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Fleming Island High School Orange Park, Florida 32003 Clearly labeled and addressed packets may be dropped off at the receptionist’s desk at FISH By signing this form you agree that you have read and agree to abide by all of the requirements Of the ACE program at FIRS. Signature Of applicant: Date: Signature of parent/guardian: HONOR CODE The University of Cambridge program of study (ICE/Pre-ICE) offers a quality education that not only ensures knowledge, but also cultivates virtues of honesty, integrity, and perseverance. Of these virtues, honor and integrity are essential to the full exercise of academic freedom.

At the core of the Cambridge Honor Code is the belief that every student has the right to pursue an education free from the ills caused by any form of intellectual dishonesty. The Code exists to uphold and reinforce values central to the mission of the Cambridge ICE Program, the Fleming Island High tradition of excellence, and to prevent violations of those values. While understanding that the Cambridge ICE program is rigorous and difficult, ethical conduct is expected at all times. Acts of academic dishonesty are considered serious offenses that compromise the foundation of trust and honesty upon which an academic community rests.

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Violations of the Cambridge CAD MIMIC HONOR CODE consist of the following: CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM Receiving or giving unauthorized answers on tests, quizzes, essays, research or projects Using any form of “cheat sheet” on tests / quizzes Obtaining or giving copies of test or quiz questions prior to test time Copying another student’s work or homework without teacher permission Guidance from parents or others that clearly is of undue influence (as evidenced by a comparison of day-to-day achievement of the student) Submitting the same academic work in more than one course without prior permission.

Intentionally copying words or ideas of authors or sources (including the internet) without giving credit to the specific source or any representation of another’s work as one’s own Fabricating information, sources, or citations Unauthorized use of computers Students who see or know about acts of academic dishonesty are honor bound to take actions to stop such violations. Such actions include speaking directly to the offender, or speaking privately to a teacher or other adult. Failure to act implies that the student condones inappropriate behavior.

CONSEQUENCES of violations of the Honor Code: SST Offense: At a minimum student will receive a “O” for the assignment; pa rents will be notified of the incident. Incident will be recorded in the ICE office 2nd Offense: Ata minimum student will receive a “O” for the assignment, student will receive a written reprimand, parents and an administrator will receive written notification of the incident followed by a conference, the incident will be recorded in the ICE office 3rd Offense: At a minimum student will receive a “O” for the assignment and dismissal from the program.

The Honor Code will include ALL classes and offenses will be u emulative during the time the student attends FIRS. In addition, all violations of the Honor Code will be forwarded to the sponsors of the National Honor Society. ACADEMIC STANDING AND PROBATION The University of Cambridge program of study (ICE/Pre-Lace) is a program that requires focus and commitment as it is a rigorous and challenging course Of study. The intent of the academic standing and probation policy is to ensure that Fleming Island High ICE students are maintaining appropriate and consistent focus on academic study.

The academic probation period allows a student time to refocus and seek help with academic problems. Violations of the Cambridge CAD MIMIC STANDING POLICY consist of the GRADES Receiving two Co’s or lower on a report card in Pre-ICE classes Juniors who have received two Co’s on the report card in an individual ACE class ATTENDANCE School attendance plays a vital role in academic standing. Pre-ICE and ICE classes are rigorous, fast-paced classes. It will be difficult to maintain acceptable grades if you do not have good attendance. Attendance will be part of end of semester evaluation.

If a student has violated the academic standing requirements parents will be contacted. The parents should at that point discuss homework arrangements ND study timeliness with the student in order to identify possible improvements in academic achievement. CONSEQUENCES of violations of ACADEMIC STANDING: Students in 9th or 10th grade will be removed from the program if there are no improvements in grades during the academic probation period. Students will have been counseled by the ICE Coordinator and their academic teachers and parents.

Parents will have been notified and given the opportunity to meet with teachers and counselors before a student is taken out of the program. Students in 1 lath grade may be removed from the ICE aerogram at semester if first and second quarter grades indicate that a student is not gong to be successful on the corresponding ICE exam. HONOR CODE AND ACADEMIC STANDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT believe and acknowledge that academic honesty and integrity are essential to the existence and growth of any academic community.

I believe and acknowledge that without maintaining high standards of honesty, integrity, and conduct the reputation of the academic community at Hemming Island High School and the Cambridge ACE program is compromised and society is poorly served. I believe that upholding my academic standing is integral to my success in the ICE program. Therefore, as a student in ICE / Pre-ICE, I agree to make a commitment to uphold and support the Honor System and the Academic Standing policy. I hereby resolve to uphold the Honor Code of the Cambridge ACE program at Fleming Island High School.

I shall refrain from all forms of academic dishonesty including cheating, plagiarism, and all deceitful means of obtaining good grades. I agree to report all personal knowledge of Honor Code violations to a teacher, administrator, parent or the ICE Office. I understand the consequences of breaches of the Honor Code ND Academic Standing policy and that upon violation I will be removed from the program. Please understand that there may be rare instances where a student has been misplaced in the ICE program and it becomes apparent to teachers and parents before the Academic Standing two grading period policy has expired.

Parents and teachers, with administrator permission, may decide before then to move the student to a more appropriate academic setting Fleming Island High ICE Film and Literature Permission Form Please be aware that novels, plays, and poetry collections used in Pre-ICE and ACE English and Literature courses are determined by Cambridge university, not Fleming Island High School. In a given year, every student enrolled in the ICE program around the world is required to read the same “set texts”. Every book or play selected by Cambridge has literary merit, but on rare occasions a parent or student may object to a given literary work.

Making accommodations in a non-ICE course is difficult but not impossible; however, ICE students have few options because they are tested only on those specific literary works that are designated “set texts” for a particular syllabus year. Please understand that being accepted into the ACE Program indicates that your child has demonstrated academic potential and intellectual maturity and should be able to handle the challenging texts set by the program. In addition to literary works, we sometimes use videos to further enhance the students understanding of the literary work.

These videos are for instructional purposes only. Videos may not be rated PEG. A list of literary works is provided with individual course syllabi. By signing this form, you give your child permission to read and view literary materials that are integral to the ICE program. Technology Awareness understand the importance of computer access for ICE Program students ND that students must have access to a computer with Internet access, word processing capabilities, and a working printer either at home or in their community.

It is important that students download (free) Adobe Reader or a comparable program in order to be able to view or download PDF files. Students may find it helpful to have a flash drive of their own to store copies of ICE glasswork/homework, or projects in case of a printer or computer failure. If an assignment or project is late because of technological problems at home the teacher may require a signed note from the parent to verify the problem. Clay County currently uses Blackboard to host teacher and organization pages where students and parents may view and print assignments and announcements.

Some ICE teachers use this site for classes. Students and parents will be given instructions on using Blackboard at the beginning of the freshman year and will be expected to access Blackboard for assignments when asked to do so by a teacher. Some teachers have websites which students will need to access. There is an ICE Program website as well. Parents of Clay County students have the ability to access FOCUS, which is the online grading program used by Fleming Island High. This access allows you to view your child’s grades at any time.

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