients. Undertake and document development activities as planned As per the Action plan my first objective was to improve my self-confidence by the end of 2014. The first attempt to achieve this was to search the internet, and read the articles on self- confidence. Then by interaction with people who eave strong self-confidence. After doing this I listed down all the ideas and then I implemented these ideas.

After doing this realized how important it is for me to improve my self- confidence. I felt that it was vital to succeed and achieve my goals in future. And also understood that, due to lack of self-confidence many opportunities were lost or ignored. Choosing Improving self-confidence as my action plan for this assignment is one of the most beneficial decision, as it provided me an easy path to work on my next tasks. To review and check the improvements I also asked feedbacks from my supervisors and my colleagues. This helped me recognize some of my true skills which I have never knew ever had.

Moreover understood about the skills that I have to improve. I was able to deal with people and make my own decisions. And all this lead me to be more lively and enthusiastic. My second objective was improving communication skills by the end of 2014. Took this as one of my objective as this is very important for my profession as I work in sales and client department. To improve communication skills my first attempt is to read novels and journals on internet to improve my vocabulary. Watched lots of my favorite series and movies to improve my scent and my speaking skills.

As my self-confidence level has improved from the first objective I took initiative in giving presentations during sales meetings. This improved my communication skill as I get to answer the questions from my colleagues and explain them the problems. Searched and read a lot of articles on the internet. Mostly it was internet and none of library books were referred, as there wasn’t enough time. My third objective is a long term objective, which I will be achieving by late 2014. That is getting more information about insurance field and experiences.

In order to achieve this objective I have to attend seminars and trainings conducted by the company more often. And now as I am doing Associate Degree in Business Management I will be learning business strategies which will help me to perform successfully achieving my objectives. This action plan is helping me to think out of the box and come out of my comfort zone. Reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan Critically reflect on your own learning against the aims and objectives set out in your personal development plan.

Review and update your development plan. The aims and the objectives are essential for the personal development and also these important factors will accomplish the individual organizational performance as well. The interpersonal skills like problem solving, communication, and time management has been deliberated. Communication is very operative today and shows a significant role in our life. Different communication style is used at different levels. Time management helps to manage time effectively and build on it. So, this will make the aims and the objectives of the development plan as well.

An objective is a sub-goal. It gives a distinct a clear distinct target. It knows short- term, quantifiable steps within a specific phase of time touching towards accomplishing long-term goals. There are different objectives that are Short term and Long term. Short-term objectives are made to achieve in 2 years whereas long- term objectives are prepared to achieve in 5 years. An evaluation should include a critical analysis of what went well and not so well. This should be a collected description that comprises negatives as well as positives.

Evaluations can contain advantages and disadvantages. Elements of justification can also be included within any descriptive text. Doorman, defined that there are a number of areas of feedback that could cover within the evaluative explanations that will add to development plan evaluation, including: what abilities have been improved and how evidence of what skill levels have been talented and how feedback from colleagues and line managers feedback from events attended as part of the development activity classifying within a qualification achievement.

Future personal development plan is the way that individual such as draw up a plan that will help in future prospective personally and professionally. Professional forms ray to encourage continuing updating their record for professional and development for the purpose of maintaining registering or professional Status that organization prefers for future development. Developing Curriculum vitae, this is my first stage of meaningful where I have extended in terms of my education and skills that need to be established more, short, term objective, have set out my action plan with the dates inspecting what want to attain in five year time from now.

In future, the time frame, will be consuming my professional development time frame from the time I will untie my career till the time am planning to reach and attending various learning programs that will help me develop personally and professionally. Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation Self-confidence can be increased by focusing on another aspect of you that can take attention away from the negative one.

This can be further enhanced by more preparation, getting more educated and by doing researches on specific subject that have to be used in daily life. By making more use of new vocabulary during conversations with friends and colleagues will help to increase Communication skill, with the feedbacks received from them. In addition to this giving speeches and writing blobs will also help enrich communication skills. Improving knowledge about insurance products can be useful in enhancing idea about job related task and also by doing an advanced course on the subject.

Select solutions to work-based problems Open-ended problem Third party Motor insurance was made mandatory in Maldives under the Mammalian Law effective from 12th October 2014. Being the most trusted and the only 100% local insurance company in Maldives, most of the citizens who win motor vehicles rushed to Allied Insurance Company to make their insurance done before the deadline. The company was not expecting a huge flow of customer within a short period of time.

Employees and resources Were limited and the Company was physically unprepared. All the departments got involved in insurance process leaving all their assigned works behind. Due to this large complications raised and to solve this whole management and senior staffs discussed for a better plan. Identified Solution 1 . Recruiting temporary staffs 2. Introducing online portal 3. Road shows for easy insurance access 4. Sending teams to each and every island in Maldives 5. Sending teams to Capital of Atolls in Maldives to create a hub 6.

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