Schizophrenia Assignment

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What are 4 common symptoms of Schizophrenia? 1. Hallucinations 2. Delusions 3. Incoherence 4. Catatonic or hyperactive behavior What are 3 common struggles many Schizophrenics face? 1. Finding the right medication. 2. Lack of motivation 3. Lack of comprehension from others. Name 3 reasons clients often go off their medications: 1 . Because of their side effects, symptoms that can’t be managed, 2. Too expensive 3. Lack Of improvement in symptoms, What are three dangers of clients going off their meds? 1 .

There is a high relapse rate after stopping medication (relapse may cause more emotional and psychological damage. ) 2. People may not respond to the medication as well the second time 3. Anxiety Name 5 ways psychotherapy can help the client: 1 . Can help prevent possible suicide 2. Mood 3. Increase social skills 4. Manage life 5. Understand their disease What are 5 lifestyle changes that are important? Avoid alcohol, regular exercise, sleep, have a strong support system in place, and get the right treatment for your needs.

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Name 3 ways Schizophrenia can affect family members: 1 . Having a close relative with this disorder, Increases the risk for developing it 2. Lack of understanding the disease can lead to chaos in the family 3. Financial using the Competency-Based Assessment Model, name 2 of each of the following variables for the following schizophrenic patient: A oho female, who is hospitalized for the third time due to intensification of her psychotic symptoms (command auditory hallucinations, persecutory delusions, choosing of associations, withdrawn from family).

Client is single (never married) and lives with her parents and a younger sister, all of whom are very supportive. Mother suffers from Achievements Disorder. Client suffers from obesity and diabetes. Psychological Variables (5 puts): Obese and diabetic, schizophrenic symptoms. Biological Variables (5 puts): Mother is diagnosed with achievements disorder Social Variables (5 puts): Single, supportive family. Assessing for Competence (5 puts): Her family is her support system.

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