Aspect of Software Engineering Assignment

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Acknowledgement In this moment we would like to thank Mrs.. Hematite A/P Rambling as our lecturer, for all her time, guidance and invaluable advice. Her patience, understanding and insight were a great source of inspiration to us. Her interactive, interesting and novel methods of teaching were helpful and encouraged us to think differently and creatively. We would also like to thank our parents for their guidance, motivation and assistance given throughout this assignment We also like to thank the management of Hawk car rental Pet) Ltd and Mr..

Shin Lime. Sales manager of Hawk car Rental Company for providing us with the necessary details and for the guidance they gave to create the new computerized system. We want to thank them for providing us with information that gave us valuable insight into the function of the organization, which enabled us to accomplish this task to our satisfaction. We would also like to thank our university, CACTI for providing us with the necessary laboratory and library facilities for all our references which helped us to achieve our goal.

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Our greatest appreciation also goes out to our batch dates and our senior students for giving us their guidance and advice throughout the assignment. Introduction The objective Of this assignment is to let the students know how to manage the life cycles of a software development. The students are required to work in a group to learn how to manage the life cycles of software development and learn how to cooperate with each other to come out with a proper solution to the problem.

The chosen system for this report is car rental system and the items that will be discussed in this report are requirements determination, design of the system, implementation of software prototype, ND how the project was managed. To determine the requirements of a car rental system, a car rental company named HAWK Rent a Car is chosen to be interviewed in this assignment to get further knowledge about the car rental industry. The company is Asia Pacifism’s first international car rental company and has already on the business for more than 50 years.

With the details provided by the company, the system can be created according to the car rental industry needs and requirements. Besides that, the group is required to outline the design of the system through the help of creating diagrams like Data Flow Diagrams, Context Diagrams and Pseudopodia. These diagrams are being documented to further show the design of the system in this report. In addition, the implementation of software prototype is done by creating a website to represent the system. Corrections of the website is being documented to show how the design of the system works in this report.

The last item that is documented in this report is the project management. The method used to manage the progress of this project is being reported in this section. Without a good project management, the software development life cycle would not be developed successfully. Feasibility Feasibility study is the act of accurately determining the complexity in carrying out the whole project from different aspects. Feasibility has four types as below: Operational feasibility Technical feasibility Economic feasibility Schedule feasibility To work on this current project the first three feasibility study types may be omitted.

Therefore, the schedule feasibility studies which have been carefully carried out, is documented here. This type of feasibility focuses more on the length of a project. A project may fail if it takes more time than it actually needed. In order to have exact time of Start and finish of everything to be more punctual, the Giant chart is created according to the time that each step of the project needs to be done, the time that the task needs to be started and also the deadline of each part.

During this performance, also the different tasks and sub tasks may be identified which helps a lot to have a better understanding of stages of the project. There is also a matrix which is called Workload matrix. Workload matrix specifically stated who will the each task. Giant chart Our Giant chart is based on waterfall project approach. In other words, all the stages mentioned in it, are stages from waterfall model which we found a suitable methodology for developing the system.

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