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Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Explanation Example Diversity Diversity is about difference, and its value is richness and variety that different people bring to society. Every person is different and there are so many different ways in which people differ from each other examples are appearance, ability, gender, talent ,race and many more. Equality Is to try to treat people equally by give everyone equal opportunity.

A personal example is I have disability football team one of the players are not very good but I always give same time and chance as better players this shows equality. Inclusion It is about ensuring that there are no barriers that would exclude people, or make it difficult for them to fully participate in society. A good example of people and places being inclusive and they are providing ramps to buildings, providing information in many languages and audio format these are Just few examples of occlusion.

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Discrimination A person is treated less favorably than someone else and that the treatment is for a reason relating to the person’s protected characteristic (e. G. Disability) A example of coordination is as simple as being turned away from a cinema as you have a lad with disabilities which may make noise during the film. This is discrimination. An individual One effect is loss of self esteem as if you feel you don’t fit in or not part of a group it will make you feel down and this will lower your self esteem.

Seconded effect is withdrawal as you will feel not wonted in place or groups it will make you withdraw from society. Their families One effect will be anger as you would be anger people won’t allow your family member in which will make you anger as it’s not their fault there the way they are. Seconded effect is feel helplessness as you can’t help that family member not to be discriminate as it can’t be helped that they are the way they are. Wider Society One effect is loss of opportunity as the person that is being discriminated may have a great contribution to society so this is a loss to society.

Seconded effect awkwardness is because if you are Just doing your Job like let’s say a cinema won’t allow people Assignment 303 Stevens NV By Steven-Forman with learning disabilities in without support workers but you as a person have no problem with it then it would be awkward for you as you have to do your Job. Those who discriminate One effect could be shame if the person that is discriminating is challenged about what they are doing then this may course this person to feel shame. Seconded effect is false superiority in which the individual hides their feelings of inferiority.

The inferiority complex, in contrast, is an exaggerated feeling of inferiority in which the individual hides their striving for superiority. This pretty much shows they feel low in confident and feel better by discriminate people less fortunate than them. Way of challenging discrimination How this will promote change Practicing active participation This will allows individual to realism their value and reduce isolation. Such a way an individual can gain self esteem which helps to reduce any form of abuse and discrimination.

Quick and effective complaint procedure Quick and serious effective complaint procedure helps to let individual to know that how seriously the act has taken and the consequences of discrimination. Meeting and discussion It helps to increase awareness and carefulness to discriminatory acts. Also discussing and exercising this issue in day to day tasks help individual to challenge discrimination. Bi Rights under national standards, codes of practice, guidelines and policies There are rights that do not have the force of law, but which are enforceable within social care and designed to improve the quality of services that people receive.

National minimum standards In the UK every countries have a body that is responsible for inspecting all social care facilities to make sure that they are complying with national minimum standards and they are the care quality commission in England , the care commission in Scotland, the care and social services inspectorate in Wales and the regulation and laity improvement authority in northern Ireland. Each of these uses a series of national minimum standards in order to inspect the quality of care.

There are different sets of standards for different types of services. For example ,there are separate standards for care homes for older people and for younger adults, for children homes and for fostering services. The standards documents provide a detailed set of definitions that outline the minimum quality of care that a person may expect. All of the organizations also provide user friendly information for people are sing the services about the levels of service that they can expect to receive.

Codes of practice The regulatory bodies in the UK have codes of practice for both employers in social care field and for the social care workforce. The general social care council in England, the Scottish social service council, the care council for Wales and the northern Ireland social care council have similar cods covering key areas of practice. Legislation about equality and rights Discrimination is a denial of rights. Discrimination be based on issues such as race,gender,disability or sexual orientation. E main acts of parliament and regulations relating to equality and human rights in England, Scotland and Wales but northern Ireland has its own equality legislation. These are equal pay act 1970,sex discrimination act 1975, race relations act 1976, disability discrimination acts 1995 and 2001 , special educational needs and disability act 2001 ,employment equality (religion or belief) and (sexual orientation) regulations 2001 ,employment equality (age) regulations 2006, racial and religious hatred act 2006, equality act 2006. All of these acts and regulations have been superseded by a single equality act 2010.

