Argumentative Technology Assignment

Argumentative Technology Assignment Words: 555

Does Technology make us more knowledgeable and efficient or Just more stressed? People are becoming Increasingly more dependent of technology for everyday life. Businesses are using computers for accounting, pricing, stocking inventory, buying shipments, and using other online services. Families buy Christmas gifts online, research their summer holiday destination, and explore potential universities for senior students’ future career. Students use computers, phones, and pads for school assignments and keep up-to-date with their friends via Backbone and e-mail.

The average Bruit spends between one and four hours per day online, and some spend more time online than with his or her family. While some people agree that technology is a good thing, others believe that technology is actually hindering society more than it is helping. People who think that technology is helping the world say that people who argue against technology are seniors and do not even understand the modern day equipment. Others argue that computers and the Internet save time and money.

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It’s a cheaper way to get books, movies, textbooks, and English-class poems. It saves time because it is almost always easily accessible, not heavy, and very easy to use. All these arguments are valid, many people don’t understand or realize the harm that technology Is doing. While the Internet is usually very accessible, there is intensified stress and anxiety the odd time that you can’t get onto the Internet. While people think that using online dictionaries and resources are boosting our self-reliance, we might also be increasing our over-dependence on technology.

While testing, abbreviations may be shorter and faster, many times those abbreviations are infusing and difficult to understand. With so many online books and resources, reading and comprehension skill are fading away. One British statistic records over a thousand people who were surveyed said technology Is better than religion of the billions of people living on this earth, only one and a half have access to the Internet. It is estimated that only twenty-five percent of the population has access to technology, most of which live in developed Western countries.

The other seventy-five percent do not have Internet access. With al the technological developments, poorer countries with no Internet access are not able to keep up to the technological demands and the nation can’t thrive. The technology invented now is very addictive. In addition to being addictive, much of what is on the Internet is morally sinful. Whether it’s gossiping on Backbone, online relationships on Raymond, or watching immoral and gloomy Youth videos, it’s wrong. Why fill your mind with unwholesome pictures that you will never be able to get out of your mind?

Planting that seed creates more temptations for more sinful series, and eventually you will be consumed and addicted to watching videos or All these statistics and beliefs show that the world is becoming more and more dependent on modern technological inventions. While there are conflicting arguments about whether these developments are helpful or harmful, the world would be a more self-reliable and much better place without technology. How much more productive could you be without spending hours ad day on a phone or pad? How much more studying and homework could you do? How dependent have you become on technology?

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