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Table of Contents: 1. 0. Introduction:2 1. 1 Background:2 1. 2. Aim and scope:2 1. 3. Limitations of study:2 2. 0. Discussion:3 2. 1. Qualitative research:3 2. 1. 1. Focus group:3 2. 1. 2. In-Depth interviews:4 2. 1. 3. Observations:5 2. 1. 4. Mixed qualitative research methods:5 2. 1. 5. Delphi research:5 2. 1. 6. Analysis on qualitative research methods:6 2. 2. Decision on collecting method:6 2. 3. Quantitative research:7 2. 4. Questionnaire:8 2. 4. 1 Customers:8 2. 4. 2. Employees:12 2. 5. Ethical and Biases issues:13 2. 6.

Analysis of Measurement scale:14 3. 0. Sampling decision:15 4. 0. Research findings and recommendations:16 5. 0. Conclusion:17 6. 0. References:19 1. 0. Introduction: 1. 1 Background: The Market research was required by the ANZ bank as the bank is finding decline in its sales revenue since last year. Management feels that the customer dissatisfaction is the major reason behind sales declines. The management intends to know the exact reasons behind the customer dissatisfaction through the allocation of the private research team as an utsourcing. This market research is a wide concept which requires conducting an analysis of various concepts for coming up with the conclusion to the ANZ bank. These conclusions from the market research will help in making better management decision to the ANZ. 1. 2. Aim and scope: The Aim of the report is to make market analysis of the ANZ customers through the research techniques and principles. In order to make an analysis the report includes problem definition, propositions, research design (assignment 1).

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Under research design it comes across the qualitative and quantitative methods of research. The analysis of better method for banking sectors will take place in the later section. After the selection of the sampling methods will be used for making decision on how much sample is to be considered for the analysis out of the selected population. Finally the report includes findings and recommendations to study. 1. 3. Limitations of study: The study conducted for the ANZ banks problem is not realistic in this situation as the figures are estimated approximately without primary research.

The secondary data is also not merely available to the public as it is confidential to the companies due to competitors. 2. 0. Discussion: In the previous part of the report we have found that why and how the market research has started for the ANZ bank. There was a need for better management decisions in relation to its decrease in the sales revenue due to its customer dissatisfaction and also wanted some information pertaining to the new implementation strategies. These propositions demanded the market research on the bank customers, bank employees and their opinion on the proposed strategies.

In order to receive and to make a better decisions there was a need for a better research decisions through accuracy, relevancy, valid and current information, which we have already developed in the first part of the report. The definition, proposition, decision criteria for data collecting methods, plan and development, data collection and performance analysis were the main parts of the design were laid down in the previous part. But in this part of the report the detailed analysis of these design parts will be taken place. . 1. Qualitative research: Beaumont, R, 2009 states that, the qualitative type of research is still the best way of research as it keenly insight into the people and relates with the situations. So this type work well to the banking sector which we considering for ANZ bank. Even the technological developments have boosted the qualitative research and helped in brining high quality and sound information. The most popular methods of qualitative research are focus group and depth interviews and observations. . 1. 1. Focus group: Focus group is one of the research method in which the group discussion on consumers will take place. This method includes group which might include six to eight members in order to discuss on the topic moderated in the research. Each group provides their discussion for about ninety minutes and sometimes depends on the limit of the members in the group (Burnard, P, 2004). But there is a need for discussing on the certain areas which are important according to the moderator.

For example: ANZ is concerned about their customer dissatisfaction to their services and their business strategic decisions. In this situation there is a need for discussion relating to service. This type of the research arise questions and provides comments from different members of group. However, studies reveal that there is lack of interviewer effect and achievement of realism is bit difficult part in this type of research. In order to conduct focus group the best way is face to face and sitting under one roof.

But due to technological and geographical distances some times the telephone based group will be used however it doesn’t provide quality information as there won’t be proper communication, body language, feeling etc in their discussion (Burnard, P, 2004). The online group discussion sorted some of telephone type research, but still not affective as direct face to face discussion. 2. 1. 2. In-Depth interviews: This is a second important method in qualitative research method which involves one to one deeper interviews according to the researcher views and it is also more open type of research method.

