A Raisin In The Sun Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment

A Raisin In The Sun Socratic Seminar Prep Assignment Words: 320

Does this role change throughout the play? How and why? What signifies the switch? 4. What misconceptions does Walter have about being a businessman? S. What do you think about the risk Walter took with the insurance money? Was worthwhile one? Why or why not? How can you frame this lifechanging mistak e in a positive light? 6. How does Beneatha represent a new generation of American dreamers?

Wha t is she seeking beyond material success? See Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 7. How does the play develop the theme of progress, moving forward, in giant le aps as well as in smaller steps? What perspective does the character of Joseph Asaga i bring with regard to progress? 8. Who are the idealists in the play? Who are the realists? Is anyone a wellbalanc ed blend of both? 9. using information from the articles linked below, what could the Youngers fac Clybourne Park?

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Why did Mama avoid buying a house in an area designated f or colored people? Did they make the right decision? Why or why not? 10. How does the poetry of Langston Hughes, “l, Too,” “Harlem,” and “A Song to a Negro Washwoman,” connect to Hansberrys characters and themes? Here are the extra readings that go with this assignment: “The Ghetto Trap” (read in order to answer #9) Housing Article Additional poems to read: “l, TOO” “Song to a Negro WashWoman” Scoring: Assessment category (40%) counts as an exam

Preparation (20 points): Notes are prepared ahead of time with great care. In order to earn 20 points, each of the responses must show significant development and usu ally exceed the minimum length requirement. Responses must include specific references to text. I will check your prepared answers on the day of the Socratic Seminar Discussion (30 points): Student displays active listening throughout the discussion, never talking at inappropriate times or showing evidence of inattention.

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