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ANAPANASATI MEDITATION ” The practice of Meditation … is very simple and so very straight forward ! Keep the eyes closed ! Be with the breath ! Just be with the breath ! Just be with the natural rhythm of the breath ! No mantras whatsoever ! No sounds from the mouth whatsoever ! ” -Brahmarshi Patriji 1 Meditation Everywhere 2 CHAPTER – 1 BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI S ubhash Patri … was born in the year 1947 … at Shakkar Nagar of Nizamabad dist. (Andhra Pradesh, India) … to P. V. Ramana Rao and Savitri Devi. His earlier schooling was in the town of Bodhan and city of Secunderabad.

College studies were completed in the city of Hyderabad. ••• After obtaining postgraduate degree in Soil Science in the year 1974, from The Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, he took up an assignment in a multinational fertilizer company in the year 1975. ••• Patriji married Swarnamala in the year 1974. He is the father of two daughters … Parinitha and Parimala … born in the year 1978 and in the year 1982 respectively. ” ENLIGHTENMENT ” Patriji became enlightened in the year 1979 … after some serious experiments with meditation. Since then, Patriji began striving hard to awaken and enlighten each and every individual.

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Further, in the following decade, he completed reading more than 50,000 books on science of spirituality and science of meditation. ” SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT ” Patriji established “The Kurnool Spiritual Society” during the year 1990 … in Kurnool … with the sole mission of creating intense awareness amongst all individuals … about the science of meditation … and its primary role in providing physical, mental and intellectual health and well-being to all. 3 Meditation Everywhere PYRAMID MEDITATION ” Patriji established the first pyramid in Kurnool in the year 1991. In the year 1996, a second pyramid was built in Uravakonda.

Subsequently several pyramids were established throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. Pyramid meditation was established, in the whole of the world, for the first time, by Patriji. Meditation when done inside a pyramid is thrice more powerful. ” RESIGNATION TO THE JOB ” Patriji resigned his job in the year 1992 … and took to uninterrupted service to the whole of mankind. Patriji’s dedicated efforts, since 1992, have resulted in hundreds of Pyramid Spiritual Societies being established throughout India. ” SOUL – SCIENCE LITERATURE ” Patriji has authored over sixty books and several audio and video cassettes and CDs … ostly in Telugu language … on various New Age spiritual science topics to-date. Under his authorship, vast amount of spiritual science literature in various languages … by way of magazines, books, audios and videos … has been created. Under his guidance, books authored by great spiritual masters of the rest of the world have also been translated into Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil etc. ” BRAHMARSHI ” In the year 1997, in the temple town of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, all the pyramid masters gathered and conferred the title of ‘ Brahmarshi ‘ on Patriji. Patriji travels extensively to every nook and corner of the country … ncluding remote villages throughout the year … and conducts meditation classes to individuals of all ages, education and strata. Till date, he has conducted thousands of workshops on Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and New Age Spiritual Science. 4 Patriji ” MUSIC AND MEDITATION ” Patriji is also a great flutist and singer, and has devised techniques combining music with meditation for very intense meditational experiences. ” FULL – MOON ENERGY ” Patriji promotes the concept of living with Nature by enourages group trekking expeditions into deep forests and promotes full night meditation sessions, particularly on full-moon days. LIFE – TIME ACHIEVEMENT ” Patriji has been honored by a Life-Time Achievement Award at the National Symposium on Science of Holistic Living and its Global Application, organized by AROGYADHAM at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, WARDHA, during the month of November 2006. ” DHYANA JAGAT … BY THE YEAR 2012 ” Patriji’s dream is to create ‘ dhyana jagat ‘ by the year 2012. It is time now for the whole world to embrace the science of meditation … that is Anapanasati ! The entire Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is geared to achieve that !

Patriji teaches that anapanasati meditation and vegetarianism are fundamental to world health and world well-being. ” Spiritual-health is the root and physical-health is the fruit ! Anapanasati Meditation alone gives spiritual health to a person ! ” Brahmarshi Patriji 5 Meditation Everywhere MaitreyaBuddha Pyramid North face mural work depicting ‘Air’ element Buddha Poornima Celebrations, May 2006 in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore 6 CHAPTER – 2 SOUL SCIENCE Brahmarshi Patriji Basis of all Religions is ” Spirituality ” Basis of Spirituality is ” Soul Science ” Basis of Soul Science is ” Meditation ” Meditation means ” To be with the Breath” Meditation Everywhere RELIGION … ” Religion” means ‘re-ligate’ … that is to ‘re-unite’ ! Now, we understand the magnificence of all religions ! Now, we become one with all the world’s religions ! Every religion is based upon the same truth of soul science. With soul experience, we understand that we don’t have any limitations or any type of boundaries ! To experience our SOUL-HOOD, we have to become one with our BREATH-HOOD ! That’s the absolute central point ! SPIRITUALITY … Through breath we understand ‘dhyana shastra’ and through ‘dhyana shastra’ alone we understand ‘atma shastra’ !

Only after having a firm grasp of soul science can we begin to understand how to speak, how to eat, how to feel, how to tuch, how to walk … in fact each and every point of our life, one by one ! This is nothing but ” Enlightenment ” ! … also called “Spirituality. ” SOUL SCIENCE … Through meditation we can see our past and future. Knowing our past … we come to understand that we have changed many bodies and passed through many varied experiences ! Finally, we realize that we are not body … We are soul. ‘Ayamatma Brahma’ … ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ … ‘Tatwamasi’ ! That means we can understand ‘We are everything’ … We are also eternal’, This whole subject is called as Soul Science ! SCIENCE OF MEDITATION … Similar to our two physical eyes, we also have a ‘third-eye’ and like our physical body, we also have an ‘astral body’. All this is understood only through breath. When we regularly place our attention on breath, it is called ‘meditation’. And with more and more practice of meditation, we understand the total scope of the Science of Meditation. BREATH … Breath is our life. There is no life without breath. Breath energy is the supreme energy. Everyone requires this energy … like plants, trees, animals, birds, water … all require this 8 nergy. This breath energy is more essential for the humans. But how to know it ? How to feel its greatness ? The way is to be with the energy essence of the breath. NATURAL BREATH … To know about breath energy, we have to with the breath. But how? Here is the methodology : Don’t take ‘long’ or ‘short’ breath. Keep only to natural, normal, soft and easy breath ! Only then we can understand. When we become one with this natural and easy breath, automatically our mind becomes empty ! When the mind becomes empty, we get abundant cosmic energy ! Soon, something called as the third-eye gets activated, activating our SOUL potential ! Meditation Everywhere Brahmarshi Patriji ” EVERY PERSON SHOULD BECOME A BUDDHA ” Peace, of the Mind is HEALTH ! Knowledge, of Self, is KNOWLEDGE ! ••• Understanding Cause and Effect phenomena is INTELLECT ! Possessing a Scientific Method that is INTELLECT ! Intellect is WEALTH ! Meditation is the only way to establish PEACE OF MIND ! Meditation is the only way for experiencing THE SELF ! Meditation is the only way for the development of INTELLECT or BUDDHI ! ••• A person who has Buddhi is a BUDDHA ! Every person should become a BUDDHA ! The whole of Humanity should attain BUDDHA-HOOD ! •• Welcome to the New Age of ALL BUDDHAS ! Welcome to the WORLD-WIDE MAITREYA-BUDDHA BROTHER-HOOD ! Hail Unto THE MAITREYA-BUDDHA DHYANA VIDYA VISHWALAYAM, Bengalooru ! 10 CHAPTER – 3 SCIENCE OF MEDITATION Brahmarshi Patriji SCIENCE OF MEDITATION There are three great laws in the science of meditation : ” the first law ” M ” When we are with the simple, normal, easy, natural flow of the breath … the mind becomes rather empty ” editation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind ! For that … we … begin … with … the … breath ! The mind has to be with the breath ! That is the bottom-line !