This method is most popular to the ANZ case as it concentrates on the consumers market which needs concentration on customer’s service, offering of different products etc and business to business research by comparing different business such as comparing ANZ bank with Commonwealth bank, St George, Westpac etc. On an average this method takes place around an hour. This method is an open typed unlike questionnaires and which allows the interviewer to search interesting and required areas of research. But still it includes questions and questionnaire like elements and answers.

Even in this case such as focus group the quality of research depends on the depth of the knowledge from both parties of interview. Particularly in dealing with business to business concept there is a need for better knowledge in other businesses promotions, strategies in dealing with customers, and their products etc. There is need for key business areas by the moderator also as they provide dealing concept to the interview. In this method, both telephone and online research are also effective like face to face interviews (Burns, A, Bush, R 2004).

However, the success of the interview through these methods will depend on the mood of the other person participating in the interview. 2. 1. 3. Observations: Observations are more popular and coming along with the development of market research concept. This method is most popular for consumer oriented market research as like we are concentrating on the ANZ bank customers. The observation from the bank customers can be noted why the customers are not happy with the banking services and accordingly the grading of problems can be done and which is helpful in making decisions.

The technology also helped in making videos which not only help in describing about the customers, rather it give details of enter daily task of customers. This make a feel of researcher live with the respondents and help in knowing better about the customers. The usability of the services can be well studied with the use this traditional method (Beaumont, R, 2009). Even readily available video based low cost cameras with editing facilities help in better observation. 2. 1. 4. Mixed qualitative research methods:

Mixed or hybrid method is the one which can not be categorised into above methods. This method is like that of a friendship pairs which means, two people interviewed together, and triads’ means three people. Usually these persons shouldn’t be known to each to other or else there will be risk of unbalance. But this method gives more open discussion and can expect more than interviewers lead. Among the focus group it can include the conflict group which includes the debate on two sides or in reverse affinity group which includes the like minded people.

Some times during the necessity there will be bigger conversation among hundreds of people stimulated by the questionnaire which is termed as online research community which helps in making business decisions (Burnard, P, 2004). 2. 1. 5. Delphi research: This is a more advanced method of forecasting for new fields of study in which the group of experts are asked to provide their opinions and will be asked to reforecast the research until receiving the common view. These experts provide numerical data and justifications to support the arguments and thoughts.

This research method will also be applicable to various kinds of problems through the internet options (Beaumont, R, 2009). 2. 1. 6. Analysis on qualitative research methods: The above methods discussed are widely used by various market researchers. The selection of method for this particular ANZ bank study is a bit complicate as each one is helpful and shows positive impacts of implementation. By looking the disadvantages and the case the decisions will be made on selection of the methods. The focus group hardly consists of few members and might not give much realistic opinions due to lack of knowledge.

Probably this method doesn’t suit to this study. Secondly, in depth interviews include more members according to the necessity. This might include interviewing of 50 to 100 persons, from which we can draw a conclusion for ANZ problems. This method can be successful through both face to face, telephone or through online. The cost also will also not impact very much on the company. Thirdly, observation is another technique and includes huge number of persons to participate in this type. This method is more appropriate for product based decision and which can be seen straight away.

For this case the employee related service and satisfaction can be measured, however the insights of the customers are important to this study. Other business do not let us to know about their premises through observations and measuring the customers is not possible as banks deals with the services. Fourthly, mixed method will be helpful but it doesn’t come up with proper outcomes as they do not include proper structure. Finally, the Delphi research is also important measure through the experts which include figures, facts or real situation which will be helpful in making judgements.

Like focus group this method also lacks with the realistic nature. 2. 2. Decision on collecting method: From the above discussions it can be noticed that no one method gives more realistic information as the target audience is very limited. For the banking sector decisions each customer has their personal preferences according to their age, preference according to the offers and service from the bank. There is a need for larger target audience and which gives insights of all of them and on the basis of this average figures bank can make better decisions. 2. 3. Quantitative research:

Kimmel, A, Smith, C, 2000, outlined that, Quantitative decision depends on the target population and subject to be investigated. The various options available are postal, telephone, face to face, house to house and online research. Unlike the qualitative research, quantitative research consists of fixed questionnaire. It is not hard to prepare questionnaire, but still need some rules to be followed. Studies shows that, telephone interviewing, postal and self completion market research, face to face, online research and omnibus market research surveys are most popular quantitative research method.

