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Exercise physiology is the science that describes, explains and uses the body response to exercise and adoption to exercise to maximize human physical potential. Exercise physiology is very important in touch because the amount of physical activity our body can tolerate, the better we will play for the longest amount of time. TAP/CUP system is used by the body to produce TAP quickly in the absence of oxygen. High intensity activities lasting for less than 10 seconds use this energy system as the primary source of energy. E. G. Shot-put or mm sprint.

One reaction causes TAP to break down and come ADAPT, releasing phosphate and energy in the process. Aerobic system: – Requires oxygen for chemical reaction, physical activity that exceeds 5 minutes (long distance) Most important. Anaerobic system: Does not require oxygen. Lactic Acid system: similar to anaerobic as it does not require oxygen. It kicks in after TAP/CUP system has been used. And if energy requirements are still needed by the athlete. Chemical Formula: TAP O ADAPT + P + Energy My Touch Position Middle Aerobic system – when oxygen is involved, activities that are longer than 3 minutes. After 5 minutes of exercise aerobic is most nominate energy system. The aerobic system uses the bodies’ stores of carbohydrates, fats and proteins as the fuel to produce energy. Therefore carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and with the presence of oxygen, create energy and waste products of carbon dioxide, water and heat. See the diagram below: Glucose + Oxygen = Energy + ICC + H2O + Heat Fitness graph Fitness Component Fitness Test Conducted Result Rating Corporeality’s Endurance Beep Test 10-5 Muscular Strength Basketball Throw 5. Mm Excellent Muscular Endurance Sit-ups 36 Poor Flexibility Sit and Reach 14 Body Composition

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IBM 24 Power Standing Long Jump 2. Mm Speed mm Sprint 5. 42 Agility Shuttle Run 9. 33 Co-ordination Catch test 16 Fair Balance Stork stand 6 Reaction Time Ruler Catch 11 Intro Exercise Physiology is a science that describes, explains, and uses the body’s response to exercise and adaptation to exercise training to maximize human physical potential (PEED 1010 Physical Fitness, 2011). Exercise physiology is very important in Touch because it involves the three energy systems (aerobic, TAP/CUP and Lactic Acid) and the amount of physical activity our body can tolerate; the better we will play or the longest amount of time.

Energy systems – In this report I will Justify my individual performance and identify my personal level of fitness, focus on analyzing the energy systems that are mainly used and required for wing, link and middle positions. In addition to this, there will be an evaluation on not only my strengths but also my weaknesses for my fitness components. The position that is most suited to me, based on data will be identified. Recommendations towards how I can improve my performance in touch by doing drills and training, I will also identify the three energy yester and how they are used in the game of touch football.

This will be Justified by using my knowledge and understanding of exercise physiology. This analysis has been essential towards making recommendations for personal improvement in the game of touch football. Analysis The positions in touch include two Wingers’, two ‘Links’ and two ‘Middles’. The Wingers’ are the outermost players, they stand on the outside of the field, closest to the sideline, the ‘Links’ are the players who are Just inside them, and the ‘middles’ are the players in the enter of the field. The Wing position is the outermost player who should stand closest to the sideline.

The position of wing requires most importantly speed, this is a must as they have the ability and potential to get around the opposing Wing and possibly score a try. The wing primarily uses the anaerobic system, due to being on the outer edge of the field and is only required to perform short, sharp, bursts of energy when given the opportunity and support by the ‘links’ and ‘middles’ (Touch Football Victoria, 2011). The Middle position plays in the enter of the field, in-between to the other ‘middle’ player and the link.

Several of people agree that the middle position is the most important. This is mostly because the amount of work that they do with racking and getting the team up the field, close to the in-goal. They are required to set up key plays, by evading the opposition, dodging, weaving, organizing and communicating with their teammates to create opportunities to score. To set up key plays, the middle position must have a great amount of power, agility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

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