If the mind is not with the breath, it does not become empty ! The mind has to become uncluttered and rather empty ! The mind has to lose all its unscientific socio-religious mental images and meaningless props ! In the same token, chanting of any mantra doesn’t play any role in meditation ! Since meditation is silencing the incessant chattering mind, we can’t have any mental image whatsoever to concentrate upon ! 11 Meditation Everywhere We have to attune ourselves to our natural and normal breath ! When we attune ourselves to the breath, the mind becomes by and by less tense … and less dense … nd sooner than later, it becomes rather empty ! Breath is the ambassador of pure consciousness in the body ! Breath is an incessantly happening thing. Breath does not age ! Breath is so simple ! Breath can be experienced ! Breath can be grasped ! Breath can be very easily attuned to ! Being with the simple, natural flow of the breath is the ‘alpha’ in the science of meditation. ” the second law ” ” When the mind is rather empty, huge amounts of cosmic energy flood into the physical body… into the physical-ness ” A ‘ jungle-like mind ‘ doesn’t allow cosmic energy to enter into the body-system.

When the mind is like a forest, it becomes a great barrier … it does not allow any cosmic energy to seep into the physical body. The ‘ jungle-like mind ‘ is so very impermeable, so very ‘ solid ‘! However, when the ‘ solidlike mind ‘ becomes a ‘ liquid-like mind ‘ or a ‘ vapour-like mind ‘, there is so much more porosity and the mind becomes that much more permeable … and … the cosmic energy floods into the physical body … following the simple laws of natural physics ! The mind is the separator of the physical energy and the cosmic energy. When the mind is like a forest, it acts like a solid barrier !

So, to make our ‘ solid – like mind ‘ into a ‘ vapour – like mind ‘ … where there are very few thoughts, and more number of gaps … that is meditation ! And, the way is only through breath ! ” the third law ” ” When sufficient amounts of cosmic energy enter the physical body … the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the third-eye ” The physical body needs to become saturated with cosmic energy ! When the body is 12 saturated with cosmic energy, when the black patches in the etheric body are dissolved, the soul’s potential becomes gradually kinetic !

And, the soul has infinite potential, and Infinite capacity ! How ever, all that is just dry and barren as long as we don’t awaken it through our meditation ! The culminating result in meditation is the activation of our ‘inner senses’ or the ‘third-eye’ ! The end result of meditation is activation of our extra sensory perception ! The final result of meditation is activation of our SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS ! The final product of meditation is acquiring a SOLID SOUL ! In the case of a normal person, it is as if the soul is lost ! The soul is the paradise ! In the case of a normal person, the paradise has been lost !

The paradise has to be regained … that is done in meditation ! The science of meditation is the science of energy maximization ! The science of mediation is the true science of physical health ! The science of meditation is the true science of joy ! The science of meditation is the true unifying science ! It unifies all the divided sects of humanity ! Hail unto the science of meditation ! The science of Meditation is the science of energy maximization ! The Science of Meditation is the true science of physical health ! The Science of Meditation is the true overall unifying science !

The Science of Meditation is the truest science of joy ! It unifies all the divided sects of humanity ! ” Meditation is the universal science of experiencing our Source Soul. Meditation means experientially living our Source Soul. When we are aligned with the Source Soul through meditation, the body becomes perfectly tuned to health and our intellect becomes spiritually mature. ” – Patriji 13 Meditation Everywhere Brahmarshi Patriji ” MAITREYA BUDDHA ” Truth alone triumphs Truth is the true glory of life Journey of the soul is towards greater and greater comprehension of truth The singular truth is that … e are the macrocosm Our macrocosmic nature is experienced only in meditation We experience our macrocosmic nature when the mind is empty Making the mind empty is the very definition of meditation To experience our macrocosmic nature, is our first effort At the end of the first effort … we become a buddha The next effort is to help other kindred souls in experiencing their own macrocosmic nature At the end of the second effort … we become a maitreya-buddha GLORY UNTO … ALL BUDDHAS ! GLORY UNTO … ALL MAITREYA-BUDDHAS ! 14 CHAPTER – 4 ANAPANASATI MEDITATION Brahmarshi Patriji

T ANAPANASATI he word… ANAPANASATI… in Pali language means… to keep one’s total attention and awareness only on one’s normal breathing process. ‘ ana ‘… means ‘ in-breath ‘ ‘ apana ‘ means ‘ out-breath ‘ ‘ sati ‘ means ‘ be-one-with ‘ In Anapanasati, attention of the mind should constantly be on the breath. The task on hand is conscious observation of the breath. No mantra is to be chanted ! No form of any deity is to be entertained in the mind ! No pranayama practices… like kumbhaka (HOLDING THE BREATH) should be attempted ! Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken.

The posture should be as comfortable as possible. Hands should be clasped… and eyes should be closed. The crux of the matter is to resist the routine wanderings of the mind. Thoughts should be cut right away, as and when they keep arising. 15 Meditation Everywhere ANAPANASATI PROCESS BE CALM … BE STILL BE-WITH-THE-BREATH Close your eyes take all the time you need, to get comfortable shift muscles stretch and relax spine and neck are relaxed … not held stiffly ! there is no stiffness here just comfort … the beginning of calm … there is no hurry now there is nothing else to do … or think about … ust pure relaxation ! BE STILL INHALE SLOWLY EXHALE SLOWLY let your breath be a rhythm of calm your breath is a rhythm of calm follow your breath BE CALM use your mind to follow your breath in … out … in … out that is all BE WITH YOUR BREATH BE STILL be with your breath-energy let your breath-energy baptise you The physical body has its own natural and easy rhythm of the breath. In meditation, the mind has to become totally attuned to the normal rhythmic nature of the breath. 16 CHAPTER – 5 EMPTY MIND Brahmarshi Patriji Meditation is the way of total elimination of the restless waves of the mind.

