Accomplishments Assignment

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Managers EMS Guide wrltlng an Effective EMS Manager Input Segments include: Accomplishments Strengths Development Needs career Interests Summarize the employee’s accomplishments from your point of view. Compare their accomplishments against their goals. Be candid and specific using observable/ measurable examples. Strengths strengths are a reflecuon of the behaviors you have observed from the employee during the past year and should be reflected In their accomplishments. Career Interests Review employee’s EMS Input and rating of competencies

Think quantitatively – provide facts, numbers, percentages, amounts If a less effective performer, document this specifically on the EMS When describing employee’s accomplishments/ development needs reference GE Values and Growth Leadership Traits where appropriate Review your employee’s self evaluation as background before you write Emphasize strengths and growth related to career goals and GE Values Describe how the employee has changed/grown over the past year Choose at least two development needs to focus on indicating sott skill or technical/ unctional development plans Focus on building the employee’s strengths and improving weaknesses Action plans should include various forms of development (training programs, e-Learning, special assignments, Six Sigma projects) Highlight GE not a development need.

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Be careful about “promising” formal training – any plans you make should be within your “power” Respond to employee’s comments on their development needs CAREER INTEREST Should be the “bottom line” in terms of what you see the person doing Set realistic expectations and reiterate what needs to be done to be successful in reaching short nd longer term career goals Never make reference to a Career Band. EMS Approval Process Employee Differentiation process – EDP Appendix Examples of EMS Statements Strengths: Handles the customer very well Can be written better as… Effectively resolved all the customers queries and issues without it being escalated, boosting customer confidence Development Need: Customer Centricity X needs to work with his customers closely to provide the element of delight.

Action Plan: Need to focus on taking frequent feedback and improving customer communication Strength: Good Team Player Consistently demonstrated team skills through establishment of common goals and was able to empower the team to achieve results beyond requirement Y is not a team player. He can be rude and offensive to others on the team Y needs to improve his teaming skills. He often interrupts others while they are expressing their opinion or idea. Action Plan: He must learn to listen to what others are saying to gain understanding of their opinions rather than react and interrupt if opinion is different from his own. Examples of Strength Statements… Errors to Guard against Halo Effect …

Occurs when the employee has a high competence in one area which esults in high evaluation in all categories Horn Effect May occur when the employee receives a low evaluation in every category because of one performance area that is below standard Biases… Appraiser’s values, beliefs or prejudice distort ratings. Arbitrary factors influence the appraiser Recency More weight is given to recent occurrences and the employee’s earlier performance is discounted during the appraisal period Central Tendency Effect Occurs when an appraiser rates all employees with a narrow range, regardless of differences in actual performance. i. e… The middle rating is given even though significant differences exist

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