An Analysis of Happy Valley Assignment

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An Analysis of Happy Valley upon analysis of Happy Valley It becomes distinctly obvious that numerous devices have been purposefully utilized to depict both gender and region In peculiar ways of which, considering how taboo subject matters are, evoke varied responses from viewers of the crime drama. First and foremost there’re multiple stereotypes established firmly in society of which we attach to certain groups of people, making uneducated assumptions regarding who exactly they may be and in this particular case the person being categorized is the average blond middle aged women.

We ypically perceive women such as this as domesticated and maternal with a stable, to a certain degree, “ordinary’ family who lead relatively normal life’s”. However the main protagonist Katherine Cawood, in the opening scenes, is instantaneously subverted from these compartmentalizations and conventional ideas being played in the position we the audience would normally associate with masculinity.

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Portrayed as self reliant, attired in a police uniform equipped with technological devices, and qualified (driving a police car) who has an ample sense of tenacity with aspects of her life, tranding away from the stay at home house wife, having practicality and purpose – in a professional denotation. Furthermore, ther‚re also aspects of muse-en scene, which aids to fabricate and mold her character into being perceived in particular ways.

She’s portrayed as assertive positioned in a masculine manner with her tied back signifying she doesn’t conform to femininity of which normally has relation with styling your hair so its let down, her hair may alternatively reinforce her intransigent nature and guarded persona bearing in mind she works in the olice force whose workers are predominantly men who may view her as weak or incapable solely based on the fact that she is a woman so therefore she profoundly attempts to not be perceived in a vulnerable light.

Additionally the fact she doesn’t wear makeup (concealer etc. ) indicates she’s apathetic to the sexual gaze and attraction her male colleagues may possible have for her, Katherine’s concern doesn’t lie within impressing men but in executing police assignments to the highest caliber, this reinforces her non conformity diverging away from the idea that it is crucial for a women to place er reliance on a man. The audience furthermore knows Catherine is more dominant from technical and visual codes.

The dialogue and exchanged between the two women and scene Of the two framed women exemplifies this; the first manifestation is that the younger women complements her with no returning gesture from Catherine meaning the younger women is seeking approval from Catherine. The second is that the other woman gazes at her in an admirable fashion whilst Catherine wearing shaded glasses, looks on ahead not acknowledging this with a sense of direction.

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