Rebellion vs. Conformity Themes in One Flew Assignment

Rebellion vs. Conformity Themes in One Flew Assignment Words: 648

If one believed that some of the laws were unjust but mostly that the system itself acted unjustly and unfairly, he’d be considered a rebel. Had he accused the whole system of downright cruel and unusual and unfair treatment of minorities ND of the indigent and could prove and convince the public of such, he’d most likely be institutionalized. But should he not let the system suppress him, he’d be declared dangerously deviant and probably criminally Insane and then he’d be lobotomize or killed.

Even though the “dangerously deviant, criminally Insane rebel” would be trying to fight for the good of a great many, the authorities would take it as a personal threat, because after all, should the public be convinced of a cruel and unjust system, they would then have the power to change that and Mr.. Big Shot would be fired. “To improve upon something is to rebel against it. To perfect and to better existing things is the only way to go forward. ” A young philosopher. “And It may be that I have a chance to find out, but that Is the future. Monument cons teach themselves not to think about” Red, Shawano prison on hope. Red, Andy Deference’s close friend at Shawano, at first looked forward to his parole hearings. Hoping the highest hope to fool those “damn parole board bastards” (a tone similar to that reflecting the pollen of all Inmates) or maybe invoice them that for one reason or another he deserved to go free. But it was only after multiple times getting his hopes up, getting fixed up and acting timid, soft and harmless as a sheep and kind as a saint, he gave up and pretty much sold his hope to the system.

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He made the parole board think he didn’t care what they thought of him by ceasing his “brown-nosing” (so to speak). He gave up trying, and gave up hope, so they set him free. For years Red had relied on that single tangy hope for parole and he clung to it for a while, but after a good amount of bright red DENIED stamps, he gave up. When he ceased to agree with the method of talking and living In hope colored water meant to convince the prison of a reason for parole and fermented Into “gave up” colored 011.

Only when he laid down did he float above and with his give up/submission, he went free, he conformed and he was left alone. System. He won’t regret that. Andy never conformed. It seems that unless the rebel resorts to violence, the only way for him to get heard or to change something is with a following and as we shall see, it is strength in numbers that sometimes is the rebel’s only weapon. Sometimes it is hard to build a following because of fear, etc. , but with rebels even an army is sometimes not enough.

Who belongs in a cocoa’s nest? R. P. McCarthy, the up-tempo, confident, smiling radical odd-ball could by no means be considered insane, he clearly was a rational human being with a clear head. His actions defied written and implied rules and thus he was socially deviant, but to authorities he was disruptive and needed to be contained. “Aide Williams tells me, Mr.. Mimicry (mocking), that you’ve been somewhat difficult about your admission shower. Is this true? Please understand.

I appreciate the way you’ve taken it upon yourself to orient with the other patients on the ward, but everything in it’s own good time, Mr.. Mimicry. I’m sorry to interrupt you and Mr.. Broaden, but you understand, everyone’s follow the rules. ” He tips his head back and gives a wink that she isn’t fooling him any more than I did, that he’s onto her.

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