However for the banks, face to face and online researches are most helpful in market research. The customers visit often to the banks and can be accessed to research as they will be having waiting time in which questions can be asked. Secondly, internet banking has become so popular now days and its use is extensive. As everyone visit the website for banking purposes, it is better to go for online research (Nerb, G, 2002). The following of these two methods are important as each one of them overcome the problems with each other. Both together gives best research data to the decision making purpose.

According to Beaumont, R, 2009, Firstly, Face to face interviewing is one important technique which takes place either in the streets, in the banks itself, in people homes. This method helps in knowing the person as aggression and improper time will lead to wrong answers. This method is a bit expensive. Secondly telephone interviewing, which is a quick and effective way to achieve the data and also cost effective but failed to get proper responses sometimes. Thirdly, postal and self completion market research is effective and less cost but failure of responses and needs more time to gather data are some of its drawbacks.

Fourthly, online research is the one in which the questionnaires will be attached to the website in which the online banking users can answer them. The online survey is a much effective, fast but do not consider the non internet users and busy customers. 2. 4. Questionnaire: 2. 4. 1 Customers: In order to serve you better with the banking services at ANZ Bank we request your kind self to please fill in this questionnaire Pick Tick the following 1) How old are you? ? Under 25 ? 25-34 ? 35-44 ? 45-54 ? 55-64 ? 65 or above 2) What Occupational position are you in? ? Employed full time Employed part time ? Studying full time ? Unemployed ? Retired 3) Highest educational level achieved ? High school or below ? Higher education below university ? Bachelors ? Masters ? Doctorate or research 4) How do you access the internet for banking? ? At home ? At work ? By phone ? Do not use ? Other (please specify) 5) How often do you visit the bank? ? Daily ? Once in a week ? Once in a fortnight ? Not sure 6) How often do you visit the bank website? ? Many times a day ? Once in a day ? Once in a week ? Not sure 7) Do you experience problems in using the ANZ website? ? Yes ? No Not sure 8) I use free of charge opportunities for 6 months contract? ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neither agree/disagree ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree 9) As a bank customer I prefer quality of service ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neither agree/disagree ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree 10) As a bank customer I prefer price and fees of products and services. ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neither agree/disagree ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree 11) Is ANZ bank easily Reachable to you? ? Yes ? No 12) Availability of wide range of products and services compare to other banks? ? Very good ? Good Average ? Poor ? Very poor 13) As a bank customer I prefer brand image ? Strongly agree ? Agree ? Neither agree/disagree ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree 14) Care by financial Advisor is important for customers ? Very good ? Good ? Average ? Poor ? Very poor 15) Is customer service important for banks? (If yes go to next question/If No skip question 16) ? Yes ? No 16) Which part of customer service is important? ? Staff ? Employers ? Technology ? Financial benefits ? Others 17) Availability of ATM and Bank image are most important for customers’ satisfaction ? Strongly agree Agree ? Neither agree/disagree ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree 18) What channel do you prefer for banking? (Tick all as appropriate) ? Telephone ? ATM ? Online ? Branch Office ? Others 19) What factors are important in website of ANZ bank? ? Download speed ? Ease of use ? Privacy protection ? All of the above ? Others ? 20) Did the teller greeted/acknowledged/ handled efficiently/friendly/have knowledge of bank products/told about additional products ? Always ? Often ? Sometimes ? Never 21) Would you like to add anything more to this survey which can help us serve you better?

