A Letter for a Healthy Lifestyle Assignment

A Letter for a Healthy Lifestyle Assignment Words: 584

My commitment to a healthy lifestyle. At last I have already finished NASC 6, a semester-long course aimed to improve my way of living with foods and nutrition for my health.

Before, foods for me are simple needs that I can eat with unconsciousness if they are good or a worst one for my health but now I am fulfilled with knowledge about choosing the right foods and how can I keep my body healthy by dealing with it. Now, I was challenged to apply this knowledge into a real act that will pull me out from the world of weight-height ratio abnormality where I am now. This letter covers my full commitment to a healthy lifestyle and also my commitment to my own plans and strategies on how I will achieve it related to what I’ve learned from NASC 6.

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As one of the products of NASC 6, I am committed to improve my health with the following plan of actions to achieve a healthy lifestyle. From now on I will do my assignments and projects as early as possible to have enough time for rest at night. I will take a nutritious breakfast every morning, a healthy lunch and a dinner everyday. I will drink milk twice a day and vitamin supplements to support my body. I will be conscious on the contents of food that I will eat, drinks that I will drink and prescriptions for the medicines that I will take.

To make my assignments and papers to be done earlier, I will make a fixed schedule for the whole week including Saturdays and Sundays. I will put my complete class schedule including breakfast, lunch and dinner time. I will assign a specific time for my assignments that is earlier and comfortable for me that will not covers my rest time. I will take my rest at exactly 10 o’clock in the evening. I will also include my morning and afternoon snacks that will be fruits and breads. I will be obedient on my schedule and daily plans for my health. In the situation of having diseases or illnesses, I will follow what the doctor prescribed for me.

I will take right drugs in right quantity and quality. I will be careful in all my actions that will affect my body’s state with the disease. I will not eat prohibited foods and follow right diets and right components that my foods should have. I will take regular general check ups of my health from checking my vital signs to other higher levels of health scanning. Together with this, I will observe my weight and height ratio regularly to see the effects of my actions for my health. I will observe if my present weight runs towards my ideal weight. This will help me to regulate foods that I will take to gain normal weight-height ratio.

Finally, one important thing that I must do is to take exercise regularly. I will regulate the intensity of the exercise one at a time. The intensity must be in increasing pattern. I will not make gaps between my exercises’ sessions. This will make the effects of my exercises constant. I will do varieties of exercise from foot works such as jogging and walking to head stretching and bending. I will ask some experts for some exercise recommendations for my specific body weaknesses. Again I commit my self to my plans stated above to fully achieve a healthy lifestyle. For me this is the real beginning of learning NASC 6.

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