Here the mind has to become concentrated on the breath. When our mind gets concentrated on the breath, and we keep to the regular practice of the same, a beautiful thing happens ! The restless waves of the mind totally cease ! A calm, peaceful and tranquil mind is established ! Th mind becomes totally empty ! As more and more time is spent in being with the breath, the mind becomes absolutely empty … sans any trace of thoughts ! When the mind is totally empty, huge amounts of cosmic energy begin to flood into the body ! More the emptiness of the mind, more the in-flow of cosmic energy ! restless waves of mind ” Cultivation of the restless waves of the mind is achieved when the mind is concentrated on any given work. The more a person concentrates on a given work, the more the mind of the person becomes cultivated … and, to that extent, the restless nature of the mind becomes reduced. And, to that extent, the mind becomes more restful; to that extent the energy of the physical body becomes more. 17 Meditation Everywhere ” seeing ” When the physical body gets saturated with cosmic energy, the natural consequence is the great happening of ‘seeing’ ! A sincere meditator begins to see .. n the beginning … flashes of beautiful nature … hitherto never seen or experienced ! These flashes of nature are usually from alternate frequence realities. ” inner senses ” In this state of deep inner silence, a total inwarding of the outer senses happens. The outer senses in effect become the inner senses ! With the inner senses, we do perceive inner worlds ! There are several frequencies of inner worlds ! The purpose of meditaton is to activate the inner senses, to encounter the inner worlds and have contacts with masters of the inner worlds. Spiritual Wisdom is obtained from the Masters of the Inner Worlds.

More and more meditation leads to more and more spiritual wisdom. More and more spiritual wisdom means more and more health, vigour and energy in the physical body. ” alternate realities ” Alternate Realities are the realities other than the reality we are presently, currently, engaged in. Each particular reality system exists with a different frequency. Each frequency reality, indeed, is an infinite universe. The total cosmos consists of an infinite number of frequency universes. At any given instant, a soul is tuned to only one frequency universe, which is invariably mistaken … y the particualr soul … to be the only reality ! However, in meditaton, a given soul breaks out of the cocoon of spiritual ignorance. New reality systems are experienced. More and more meditation leads to a grand understanding … through personal experience of the tremendous reality of the cosmos. All this is called as enlightenment. 18 CHAPTER – 6 PYRAMID ENERGY PYRAMIDS T he pyramid is a solid structure with four triangular sloping sides resting on a square base… and the four apices joining at a point forming the apex of the pyramid.

Each triangular sloping face is an isosceles triangle, with the two sloping sides being equal and the base angle equal. The length of the equal sides are all equal and all are similar to each other and of equal area. ” The fact that a geometric design collects and radiates energy was known to Ancient Egyptians, more than 10,000 years ago. They utilized the concept when they built their pyramids. The pyramids are storehouses of energy drawn from the universe. The Power of the Pyramid was obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational force of earth. “Scholars are aware that The Great Pyramid at Gizeh was built as a place and as an instrument of initiation into altered and higher states of consciousness,… through the mechanism of conscious out-of-body experiences. ” – Bill Schul & Ed Pettit 19 Meditation Everywhere Pyramid Meditation Meditation done inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called as Pyramid Meditation. Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids. Meditation done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful !

Most people who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation, describe themselves as experiencing a total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to The Mega Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid in Bangalore, concentrate on deeper inner levels. Pyramids provide most effective high-energy environments for beginners of meditation. Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body Pyramid Powers Several experiments conducted in man-made pyramids have revealed generalized pyramid powers.

These can be broadly classified as: Preservation Healing Out-of-body Experiences Preservation : Pyramid energy preserves fruit, milk and other perishables ; taste of coffee, wine, fruit juices, etc. , is improved ; used razors, knives get sharpened ; acts as a room freshener, foul smells disappear. Healing : Wounds, boils and bruises heal quicker ; reduces over-weight and increases resistance to diseases ; gives relief to and cures asthma, toothaches, migraine, common 20 cold, high B. P. , arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia etc.

Drinking pyramid energized water cures conjunctivitis, other eye problems; helps digestion; gives the skin a healthy and youthful glow. Out-of-body Experiences : Out-of-body experiences are much easier if done inside a pyramid. Dreams become clearer and they take the quality of normal working state. Pyramid Construction Pyramids can be made of any material ! For every one foot of height, the corresponding sides would be 1. 4945 feet and the base 1. 5708 feet. Side is measured from the corner to the Apex, and height is the vertical height from the apex to the base, i. e. perpendicular from the apex to the base.

When the sides of the pyramids are in place, they will be forming an angle of 52 degrees 51 minutes to the base, a miniature replica of the Great Pyramid. The pyramid must be aligned to the four cardinal points i. e. , North, East, South and West. Pyramid Measurements . 49 45 (feet) base 4 6 10 15 20 height 2. 548 3. 822 6. 370 9. 555 12. 740 side 3. 806 5. 709 9. 516 14. 274 19. 032 e1 Sid Height 1 foot Base 1. 5708′ ” In this stillness of mind, our inner senses get activated and begin to throw light on aspects of our personal invisible greater reality, and the impersonal cosmic reality. ” – Patriji 21 ‘ Meditation Everywhere

DIFFERENT TYPES OF PYRAMIDS CONSTRUCTED ALL OVER INDIA Bhadrachalam – “Athmarama Pyramid Dhyana Mandir” … 18’x18′ Raipur – “Mahavir Pyramid Dhyana Mandir” … 25’x25′ Rajahmundry – “Bhodhisathva Pyramid House” … 36’x36′ Patluru – “Shridi Sai roof top Dhyana Kendra” … 14’x14′ Guduru – “Dwarakamai Pyramid Dhyana Mandir” … 16’x16′ Mandapeta – “Manikanta Pyramid Dhyana Mandir” … 14’x14′ Tadepalligudem – “Srinivas roof top Pyramid Chevella – “Divya Shakti Pyramid Dhyana Mandir” … 12’x12′ Glass pyramid in ‘ Osho Dhara ‘ … 14′ x 14’ 22 DIFFERENT TYPES OF PYRAMIDS CONSTRUCTED ALL OVER INDIA Kadapa – “Anjaneya Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” …

Kadapa – “Sri Yogeeswara Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” … Tadipatri – “Sri Sai Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” … 12’x12′ Tadipatri – “Sri Ramana Maharshi Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” Tadipatri – “Sri Deepankar Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” … Valetivaripalem – “Sri Sai Ramana Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” … Kadapa – “Sri Hanuman Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” Bangalore – “Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid “… 160’x160′ Kurnool – “Buddha Pyramid Dhyana Kendra” … 30’x30′ 23 Meditation Everywhere Life-time Achievement Award November… 2006 Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Health & Medical Sciences, Sevagram, India For his outstanding contribution to achieve Health of Body, Peace of Mind nd Right Intellect through Meditation, Brahmarshi Patriji was honoured with “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the “National Symposium on Science of Holistic Living and its Global Application”, organized by Arogyadham at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, near Wardha, India on 17 th November 2006. 24 CHAPTER – 7 BENEFITS OF MEDITATION Brahmarshi Patriji ” We have to be happy ‘ today ‘ ! We need ‘ Today’s Meditation ‘ to be happy today ! We need ‘ Today’s Meditation ‘ to conduct today’s business properly ! We need ‘ Today’s Meditation ‘ to be able to tackle today’s problems successfully ! BENEFITS OF MEDITATION ^ Healing of All Diseases is Immediate ^ Memory Power becomes Increased ^ Wasteful Habits Die a Natural Death ^ Mind Always Stays in a Peaceful and Joyful State ^ Every Work Gets Done with Greater Efficiency 25 ^ Sleep-time Requirements get Reduced ^ Relationships become More Qualitative and Fulfilling ^ Thought Power is Tremendously Increased ^ Ability to Discern Rights and Wrongs is Sharpened ^ Purpose of Life is Better Understood Meditation Everywhere IMMEDIATE HEALING All physical afflictions are because of mental worries.

