Social Psychology Through Histories Past Present and Future Assignment

Social Psychology Through Histories Past Present and Future Assignment Words: 408

When we interact with people we unknowingly choose the group by topics, interests, and focal point. What is meant by focal point is how did that group of people come together? Who started it or who is the center of attention, you the man or woman with the silver tongue? One such person was Doll Hitler, when he spoke people listened and believed ever word of it. He put heart, charisma, and intelligence in every word he spoke. This made it more socially accepted when Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s problems in the rod.

It spread like wild fire through Germany and it was not acceptable to befriend the Jewish people for their own fears. It was racism at its worst but Hitler kept telling Nazi Germany that it was needed to purify their country. This was something like social cognition, Hitler played on the feelings, fears, and persona of the German people to get them to look and perceive themselves as the perfect superior race. Not all psychological aspects are so extreme, take Anima fans for instance. Anima is short for animation and used to describe Japanese anima here in America.

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The common misconception is that when anima comes up in a group conversation, people who are unexposed to the subject automatically assume that it is Hinted (a type of Adult animation) or that it is just another cartoon. These two genres are completely different and the people who enjoy the artistic value of the story and characters of anima are put into the category of not being socially accepted. The funny thing about anima is that it is growing here in the U. S. And it is becoming more accepted in society today.

There are more fan based clubs and social groups that keep popping up everywhere. In short a convention 10 years ago was held maybe once a year and only a few thousand people went to them. Now there are navyВ??O’Hare from five to seven major conventions a year and tens of thousands of people show up. These two groups of people, the Jewish and the Anima fan, where both in their own elements and shunned for who they are and what they believe. Socially unaccepted in their own times and psychologically abused by not being able to be who they were because the current cultures they lived in.

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