After Graduation Assignment

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You get the experience of being on your win, so when you do start a family and a life of your own, you are not thrown into the open with no clue how things work. Although life after graduation can be scary it will all be worth it in the end. College, college, college… The only word you hear when about to graduate high school. Options are very important thing. For me my top three options are the University of Alabama, South Alabama, and University of West Georgia. University of Alabama has a great nursing program, one of the top ones in Alabama.

They have a tough program as well, so the work would be very hard and also getting in and maintaining the acceptance would be a official task. Wanting to be a traveling nurse/ nurse puts the University of Alabama at the top of my list. South Alabama also has a decent nursing program making them an option, but the main reason would like to attend there is the chances of a scholarship. Being a smaller sized campus, the chance of getting a cheer scholarship increases. Also academic scholarships are easier to be obtain then if I were to go to a big SEC school.

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Having a scholarship of course plays a huge role in my decision of where to go. Also the location of South Alabama is a positive. South is located relatively close to the beach and who doesn’t love the beach! Lastly my third option is the university is the University of West Georgia. Once again, they have a very good nursing program. The program is better than South Alabama but not near as well as Alabama. The size of the school also allows many scholarships to open up to me and became easier to obtain them.

I’m also a big fan of how the campus is put together and located. It is a medium sized campus where everything is located very close to each other. This is always good because it makes the stress of finding your classes and being on time to lessen. The major part of college is getting a degree. My goal is to major is nursing and minor in health and nutrition. Want to be a traveling nurse so of course I need the nursing degree to help me. The health in nutrition degree will just help me expand my ranges of what I can do and help open opportunities to new jobs.

Starting a career is always hard. You have to go through the process of finding a job that suites you and all the people it will effect in your life. I want to be a traveling nurse. This is a nurse that goes from city to city as needed. Sometime they are given assignments that last around two months at a time. For this period of time they are relocated to the area they are needed. Traveling has always been something that vie wanted to do, and so has nursing … Traveling nurse is the perfect combination for me!

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