Analysis on Macbeth’s Quotation Assignment

Analysis on Macbeth’s Quotation Assignment Words: 320

“Fair Is foul and foul Is fair” Is a paradox you will see time and again In the play Macbeth. Explain the truth worth considering In this apparently contradictory statement and illustrate it with an example from your own experience. Typed paragraph to hand in. “Fair is foul and foul is fair. ” Everything has two sides. Something that may seem wonderful is awful in fact. Similarly, things may not as bad as it looks. In Macbeth, Macbeth and his wife want the position of king ambitiously.

When Macbeth finally tests the position, he figures out that it is not easy to be the king. He has to worry about a lot of stuff, including people’ desire of his power and position, which can threaten his life. That position is not like It appears, attractive, easy and perfect. When my friends heard that I was going to study abroad, they all thought I was fortunate because I would have less homework and more free time. So did l. Everyone thought that the Life abroad Is relaxing. Actually, It Is completely opposite to what I thought. In some way, I am much busier than before. Mathematic and science are not as easy as I thought.

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Though I have learned most of them, it is hard to solve problems in English. And assignments of literature and history are difficult to me. It takes me more time to read the book than Americans. I also have to participate in after class activities. The life here is not relaxing at all. It is not what everyone thought. However, I still enjoy it and learn many new things from it. I learn to be responsible for myself. I learn to be independent. I learn to arrange my time. I grow mature. I realize how great my parents are to send me abroad. Everything has advantages and disadvantages.

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