All mental worries are because of intellectual immaturity. Intellectual immaturity is because of lack of spiritual energy and lack of spiritual wisdom. Through meditation, when we get abundant spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom, the intellect becomes mature. By and by, all mental worries cease. Consequently, all physical afflictions disappear. Meditation is the only way to heal all diseases. Diseases are primarily because of previous negative karma. Until and unless the negative karma is neutralised, the disease will not vanish; no medicine will be of any help to clear the egative karma. ENHANCES MEMORY POWER The abundant spiritual energy gained in meditation helps the brain to work more efficiently and to its maximum capacity. Meditation enhances memory power tremendously. Therefore, meditation is absolutely compulsory for all students… both at the school level and at the university level. WASTEFUL HABITS DIE There are several wasteful habits like over-eating, over-sleeping, over-talking, overthinking, over-drinking etc. , etc. With the abundant spiritual wisdom and spiritual energy obtained from meditation, all the wasteful habits die naturally.

MIND BECOMES JOYFUL Life is so full of defeats, insults and pains… for any person. However, for a person with spiritual knowledge and spiritual energy, life is always peaceful and joyful… inspite of all the defeats, insults and pains. WORK BECOMES EFFICIENT In the presence of abundant spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom, all work, be it physical or mental, gets done with greater efficiency. In less time, more work is achieved. With least resources, commendable work gets done. 26 Benefits of Meditation SLEEP-TIME IS REDUCED Abundant spiritual energy is obtained in meditation.

Only a fraction of that energy is obtained during sleep. Half-an-hour of deep meditation is equivalent to six hours of deep sleep… in terms of rest for the body and energy for the mind. QUALITATIVE RELATIONSHIPS Lack of spiritual wisdom is the only reason why inter-personal relationships are so very unqualitative and unfulfilling. In the presence of spiritual wisdom all inter-personal relationships become highly qualitative and totally fulfilling. POWER OF THOUGHT Thoughts need power to reach their targets. In a restless state of mind, thoughts are produced with least power. Therefore, they don’t reach their respective targets.

However, in the presence of a restful state of mind, thoughts acquire great power and all intents get dramatically actualized. RIGHT AND WRONG ” What to do ? “, ” What not to do ? ” These are always million dollar questions ! ” What is right ? “, ” What is wrong ? ” We are in a perpetual dilemma ! However, such dilemmas are only for the spiritually immature persons. For a spiritually mature person there are no million dollar questions whatsoever ! For a spiritually mature person there are no dilemmas ! PURPOSE OF LIFE We are all born with a purpose, with a mission, with a design, with a plan.

Only the spiritually mature can understand and be aware of their particular purpose, mission, design and plan in their lives. 27 Meditation Everywhere A group meditation session in North India ” Diseases are primarily because of prior negative karma. Until and unless the negative karma is neutralized, the disease will not vanish. No medicine will be of any help. Materials cannot clear negative karma. It is impossible. Only learned lessons can clear negative karma ” – Patriji 28 CHAPTER – 8 M. E. A. L Brahmarshi Patriji MEDITATION ENLIGHTENMENT AWARENESS LIFE-ZEST We are all gods in theory.

However, we should become gods in practice. We should practice god-hood in our thoughts, words and deeds. As we increase our practice of spiritual science and meditation we become more and more experts in our god-hood. As we become more and more experts in our god-hood, our LifeZest increases. The basic goal of spirituality is to increase our Life-Zest ! “MEDITATION … the first stage” Meditation means getting control of the mind, becoming the master of the mind. In meditation, there are three phases : ANAPANASATI KAYANUPASSANA VIPASSANA ANAPANASATI … means being with the normal, natural, simple, soft, easy and tender breath.

KAYANUPASSANA … is watching, a little, the movements of energy fields … when they are experienced in the body … as a result of practicing anapanasati. VIPASSANA … is paying great attention to the third eye experiences as and when the third eye activity begins as a result of anapanasati practice. 29 Meditation Everywhere “ENLIGHTENMENT … the second stage” As we keep to the practice of anapanasati meditation, we enter into the phase of VIPASSANA and we begin to understand that we are essentially a THIRD EYE! We understand that we are a SOUL! This is called ENLIGHTENMENT !

As we increase our enlightenment, we become more and more the master of the mind, then we become candidates for right intellect, in the day-to-day physical world. The first stage of meditation leads to the second stage… that is enlightenment. However, for the enlightenment to become steadfast, two more essential activities are required : SWADHYAYA SATJANA SANGATYA Only a well tamed mind can take up Swadhyaya i. e. , reading right books and Satjana Sangatya i. e. , interacting with right people. Without reading right books, and without interacting with right people, enlightenment does not mature !

Enlightenment, further means two more things : NOT LAMENTING FOR ANYTHING NOT WASTING ANY TIME We are not here on the earth, for lamenting… whatever be the situation or whatever be the achievement or non-achievement. We are here, forever, to rejoice and celebrate ! Rejoicing is the natural result when we understand that every so called ‘failure’ is nothing but a stepping stone for subsequent success ! Every regret is a fresh blunder ! We may commit mistakes … mistakes are natural … but we should not indulge in prolonged regrets. Secondly, every moment should be utilized creatively and productively ! 0 M. E. A. L “AWARENESS … the third stage” Only enlightened people are perfectly aware in any given moment and in any given situation ! Awareness means to come back to the ‘here’ and ‘now’ …from the ‘there’ and ‘then’ ! In the acquisition of awareness, intense companionship with the MASTERS becomes crucial. A MASTER is a paragon of awareness ! Awareness has two essential aspects : LIVING IN THE MOMENT LIVING IN THE ETERNITY – TIME AWARENESS means dedicating oneself totally to the work on hand, at any given moment. AWARENESS means being totally alive in the given current situation.

AWARENESS means flowing happily with the natural emotions in the great ‘here’ and ‘now’. AWARENESS also means living in the concept of eternity. There is PAST. There is PRESENT. And there is FUTURE. However, these are not distinct and separate blocks but one continuous existence! Wise-living demands that we take into consideration the immediate past and the immediate future… for fathoming the most appropriate present action or present reaction. Wise-living also demands that we take into consideration the ETERNITY OF PAST and the ETERNITY OF FUTURE… or fathoming the most appropriate present action or prefect reaction. “LIFE–ZEST … the final stage” The end result of meditation is enlightenment. The end result of enlightenment is awareness. And the end result of awareness of LIFE-ZEST ! Now, every given moment is enjoyed ! Now, every given situation is savoured ! Now, life becomes absolutely dynamic ! Now, life becomes absolutely miraculous ! 31 Meditation Everywhere Now, every thought acquires power ! No sooner a thought is created … it manifests without any distortions ! Now, every word becomes a dynamite !

