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Report / the role of brand in firm performance – purpose clearly define : / In this journal article, the author talks about the role of brand in firm performance and examining the role of advertising and sales promotion in brand equity creation . After reading the article , I established that the purpose of the article is clearly defined – The research process is well detailed . The process starts how to a brand’s logo has typically set-Veda as means for resolving the problem of indistinguishably .

As one of the most salient visual elements of a brand, logos facilitate the identification of the brand and its differentiation from competing alternatives . Throughout history, logos have enabled the efficient identification of individuals ( e. G : in ancient china, emperors used the dragon as a symbol of imperial power, and groups or movements e. : the cross is used on top of church buildings and the swastika on some Buddhist temples However, logos can be more than simple tools for identification and differentiation . – Research design thoroughly planned.

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According to what I need in the article, agree that the design of the research is planned well. After reviewing the article, we can see how the type of research is a qualitative research because it focuses on quality of research more than numbers. Case studies and surveys were the research methods that was used in the article. Data is clearly collected through the observation, interviews more than questionnaires. The nature of the data analysis is more to scientific approach than normal data analysis . High ethical standards applied . In terms of ethical standards, there were evidence of teeth CICS when talking about the matter culturally.

The author tried to avoid being offensive in any matter and focused on being professional and focused on effective employment brand equity through sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy, and corporate image . SQL- Find the problems the research is trying to address or solve ? Increased competition and companies fear of tradition for its product operation uncured losses, was forced to put marks on innovation products for promotion and to distinguish it from the rest of the products and thus help consumers not to confuse the products . SQ – State the objectives of the research .

Are they clearly stated ? The objectives of the research comes from the importance of brand, where for the product provides protection against any use of , and use of its products to indicate that the latter of his own in terms of production . Promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the world by producers seeking to improve and develop their products to gain the confidence of consumers inference higher the quality of the goods placed under the brand, Increased famous company increased its sales and increase brand value . SQ What are the methods employed in this study? Is the study qualitative or quantitative ?

The methods employed in this study is qualitative because it does not focus on number like a quantitative study does, but rather it focuses on quality . Where embodied the candle project and all commercial advertising efforts to consolidate the company’s position in the minds of consumers . Commercial value they are one of the most important assets of NY business venture or service but is often is more important and valuable at all . SQ- What are the main findings of the study ? The main findings of the study are system allows brands and supervision of the production Of goods and producers marketed in the most appropriate conditions .

SQ Is this a difficult or an easy article to understand ? This article is easy to understand if you have a background in marketing and trademark laws otherwise , this article is not difficult to understand . Design a simple questionnaire that solicits information on the variables listed n your previous assignment, relevant socioeconomic and demographic information of your respondents. Your questionnaire should at least have two separate sections and an introduction. How to quick from a year addiction and start drug treatment rehabilitation backed by clinical?

What are the possible chances and tools for long- term moderation and improved quality of life? How to therapists the specific need Of drug addiction? L]DID would like to name seven issues which people may consider to be problem areas for drug addiction. You consider being the most serious problems? C]Decried јC]Damage to the environment Dictating care of the drudger abuse Ductile education CO]Chocoholic abuse Deplorable relating to the economy Which one of the following statements best summarizes your feelings the drug problems 20 to 25 years from now?

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