Allpied Behavioral Analysis Assignment

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According to what we have so far is that his parents are divorcing this alone can be the cause of the problem and his actions are channeled through his disruptive behavior. It is possible that Cameron has lost the ability to process information due to the nature of the stress he is expose, lack of sleep greatly reduces mental capabilities because of the lack of integration of memories. When the brain and body re not restored from the day before stress hormones like cortical are deposit in the central nervous and limbic system causing a negative reaction and can affect our memory (Seabrook, 2012). Stress is a psychological response resulting from a physical or psychological treat.

Children that are exposed to several day of stressful situation (like in the case of Cameron) frequently have poor self-esteem, poor frustration tolerance, depressed mood and temper outburst. However, individual responses differ according to an array of factors, and most relate to the development of effective opining skills, resiliency, experience with stresses, and susceptibility to strong messages (Seabrook, 2012), which in Cameraman’s case is what perceive in his family what triggers or active the stress response. 3) How might his intelligence be affected by his attention problems? What problems might he have in using his intelligence to adapt to school situations?

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In Cameron case his intelligence may not be affected however, his working memory that is the basic component of intelligence is the one being affected. Working memory is also the influences to perform on test and in schools assignments. Not only do changes in the brain directly affect psychological functions, but the training of psychological functions may produce changes in the brain as well (Matthias & Alcohol, 2010). In another word Cameron problem may lead to other concern that have nothing to do with intelligence, however, his difficulty to adapt to he school situation may lead him to peer rejection and resulting feelings of depression or anxiety.

Finally other risk factors such as drug and alcohol abuse, and social-cognitive deficits may be expected by his continuous behavior. 4)Propose some specific strategies/activities that you might use to help him to increase his ability to direct his attention. There are a wide range of approaches but the earlier the intervention the better changes for success in treating Cameron will have. One of the suggestions will be through parenting skill and education. However, they are getting onto a divorce so they will need help for themselves, so I will concentrate my efforts to make Cameron more susceptible to a treatment he will successfully achieve.

A cognitive behavioral therapy may assist the Cameron to manage his impulsive behavior, focusing in encouraging and rewarding appropriate behavior. Social skill training to increase flexibility and improve social skills and therapy to assist with problem solving and decrease negativism. There are also few medication that may be helpful control his emotion and sudden outburst of anger but I would left that out for owe and concentrate in getting him the ability to concentrate in doing better at school by reinforcing his working memory and meta-cognition. In conclusion, many authorities have indicate that oppositional defiant disorder is more prevalent when structure in the home is out of balance, when there is either too much structure or not enough.

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