Now, every action becomes a piece of art and grace ! Now, life has become a continuous celebration ! ‘LIFE-ZEST’ has two essential aspects : GIVING RECEIVING MORE LIFE-ZEST means more compassion … that is more and more giving ! Continuous giving becomes a natural habit ! MORE LIFE-ZEST also means more and more accepting everything ! Continuous acceptance becomes a natural habit ! There is a graceful giving and a graceful taking … all the time, in all the situations. A dynamic and vibrant life is one wherein the amount of ‘gives’ and ‘takes’ is very high ! ” The physical body is an energy ball.

The Mind is the source of energy for this energy ball…called as the ‘physical body’! ” – Patriji ” No doctor can help us ! No hospital can help us ! No drug can help us ! Only meditation will help us ! Only vegetarianism will help us ! ” – Patriji 32 CHAPTER – 9 B. E. A. T Brahmarshi Patriji BODY-ENERGY AMPLIFICATION TECHNOLOGY A ll the activities of an individual are governed by the single most important factor called … energy. It is the lack of sufficient energy … which propels an individual to think and act in weak, haphazard, lethargic, improper and negative ways.

Body Energy Amplification Techonology … is defined as the technology by which we do enhance and maximize the energy quotient of the physical body … and maintain it at a peak level, at all times, so that individuals will think and act in strong, orderly, dynamic, proper and positive ways. People in general over-burden, over-tire and exaspearate themselves by indulging in various meaningless and pointless activities which are, actually, not at all required ! Energy is always dissipated … or lost … because of one’s improper physical and mental activities, tendencies and inclinations.

However, when one conserves energy and takes the right measures to enhance and sustain it at a high lever … through recognising and cultivating proper physical life and mental life patterns, tendencies and inclinations … then the quality of work done is tremendously bettered. 33 Meditation Everywhere VARIOUS ENERGY-DEPLETING and ENERGY-ENHANCING FACTORS ” Eating ” X Energy Depletors ? Energy Enhancers Scientific, need-based, and conscious food in-take patterns increase the energy levels of the physical body. Unnecessary, unscientific, and unconscious food in-take patterns are a great burden to the physical body. ey points ? No animal food ! Animal food is extremely harmful to the human body ; be a strict vegetarian; eat more of fruits and vegetable salads. ? Eat only when needed ! Eat only when you are very very hungry ; Stop eating when you are still a little hungry ; Maintain always a marginal hunger in the body ! ? No cooked food in therefrigerator ! Take freshly prepared, hot food ! Avoid storing cooked foods in the refrigerator ! ? Masticate well ! Eat leisurely ! Don’t be in a hurry ! Chew well ! Spend more time in mastication ! ? Food should be tasty ! Whenever you cook, show all the artistry …!

Go for the tastiest food ! You must enjoy what you eat! For that you have to cook for most refined taste. ? Split the food dose ! Total daily requirements of food should be divided into as many split doses as possible. Eat three to four times a day ! 34 ? Fasting ! Set aside one full day, once a week …for liquid food only. ” WATER IN-TAKE ” X Energy Depletors Energy Enhancers Unscientific and unconscious water in-take patterns deenergise the physical body. Scientific and conscious water intake patterns energise the physical body. key points ? Drink water as frequently as possible ! ? Drink as much water as possible !

Water constitutes 65% of the physical body ! ? Drink water as consciously as possible ! ” SPEECH COMMUNICATION ” X Energy Depletors Purposeless and unscientific speech communication patterns de-energise the physical body. Energy Enhancers Purposeful and scientific speaking patterns energise the physical body. key points ? Speak briefly ! Speak only when absolutely necessary ! Maintain verbal silence as much as possible ! Speakk briefly, and always to the point. ? Speak to the point ! Speak always in simple and easily understandable language ! 35 Meditation Everywhere Don’t go for style! Go for clarity ! Go for the point ! Speak scientifically ! Speak only with reason and logic ! Spiritual science is the most important science to remember while speaking ! ” SEEING ” X Energy Depletors Energy Enhancers Purposeless, unnecessary and Purposeful, scientific, need-based unscientific seeing patterns de- seeing patterns conserve the energise the physical body. energises of the physical body. key points ? Look straight ! While talking, look straight into the eyes of the other person you are talking to ! ? Don’t Look at unwanted sights ! Look only when you have work to be done ! Strictly avoid look at other peoples’ personal affairs !

Eighty percent of a person’s energy is wasted in seeing unnecessary activities ! ? See the Nature ! Learn to look more at the nature around … the trees, the hills, the sky and the clouds ! Nature is pure energy ! 36 ” SLEEP ” X Energy Depletors Unscientific and excessive sleeping patterns de-energise the physical body. Energy Enhancers Scientific sleep patterns energise the physical body. key points ? Observe the breath ! At the end of the day … when you finally decide to go to sleep … do so … observing your breath consciously ! ? Posture Learn to go into sleep … in sitting meditation posture !

Six hours of unconscious sleep is equal to one hour of conscious sleep … i. e … meditation induced sleep. ? Split doses ! Daily sleep requirements should be divided into two split doses ! Afternoon sleep … siesta … is quite important ! ” BREATHING ” X Energy Depletors Energy Enhancers Conscious breathing creates a special natural rhythm, which energises the physical body. Conscious breathing allows for full inflow of cosmic energy. 37 Unconscious breathing patterns de-energise the physical body. Unconscious breathing supplies only oxygen, but not the most required cosmic energy.

Meditation Everywhere key points ? Indulge more and more in conscious breath watching. This is called as Anapanasati. ” LIFE VOCATION ” X Energy Depletors Energy Enhancers Choosing vocations in which we are not exactly keen … deenergise the physical body. Choosing vocations commensurated with our aptitudes… energise the physical body. never cater to our mental greeds ? ” Find out what you most want to do … and then go and do it ! ” – Richard Bach ? Our vocations should be able to sustain us … fulfill our basic physical needs; they need Key points ” EMOTIONS ” X Energy Depletors

Energy Enhancers Positive emotions like courage, compassion, oneness, frankness, openness etc. , energise the physical body. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, fear,hatred, suppression, rigidity etc. , deenergise the physicalbody tremendously. key points ? Emotions should never be suppressed ; We should always express ourselves. ? Allow others to express their own emotions freely ! 38 ” PHYSICAL TOUCH ” X Energy Depletors Energy Enhancers Friendship-based physical touch patterns energise the physical body. Unconscious and compassionless touch patterns de-energise the physical body. Key Points Babies and children should be fondly hugged ! As much as possible ! ? Crasping hands in a vigorous fashion is always good ! ” NORMAL WORK ” X Energy Depletors Activities that are executed in an unscientific fashion or without artistry, deplete the bodyenergy. Energy Enhancers Every day-to-day activity can be transformed into an art, or a science. When we do so, we enhance our body-energy. key points ? Be fully aware ! “Walk while you are walking … eat while you are eating” … said the Buddha ! Be conscious of … even the minutest aspects … of all the work you do ! ? Remember the reason !

Understand and remember the reason, the logic, and the beauty behind everything in the routine day-to-day life 39 Meditation Everywhere ” THINKING ” X Energy Depletors Unscientific and unnecessay thinking depletes the body energy tremendously. Energy Enhancers Scientific and need-based thinking conserves the body energy tremendously. key points ? Forget the past ! Never indulge in digging the graves ! Past is past ! Let not the past cast its shadow on the present ! ? Think only when necessary ! Thinking, should be resorted to … only when it is absolutely necessary ! ? Relax !