It came into force on 1st October 2010 and covers all the previous pieces of legislation and gives even more extensive protection by extending it to order people. Through Training and discussions are essential to raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion in any work settings. Discussion in meetings or group discussion among staffs play a vital role to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion. The more they will engage in discussion or obtain trainings about this issue the more they will learn and be aware of and also they will be able and put them in their everyday practice.

Through Providing leaflets and sufficient information regarding diversity and equality can raise awareness to a social care worker by acquiring adequate knowledge about it. It also helps them to know about the consequences if agreed ways of working are not followed which restrain them from doing any form of discrimination relating this issue. Where I work in supported living everyone has their own why of living and their own behaviors and believes and they all must be respected. El the clients are raised in a very different way to how I was raised and it is important that I must remember this ND respect this as we all have personal beliefs and preferences based on our background and upbringing. I have been brought up in a very mixed society but in a Church of England school where religious education was compulsory, however we still studied various other religions and were taught to respect all people, and their beliefs. Prayers were a daily thing at the end of each assembly and whether or not I wanted to pay attention to the prayer time again I had to respect the people that did.

Religion may affect people in many different ways, mainly because we all come from different backgrounds and are taught differently. However, it is important to respect how people honor their religion. I am an atheist however I still make time to talk to my clients about their religion and sometimes have prayer time with them, even though my own beliefs it is not something that I choose to do as I know it makes the client happy it makes me happy to do this as I know it is something that they feel so strongly in.

It is part and parcel of the work that I do and parts of showing the clients that we care about what makes them happy and respect their beliefs even if ours are different. It is important to remember that my own personal preferences are different o others and I can’t expect others to think, act and feel the same way as I do. For example I like to shower daily and sometimes twice a day but some people may only shower twice a week. My colleagues to work in ways that recognize and respect peoples personal beliefs and preferences.

Also for all staff to create a place in which diversity and difference are acknowledged and respected. We also need to make sure a good example and it is made clear that behaviors such as speaking to people in a rude or dismissive way another example is to removing peoples right to exercise choice. As a person you will have and be aware of your own beliefs and values, and have recognized how important they are, you must think about how to accept the beliefs and values of others.

The people that I work with are all different so it is important to recognize and accept that diversity. I feel the best way to be while working is to be a very open person which I mean you are willing to learn about other people beliefs and religions and respect them as this will make the working atmosphere easy to work in as all staff are happy. Also respecting every ones beliefs and regions it will make the working place more interesting. In supports work it’s a good way of getting to know people by talking about their believes and religions and it’s a personal thing.

A example of an inclusive practice could be anything that treats the person as an individual, respecting their wishes and right to choice, privacy, independence, to be treated with dignity and respect. A personal example is my disability football team there are many different level of ability players in the team I treat them all the same as a football player not as they have this condition. I make it inclusive as I have a visually impaired player that needs specific color cones and ball so I have provided hem for him which makes my football team fully inclusive.

In the league we play in is also very inclusive as they allow any disability play and make changes to pitch and rules so everyone can play example is people in walking frames play indoors and if they have ball no one can tackle for 10 seconds so they get fair chance to play. This basically mean a person is treated in a way that is totally opposite to inclusive which means people will be left out and not made to feel welcome. There are examples are this like public transport not being able for a person in a wheel chair to access and here are a few more examples.

Discrimination could be a Job advertisement such as ‘Assistant required, must speak fluent English’. This is discrimination because it might exclude people whose first language is not English or recent immigrants. Discrimination could be when a woman or man is deliberately ignored for promotion even though she/he meets all the criteria, in favor of a woman/man who has fewer qualifications. Blind or deaf people with guide or hearing dog refused entry to shops or cafes etc. To some up I life we are try to make thing as inclusive as possible but there is still a long way to go in this effort.

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