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Self-Esteem is your evaluation of your self-concept. An example of self-esteem in society is that a low self-esteem person is a person who feels worthless and will not likely get a high-paying job because they think that they will not amount to anyone. The example is that of a schoolyard bully. This bully will bully other school mates and humiliate them. In order to make them stop it to humiliate the bully themselves, and usually it will stop. (macromolecular. Wordless. Com An example of self-esteem in criminal justice is that a person with high self-esteem feel that they are better Han most people.

They will bully and commit crimes without though of punishment. They are harder to bring down because most forms of punishment in the criminal justice program will not work on them. (macromolecular. Wordless. Com) An example of self-esteem to the individual is that they feel worthless. They are usually unhappy and pessimistic. An example of this is that a person with low self-esteem will not be able to get a successful career because they will not try. They also will not be able to amount to anything because they will become anxious and overbearing to come perfect. macromolecular. Wordless. Com) Self-Handicapping A self-presentation strategy in which a person creates obstacles to his or her own performance either to provide an excuse for failure or to enhance success. An example of this self-handicapping is when a person is encountered by a group and intimidated to join that group. The group does something wrong, and they blame it on the person who just joined the group in order to cover it up and provide an excuse that they will find acceptable and actually they will do it again. (www. Again. Com) An example of self- indicating in the criminal justice area is a person is speeding and the person gets pulled over. The officer asks why the person is speeding and the person replies that they did not know the speed limit. That person also mentions that he is extremely tired and is trying to get home so he can go to bed. (www. Gizmo. Com) An example of self-handicapping for an individual is when a person has a presentation that day, and they say that they are not feeling well if the presentation does not go well.

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The reason a person would do this is so they will have an excuse if the presentation does not go well. News. Mornings. Com) Hindsight Bias Once an event has occurred, the tendency to overestimate our ability to have foreseen the outcome. An example of hindsight bias in society is that a stock does not perform well, and the investors believed that they could have foreseen this error and they could have changed it. (womb. Presentational. Com) An example Of hindsight bias in criminal justice is when a person has a sip Of alcohol and drives home after an event, and they get pulled over.

After they are taking to jail for drinking and driving, they think that they knew that they ere going to get arrested for drinking. They basically are putting away their emotions and thinking about their past mistake. They are thinking that they knew exactly what was going to happen and where they were going to get pulled over. Whereas, no one can tell the future and no one can know what the future holds. An example of individual hindsight bias is when a person gets a bad grade on a test, and they think that they knew that they would get a bad grade.

They are thinking of their past and saying that they knew what was going to happen when they really did not. They are trying to remove the emotions by saying that they knew all along. (www. Reference. Com) External Attribution An external attribution consists of any explanation that locates the cause as being external to the person under scrutiny, like the actions of others, the nature of the situation, or luck. An example of external attribution in society is when a small town where everyone knows each other has a few people visit their town. That person drops some money but does not bend over to pick it up.

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