When active thinking is not urgently warranted, relax and indulge in some games / sports / gardening etc. , ” The Practice of Meditation… is very simple; and so very straightforward ! Keep the eyes closed ! Be with the breath ! Just be with the breath ! Just be with the natural rhythm of the breath ! ” – Patriji Meditation class for children 40 Patriji’s meditation class in Melborne, Australia Patriji’s meditation class in Thimphu, Bhutan Patriji’s meditation class in Thimphu, Bhutan Patriji’s meditation class in Columbus, USA 41 Meditation Everywhere Group meditation for school children… editation from early age is very beneficial for the overall development of children 42 PSS MOVEMENT Pyramid Spiritual Societies are non-religious, non-cult, non-profit voluntary organizations, whose sole objective is to spread Anapanasati Meditation and Vegetarianism to one and all. 43 Meditation Everywhere 44 CHAPTER – 10 PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT T he Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, founded by Brahmarshi Patriji, is one of the foremost new age movements of the current period on this earth. For the first time, MEDITATION has become available to the rural masses and to the urban elite alike, on a scientific basis !

For the first time, Pyramid Energy has been connected to meditation, on a massive scale. Under the extraordinary training of Patriji, thousands and thousands of pyramid masters have totally dedicated themselves to the great task of spiritual globalization. Pyramid Masters are spreading, on a warfooting, the science of anapanasati meditation and the message of vegetarianism to all the nooks and corners of India! ” ORIGIN ” The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) was initially started by Brahmarshi Patriji as ” The Kurnool Spiritual Society “… uring the year 1990, in Kurnool, a district headquarters town, Andhra Pradesh, India. ••• 45 Meditation Everywhere The first pyramid … of the size of 30′ x 30′ … was constructed during the year 1991, at Kurnool, with the philanthropic support of Sri B. V. Reddy, a prominent industrialist of Kurnool Town. It was named as “Buddha Pyramid Meditation Center “. Subsequently, in the next three to four years, the Movement got expanded widely into several villages and towns in the Rayalaseema Area of Andhra Pradesh … covering the four districts of Kurnool, Ananthapur, Kadapa and Chittoor. DHYANA ANDHRA PRADESH ” By the year 2000, all major towns through out the length and breadth of the State of Andhra Pradesh were bristilling with ‘anapanasati meditation’ ! A target was fixed … to cover the whole State of Andhra Pradesh … village wise … by the year 2004. End of the year 2004, the ” Dhyanandhra Pradesh ” program was officially concluded in Hyderabad, capital city of Andhra Pradesh, amidst great fanfare and celebrations ! By the time, thousands of villages and lakhs of people were successfully introduced to anapanasati meditation … thanks to the sincere efforts … y hundreds of dedicated fulltime pyramid masters ! ” DHYANA BHARAT ” Simultaneous to efforts in Andhra Pradesh, Patriji also began to concentrate in the neighbouring States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh etc. , … starting with the year 1998. Extensive areas were covered in the next few years. After the year 2004, new States were added eg. Andaman, Delhi, Uttaranchal, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala etc. Hundreds of Pyramid Masters, trained in all these States, began working for propagation of Anapanasati Meditation … and a eritable spiritual revolution was sweeping the country ! The target fixed for the Pyramid Masters … is to introduce anapanasati meditation in all the States of India by the year 2008 ! ” DHYANA JAGAT ” The first visit by Patriji to other countries was in the year 1999, when he went for a fortnight 46 to conduct meditation classes in Singapore and Hongkong. In the years 2000 to 2002, a number of meditation sessions were conducted in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. In the year 2004, Patriji made a sixtyday trip to USA and ten States were covered and many meditation sessions were organized.

In the year 2005, about forty pyramid masters along with Patriji went for a seven day meditational tour to Srilanka. In the year 2006, Patriji and a couple of pyramid masters conducted several meditation sessions in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. In the year 2007, in the month of February a group of seventeen Pyramid Masters, along with Patriji, have visited Bhutan to conduct classes in Thimphu. The target for all the Pyramid Masters again is to introduce anapanasati meditation … by the year 2012 … in all the countries of the World. This is the biggest dream of all the pyramid masters ! PYRAMID ANDHRA PRADESH ” One of the most important points of PSSM is to construct pyramids everywhere ! There are about thirty thousand villages in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The target is to construct one pyramid per village … by the year 2008. Already, hundreds of pyramids have come up everywhere, in many of the villages and towns and cities of Andhra Pradesh. ” PYRAMID BHARAT ” Further target is ” pyramid bharat ” … i. e. , all the major towns, in all the States of India, should have their own meditational pyramids … by the year 2012. Already, many pyramids … small and big … have come up in several states.

The final target is ” pyramid jagat ” … i. e. , the whole of the world should be covered by meditational pyramids by the year 2016 ! 47 Meditation Everywhere ” WWW. PSS. ORG ” Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India, has launched a comprehensive website … “www. pss. org” … providing detailed information about all the activities of the various pyramid spiritual societies established everywhere in the world. Various magazines published by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies including “Spiritual India”, “Dhyana Andhrapradesh”, “Dhyana Karnataka” and “Dhyana Maharashtra” are put on the website for free download. PYRAMID SPIRITUAL TRUST ( INDIA ) ” In order to achieve the objectives of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, a central financial and administrative body called The Pyramid Spiritual Trust ( India ) was founded in April 2003, in Bangalore, Karnataka State. The Trust is a spiritual and non-profit organization. It is an organization with all round responsibility towards all the activities of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in India and abroad. All the existing Pyramid Spiritual Societies and the existing Pyramid Meditation Centers in the whole length and breadth of India, in due course, will be taken care by The Trust.

The Trust has been formed with the following major objectives : Establish an international meditation center called the Maitreya-Buddha Dhyana Vidya Vishwalayam at the earliest possible time. Provide standardized and centralized printing facilities, spiritual research support, publish spiritual literature etc, for use by the masters of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies. Establish and maintain the www. pss. org website with all the teachings, publications 48 PSS Movement and activities of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. Act as an enabler for the establishment of new Pyramid Spiritual Societies.

Provide assistance in construction of pyramids. Establish Pyramid Meditation Centers and Pyramid Spiritual Health Care Centers everywhere. “www. pss. org” … providing detailed Sharing of meditational experiences at the end of group meditation information about all the activities of the various pyramid spiritual societies established everywhere in the world. Various magazines published by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies including “Spiritual India”, “Dhyana Andhrapradesh”, “Dhyana Karnataka” and “Dhyana Maharashtra” are put on the website for free download.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies, is the Chairman of the Trust. Shreyans Daga, founder of The Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society, is the Vice-Chairman of the Trust. The following is the Board of Trustees : BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI Founder & Chairman Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India 1109/1/2 Bagh Ambarpet HYDERABAD – 500038 phone: 91-40-27421294 49 Meditation Everywhere BOARD OF TRUSTEES NAME SHREYANS DAGA Founder, Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual DESIGNATION Vice Chairman LOCATION # 810, Makers Chamber-V Nariman Point, MUMBAI 400021

I. V. REDDY Founder, Kadapa Pyramid Spiritual Managing Trustee H. No. 7-347-27-16, Road No. 4 Simhapuri Colony, KADAPA (A. P) P. CHANDRASEKHAR Member, Bangalore Secretary 6221, Lexington Ridge Dr LEXINGTON, MA 02421, USA phone : 001-781-538-0293 R-1,Owners’ Court, Sarjahpur Road Kasavanahalli Main Road BANGALORE – 560037 #461, 1st Floor, 9th Cross, Jayanagar Ist Block BANGALORE – 560 011 phone: +91-94482 77513 B. SIVARAMAPPA Secretary, Bangalore Pyramid Spiritual Treasurer G. PAUL VIJAY KUMAR Secretary, Kurnool Member Trustee 50 PSS Movement BOARD OF TRUSTEES NAME G.