We thank you for taking your precious time off to answer the above questions. We promise to serve you better and deliver to the above prescribed expectations. 2. 4. 2. Employees: 1) Experience in dealing with banking customers? ? 1 year Experience ? 3 or more years of experience ? Fresher 2) In your current position do you deal with the high stress situations, for example, tight deadlines, Ambiguity, challenging etc. ? Yes ? No 3) Have you attended customer dealing orientations? ? Yes ? No 4) Are there any factors impacts on employee performance in customer service other than your skills? If yes got to next question) ? Yes ? No 5) The factors which influence on employee performance on customer satisfaction? ? Employer ? Company policies ? Customer attitude ? Services available ? Others (please specify) 2. 5. Ethical and Biases issues: Konza, D, 1998 says that, there are various problems which have influence on the gathering of the data and they are like collecting the data without proper control, omitting controls that others have pointed out, use of in appropriate sample sizes, failed to maintain the data for long time and most importantly selecting what to observe.

Problems should be minimized with effective control mechanisms. For the qualitative research the selection of method is important and at the same time after selecting the method it is appropriate to have a control and ethical behaviour concept adoption in the method. Selection of skilful people is important in the case of focus group and there should be a better moderator for the topic. In the in depth interview the selected person should be aware of the concept which is dealing for the market research.

The misunderstanding and inappropriate co operation from the public principles will results in ineffective observational results. The better suitable method is required to reduce the ethics of collecting data. In case of quantitative research, the responses gathered through in person will have better results, but still there is a need for selection of customers across different region, different age, and different sex as each one will have different preferences. Same persons might do survey for many times and there should be one authorisation per an account in order to reduce double interviews.

And out of 2. 5 million customers, we have to select the customers for online research through the allocation of interview option to only limited number with different age, gender etc through their records in the bank. 2. 6. Analysis of Measurement scale: In the banking research the measurements should be valid and appropriate for the instrument. In some questions nominal scale is used for obtaining personal data and this scale for those is with no intrinsic value or quality. In some questions we used ordinal scale as we comparing the service with other banks (Kimmel, A, Smith, C, 2000).

Interval scale was used in most of questions as it was most appropriate in analysing the customer service related problems. The reliability and validity are the two important factors in measurement scale. The reliability shows the questions should be reliable to the research and a question with different options will give different opinions for same questions from different customers. These results will help in making alternative decisions on the same scenario and which will get some additional results.

The correlation among the results be will be used for decision and will be implemented according to the different options and checked later for final decision (Golafshani, N, 2003). Validity is the other important thing for measurement scale in which the options should be valid for the research. The validity is the strength of conclusion and inference. The validity will help in predicting as precisely as possible through the questionnaire opinion (Golafshani, N, 2003). 3. 0. Sampling decision: Sampling is the subset of the population which should represent the entire group.

The customers and employees of bank are population for the research (Sapsford, R, Jupp, V, 1998). It is not possible to consider and interview the whole population in which the limited number of person have interviewed and considered as the sample for the study. The ANZ bank has approximately over a million customers and about 40,000 (www. anz. com) employees. The target audience for the study is over million persons and which is population. Let us assume that the customer and employees of ANZ will be 2. 5 million. For the entire population, it is not at all possible to interview each one of them.

In such a case we should go for sampling formulas for calculating the sample figure out of the population. With the use of the below formula, (Research Advisors, 2006) [pic] where, n = Sample size [pic]= Chi-square for the specified confidence level at 1 degree of freedom N = Population Size = 2. 5 million (ANZ media releases) P = population proportion (. 50) ME = desired margin of Error (expressed as a proportion) = 1. 0% so, n = 9567(sample size) In order to get a better results, the sample should be a minimum of 9567 (approximately as the figures as approximate) at the 95% confidence level.

The interviewing of 9567 bank customers and employees (altogether at a proportion) is necessary for making better decisions by the bank on the basis of market research results (Gron, C, 2007). Sampling validation is essential in order to assure the client that the sample is a representative of population on which the decision makers wish to make a decision (Gron, C, et al 2007). This 9567 is the sample which is to be considered by the bank management for making the decision and coming to the conclusions.

The market researchers can mention the above method for sample calculation and can provide a report on the basis of above figures to the client. 4. 0. Research findings and recommendations: The analysis of the various research design concepts mentioned in the below table from both the parts of the report will come with the findings and recommendations. Research Problem, issue and need ………………………………………….. Research Proposition ………………………………………………………… Components parts of research ………………………………………………. Nice to know and Need to know concepts…………………………………..

