A Course on Business Administration Assignment

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Identify one internationally successful company. Briefly describe its growth history Describe a success and a difficulty it had growing to international status Create your new product idea Describe how you would grow the company to international status. This assignment should be approximately 1,500 words. It is to be written in PAP format, type face: Times New Roman – 12 point, with a cover page. Remember to cite your sources in PAP format. Minimum of 2-3 sources, not Wisped, one source can be your textbook. WEEK 2 Assignment “Pick Two” The text discusses Microsoft and Intel.

Your assignment is to research two international companies from the same industry that have been in the news in the past six months. Research these companies using internet or print resources. Compare and contrast the company’s position on topics such as: human resource practices, organizational structure, marketing approach or the specific topic that put them in recent news. Explain what interesting history these companies have had as they have grown to an international status. Have they shared experiences or had a unique experience?

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The paper should e a minimum of 1,500 words, Times New Roman, double spaced. Grammar counts. An option to the written paper is to create a Power Point presentation and record yourself presenting the response to this assignment. The recorded video should be 3-5 minutes in length and references should be provided in PAP format within the post. WEEK 3 Assignment “Benefits” This week we are learning about employment benefits. Select one benefit – compare and contrast this benefit to a US only company compared to an international company.

We are looking for what is the same and what is different It is to be written n PAP format, type face: Times New Roman – 12 point, with a cover page. Remember to cite your sources in PAP format. Minimum of 2-3 sources, not Wisped, one source can be your textbook. WEEK 4 Assignment “Working In a Foreign Country’ Working in a foreign country could have its difficulties. These difficulties could change if you are there for a short term assignment as compared to long term assignment. Select a country where you would like to work. List at least 3 concerns that you have of living and working in that culture.

Also list 3 reasons why you think it loud be beneficial to work in that country. Lastly, would any of these benefits or concerns change the way you work when you return to a position in the United States? Week 4 Midterm Questions WEEK 5 Assignment “Teamwork” Select a foreign company that has come to the US (not the other way around! ), describe how employees communicate between subsidiaries, how do they handle the time differences? How are meetings conducted? How much travel is involved for team members? If you were a leader in this foreign company, how would you persuade American workers to participate?

Would you have trouble evaluating their performance? Create an audio or video recording that is 3-5 minutes in length explaining your thoughts on this topic. Also provide an outline of your recording complete with 3-4 references. One reference must be from the text and you may not use Wisped or a dictionary web site. WEEK 6 Assignment “Relocation” EX. International has Just offered you a position in their office in China. How will you respond? What are your concerns? What about your family? How long will the relocation be? A recorded dialog should be 3-5 minutes.

If you choose to write the invitation it should consist of at least 2,000 words and use PAP formatting (Type face: Times New Roman – 12 point, with a cover page. ) WEEK 7 Assignment muff Are the Boss” How do you select which employee should manage the new office? How do you approach them? What incentives are you prepared to offer? What would you hold back but be prepared to offer to sweeten the deal if there is resistance? How would the negotiation go? Write the conversation as it would take place between you and your employee, it should consist of at least 1,000 words and be written in a dialog format.

WEEK 8 Assignment “Mind Map” Create a Powering or Mind Map explaining key concepts you have discovered about yourself during the course of this class. If you make a Powering, use the Notes area to explain your thoughts on each slide. If you create a Powering presentation it should be no less than 5 slides with at least three ideas on each slide. If you make a mind map – create a Word document that goes along with it, describing your map. If you create a Word document it should be a minimum of 1000 words, double-spaced, PAP style. Week 8 Final Exam Questions

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