SURESH BABU Founder, Rajahmundry DESIGNATION Member Trustee LOCATION Deputy Manager Oriental Insurance Company Begumpet, HYDERABAD – 500016 phone: +91-98484 92364 Plot No:4, 8-2-268/A/1/7 Road No:3, Banjara Hills HYDERABAD – 500034 phone : +91-98480 19022 16 Hyacinth Drive Apt # 3 M FORDS New Jersey, USA phone : 001-203-727 7727 H. No. 32/26/81, Pyramid House Opp Andhra Bank, Machavaram VIJAYAWADA No. 4-33-12 (1), Sriram Nagar Subbarao Pet TADEPALLIGUDEM – 534101 phone : +91-9440695191 Dr. K. NEWTON Founder, Hyderabad Pyramid Spiritual Member Trustee P. ANANTHA RAO Founder, Vizag Pyramid Spiritual Member Trustee

JAKKA RAGHAVA Member Trustee RAO President, Vijayawada GARAPATI SATYANARAYANA Founder, Tadepalligudem Member Trustee 51 Meditation Everywhere Rally in Chennai to spread Vegetarianism & Meditation Trekking during Buddha Poornima Celebrations in May Music Meditation in Pyramid Valley Group Meditation in Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, Bangalore ” Meditation means losing our body consciousness, to a smaller or greater extent. Meditation means losing our mind/intellect consciousness totally. Meditation means dwelling happily in our soul consciousness … which is the purity of original consciousness itself. ” – Patriji 52

CHAPTER – 11 PSS EMBLEM Brahmarshi Patriji THE EMBLEM of PSSM T he Emblem … of The Movement has the following features: Pyramid Spiritual Societies Triangle Half-sun with rays Meditator with auri sheath and chakras Energy, consciousness, and wisdom Open book Be a light unto your self ” TRIANGLE ” ‘ Triangle ‘ represents the Overself. The whole aim of the subject of spiritual science is infact to bring the wisdom and understanding of the essence of the Overself into the underselves that we are here on this earth-plane. Overself is the ‘triune-self ‘ consisting of the doer, knower and thinker parts.

A do-er part comes down as the ‘ under-self ‘. The Overself is also called as the ‘psyche’. In meditation, 53 Meditation Everywhere we see the Overself always as a pulsating triangle … a 3-D prism. Triangle also represents a face of a regular pyramid. The powers of a pyramid are manifold … and one of the major effects of pyramid energy is that it facilitates easy astral projection. Experiences of many persons in small-sized pyramids, in modern times, goes to suggest that enhancement of one’s ‘E-C-W’ is indeed the main proposal behind the design of a pyramid. One of the main aims of PSS MOVEMENT … s to promote the concept of ‘PYRAMID MEDITATION’. Meditation is thrice more powerful when done inside a pyramid. ” HALF-SUN WITH RAYS ” ‘ Sun ‘ represents, again, the Overself. The Underself is a ray of the Overself. Every person on the earth has his/her own Overself in the higher worlds. The Overself is the totality of our own self in all its dimensions. The goal of every underself is to regain as much of the wisdom of its own TOTALITY as possible, while still being in the physical body on the EARTH PLANE. ‘ Half Sun ‘ … because we cannot perceive the whole of the totality of our GREATER SELF from any earthly point of view!

At best, we can perceive only an out-line part of it ! The rest has to be understand theoretically and gleaned intuitionally! ” MEDITATOR WITH AURIC SHEATH AND CHAKRAS ” The Emblem depicts a person sitting in meditation. The main aim of Pyramid Spirityal Societies Movements… is to promote the true science of meditation. The way to enlightenment is only through out-of-the-ordinary experiences obtained in deep states of meditation. In meditation, we become ‘ anti-gravity bodies ‘ … and our astral bodies are released from the physical bodies, enabling us to travel freely in the higher worlds.

Meditation means activation of the inner senses. The ‘ third eye ‘ symbolizes the totality of the inner senses. In Meditation, the ‘ third eye ‘ begins to get activated, and in its final culmination, it results in the perfect ability to see akashic records and to be clairvoyant. 54 Auric Sheath … is the sheath enclosing all the individual energies of an entity. Chakras … are the main nodal points of pranic energy in the etheric body. “ENERGY” – “CONSCIOUSNESS” – “WISDOM” We are all ‘ E-C-W ‘ units ! In the whole of existence, there is nothing which is not … energy, consciousness and wisdom !

All beings vary only in their ‘E-C-W’ contents. The three … ‘energy, consciousness and wisdom ‘ … are directly proportional to each other ! That is, if we are more energetic, we will be more conscious and consequently we are more open to wisdom. If we have more wisdom, we will be more conscious and consequently that much more energetic. Wisdom is the accumulation … of the essences of all our experiences … gathered from all the lifetimes … from all the ages bygone. The essential purpose of each life-time of an underself is to increase its ‘E-C-W ‘ … that is the meaning of ‘evolution ‘ … hat is the meaning of spiritual growth. ” OPEN BOOK ” open book … refers to study of true spiritual science books … it is also called ‘ swadhyaya ‘. Encouraging people to read books of grand masters like Annie Besant … Lobsang Rampa … Osho … Richard Bach … Jane Roberts … Castaneda … Linda Goodman … Edgar Cayce … Swami Rama … Yogananda Paramahansa … Barbara Marciniak … Sylvia Browne etc. , … is one of the most essential features of the PSS MOVEMENT. ” BE A LIGHT UNTO YOURSELF ” We alone are responsible for our particular physical existences !

