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Also the benefits far outwit the costs by bring people closer, helping shyness and creating new friends. Some people argue that social media is the root of cyber bullying, but in fact according to indeterminateness . Org: 80% say they have defended the victim. People often defend victims and stand together. Social media unites people against hate and discrimination. Often people create groups or pages to help support these people. The facts speak for themselves: According to indeterminateness . Erg, only 7% of U. S. Parents are worried about spellbinding. The fact of the matter is that social media has taken many steps to help prevent spellbinding and have been very successful. One of the many arguments against social media is it causes social detachment. But from personal experience can say without a doubt that faceable has bring me a better social life by granting me the ability to plan events or get together with my friends with simple status updates or messages.

It truly makes having a social life easier. Before I had a faceable rarely left my house to hang out with friends. Social media is a tool many people around to the world use to help become more connected to the people around them Another argument against social media is the claim that it interferes with school work and causes poor grades, but I must say that nine times out of 10 when need help on an assignment go to faceable or twitter and ask about and always receive the help I need.

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Social media is a great tool when used correctly and many people do. Many times students can and do create homework help groups when students in need of homework help can go and get tutored by fellow peers. Although social media can produce spellbinding, social detachment, and interrupt school work, if used correctly it can become the greatest tool for people all over the world. The benefits far outwit the costs.

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