Information Gap filled through primary research…………………………… Triangulations on research…………………………………………………… Qualitative research………………………………………………………….. Focus group………………………………………………………………… In-Depth interviews………………………………………………………… Observations……………………………………………………………….. Mixed qualitative research methods……………………………………….. Delphi research…………………………………………………………….. Analysis on qualitative research methods…………………………………. Decision on collecting method………………………………………………. Quantitative research………………………………………………………… Questionnaire……………………………………………………………….. Customers…………………………………………………………………. Employees………………………………………………………………….

Ethical and Biases issues……………………………………………………… Analysis of Measurement scale………………………………………………. Sampling decision…………………………………………………………….. The research made on the sample gathered through various methods of data collection shows that customers are not satisfied with the service because of the various reasons. This shows that services, convenience, offers and financial benefits are said to be main reason for customers’ dissatisfaction in the ANZ bank customers. Banking environment, staff behaviour, technological ease of use and strict attention towards the company rules said to be other factors which lead to the customer dissatisfaction.

But among the opinions both important factors correcting measures will be, implementation will come up with the results, however the first important factors will be more than enough to retain and stop diverting the customers. The research findings shows that the customers are not satisfied with the bank is mainly because of the company strategies, policies in relating to the financial benefits to the customers. There is a need for better interest rates to the accounting holders, better credit options, reduction in mortgage loan rates, and increase in ATM and banking facilities to the customers.

This development in the bank will increase the customers’ satisfaction and retention. The other banks are providing more branches to the doorsteps, their banking systems are simple and, most importantly the technological use in ANZ is a bit complicate compared to main competitor Commonwealth bank. There is also a need for better training and development for the staff to communicate with customers and management policies towards the employees also should be managed well with normal control. 5. 0. Conclusion:

The detailed analysis of the study shows that the research methodologies and design are most important part in coming up with the better decisions. There is a need for consideration on ethical aspects as everything depends on the psychological, demographic and geographic factors as ANZ is located all over the world. After all, the research should be made with the sample which will give better decision criteria. Finally, it is noticed there are various concepts to be implemented in the company in order to come up with the better results with completely saturated level.

This will allow the company to compete any sort of the company and also will help in making decision across the branches of the entire world. 6. 0. References: ? Beaumont, R, 2009, “Quantitative/Qualitative research fundamental propositions: Applied to theories of human communication”, organ players. ? Burns, A, Bush, R 2004, “Marketing research: online research applications”, 4th edn, Prentice Hall, pg. 642. ? Burns, A C & Bush, R F 2010, “Marketing Research”, Global ed. , Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River. ? Burnard, P, 2004, “writing a qualitative research report”, Accident and emergency nursing, Vol. 2, Iss. 3, pg. 176-181. ? Farquhar, J, Panther, T, 2008, “acquiring and retaining customers in UK banks: an exploratory study”, Journal of retailing and consumer services, Vol. 15, Iss. 1, pg. 9-21. ? Golafshani, N, 2003, “understanding reliability and validity in qualitative research”, the qualitative report, Vol . 8, No. 4, pg. 597-607. ? Gron, C, Hansen, J, Magnusson, B, Nordbotten, A, Krysell, M, Andersen, K, and Lund, U, 2007, “Uncertainty for Sampling”, NT technical report, Nordic innovative centre, ISSN 0283-7234 Gron, C, 2007, “sampling- validation, quality control and uncertainty estimation”, DHI group, Denmark ? Hallowell, R, 1996, “the relationships of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability: an empirical study”, International journal of service industry, Vol. 7, Iss. 4, pp. 27-42. ? Kimmel, A, Smith, C, 2000, “deception in marketing research: ethical and methodological and disciplinary implications”, Centre for marketing working paper, London Business School. Konza, D, 1998, “Ethical issues in qualitative research: what would you do? “, University of Wollongong. ? Nerb, G, 2002, “Development of a new business survey in the banking sectors: the experience of the IFO institute”, OECD – the organization for economic and cooperation and development, IFO institute. ? Sapsford, R, Jupp, V, 1998, “data collection and analysis”, the Open University, British Library cataloguing in publication data ? www. abs. com. au ? www. anz. com ? ANZ media releases.

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