Only we can be lights unto the betterment of our own life-times ! Others may give guidance from time to time but they cannot make decisions for us ! We have to become capable of taking right decisions from time to time to create our own sensible life-times. We should become wise to choose helpful environments … that are most conducive and apt … for graduation into our ‘next level of spiritual growth’ ! 55 Meditation Everywhere Brahmarshi Patriji ” PYRAMIDS ARE GREAT FRIENDS ” Pyramid … the symbol of stability Pyramid … the symbol for secularism Pyramid … the symbol for spiritual science Pyramid … he symbol for meditation Pyramid … the symbol for the new age Pyramid is the common code, connecting all galactic civilizations Pyramid is … the symbol for north, east, west and south … for all becoming one PSSM is dedicated to construct pyramids everywhere Hail unto … pyramids Hail unto … pyramid energy Hail unto … pyramid meditation Hail unto the mighty maitreya buddha pyramid, Bangalore 56 CHAPTER – 12 18 GUIDING PRINCIPLES Brahmarshi Patriji ” Anapanasati Meditation alone gives spiritual health to a person ! ” ••• ” Spiritual-Health is the root and Physical-Health is the fruit ! ••• ” Meditaton is the greatest gift given by our own efforts to our own lives ! We can give so much to our selves ! ” There are eighteen ” guiding principles ” … which are mandatory directives … for all aspiring masters of the PSS Movement. The world has to understand these eighteen principles. Every human being needs to keep in mind these eighteen principles to become a master. 57 Meditation Everywhere 1. Meditate in the right way… i. e. , Anapanasati … and help others meditate in the same way. Exchange meditational experiences and spiritual information … eadily, with comeditators. Utilise full-moon nights for more intensive meditation. Give-up medicines; only meditational energy helps. Spend much time in environments of pure nature e. g. , forests, mountain-tops, river-sides etc. 2. Read right spiritual books … and encourage others also to read the same. Spend much time … every now and then … in silence. Utilize pyramid energy for meditation, wherever possible. Never eat meat ; no eggs! Eat according to need, not according to greed. 3. 4. 6. 5. 7. 9. 8. 10. Never indulge in any ‘ spiritual ‘ clothing, or ‘ sacred ‘ body marks. 2. Learn to live as masters and never as disciples. 14. Never indulge in the worship of idols, or in the worship of living masters. 16. Enjoy normal sexual lives, and take care, as much as possible, of all other beings. 18. Publish meditational experiences and personal spiritual transformation. 11. Impart meditational training to children, right from their childhood. 13. Reject money exchanges in meditation-training programs. 15. Tackle all individual problems using own meditational energy and spiritual strength. 17. Establish meditation centers in all villages, towns and cities. 58 8 Guiding Principles 1 ” meditate in the right way … i. e. , anapanasati, … and help others meditate in the same way ” There are not ‘ many ‘ ways of doing meditation ! There is but one … and that is Anapanasati. This was the discovery of Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago ! The eighth point in the eightfold path of Buddha is ‘ samma sati ‘ … i. e. , ‘samyak sati’ … i. e. , ‘ right union ‘. Anapanasati is the only ‘ samma sati ‘ ! Meditation is the only foundation for having spiritual experiences. Doing meditation and teaching meditation … these have to be treated as concurrent things.

As we learn, we should teach; the more we teach, the more we learn. 2 ” read right spiritual books … and encourage others also to read the same ” Sir Francis Bacon has emphatically stated that “Wide reading maketh a full man” ! It’s not so easy to distinguish the ‘ right ‘ spiritual books from the ‘ not so very right ‘ spiritual books! The world is so full of … either totally wrong spiritual books … or ‘ fifty percent ‘ right spiritual books … or ‘ eighty percent ‘ right spiritual books … and so on and so forth ! However, available are totally right spiritual books too !

A few examples are … books by Annie Besant, Osho, Carlos Castaneda, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bach, Jane Roberts, Shirley Maclaine, Linda Goodman, Barbara Marciniak, Mikhail Naimy, Kahlil Gibran etc. , etc. In fact, there are so many extraordinary spiritual books ! We have to encourage every person to read most if not all the right books ! 3 ” exchange meditational experiences and spiritual information … readily, with co-meditators ” Sir Francis Bacon … has further stated that “Conference makes for a ready man ” ! When we do meditation, we have so many experiences … stral travel experiences … energy movements … past-life visions … clairaudience experiences etc. , etc. Whatever the meditational experiences, whatever the spiritual information and spiritual wisdom that we may have, we have to compulsorily share all of it … instantly … with our co-meditators and enthusiastic beginners ! We cannot keep our experiences to our own self. That would be to 59 Meditation Everywhere our own detriment ! Keeping our experiences to ourselves … not expressing them to anybody else … we don’t tread the spiritual path properly. ” spend much time, every now and then,in silence ” In silence, we understand more about ourselves and more about others ! In trying to pour more words, we invariably become foolish ! One day per week … for silence … must be earmarked. Alternatively, a couple of hours per day may also be earmarked for being in silence. We have to learn to speak frugally ! We should never make ‘wild efforts’ to speak more than that which is relevant and absolutely necessary ! ‘Mouna’ is a great thing ! 5 ” utilize full-moon nights for more intensive meditation ” Every month, the full-moon nights are so very precious !

We have to harvest the abundant cosmic energy… which is especially available in these three days … one day preceding the full-moon, the full-moon and one day after the full-moon. On these full-moon nights, we should do more intensive meditation. 6 ” utilize pyramid energy for meditation, wherever possible ” Meditation is best done inside a pyramid … or we can have a pyramid cap on our head. Meditation is thrice more powerful when done inside or beneath a pyramid. Pyramids have to be specifically oriented to ‘ north-south ‘ magnetic axis, when built on a permanent basis.

Pyramids can be made of any material ; preferably, crystals should be placed in the pyramid. 7 ” give-up medicines; only meditational energy helps ” The physical body is nothing but the natural shadow of mind. As the mind is, so will be the body! Setting right the mind, we would have set right the body. Upset the mind, the body becomes upset ! All diseases are psychosomatic ! That is, created in psyche, getting evident in the body ! The true science of health demands that we look only at the mind. Spiritual health is the root and physical health is the fruit ! 8 60 18 Guiding Principles ” never eat meat … no eggs … eat according to need, not according to greed ” Vegetarianism … is absolutely essential for spiritual life. In fact, spirituality and vegetarianism are synonymous ! EVERYBODY HAS TO BECOME A VEGETARIAN ! Modern medical science is slowly recognizing the ill-effects of ingesting animal food in human-body systems. The cardinal principle of any religious movement is ‘ love ‘ Love is nothig other than being kind to our co-animal-beings of the earth. ANIMALS ARE NOT FOOD FOR HUMANS ! Further, We should eat only according to our need … not according to our greed.

Only when we are hungry, we may eat! If we are not hungry, we should never hurry to put something in the mouth! 9 ” spend much time in environments of pure nature e. g. , forests, mountain-tops, river-sides etc. ” Pure nature is pure energy ! Going into raw nature, spending time with nature … we return as a changed person and truly more vitalized ! 10 ” never indulge in any ‘ spiritual ‘ clothing, or ‘ sacred ‘ body marks ” Many spiritual communities demand special clothes and special marks on the body to distinguish themselves from other spiritual denominations … or for some other imagined reasons.

Nothing of such is in accordance with principles of spiritual science ! Only common and ordinary attire should be the norm. We should be as indistinguishable from others as possible, in matters of clothing. Further, there should not be any body marks ! Spirituality is a personal matter and an inner experience … and there is nothing to show-off to others ! All types of exhibitionism are morbid affairs ! 11 ” impart meditational training to children, right from their childhood ” We should catch people young ! We have to compulsorily teach meditation to the children !

Taking care of the child, we have taken care of the young adult ! A stitch in time saves nine 61 Meditation Everywhere 12 “learn to live as masters and never as disciples” We learn from each and every person in general … and we are not to be disciples of

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