Personality psychology Assignment

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Owe have knowledge and understanding of many health and social care policies and procedures. In my everyday work try to respect each individual’s diversity and equality, respect their culture and religious beliefs. I ensure high level of confidentiality and promote individuals independence and well-being by maintaining high level of personal care and respect. I am also listening to feedback which my colleagues are giving to me. From that I understand what else need to learn or what training to take so that my knowledge, skills and understanding can et standards. . The ability to reflect on work activities means to look back and think about it in a logical manner, reflecting on what went well and what did not go so well. Then you can think about what could be changed and why this change would be necessary for your future daily work. This could take place also during supervision with your manager or senior staff member where you might reflect on different situations in work, for example, incidents, conflicts or dilemmas, emergency situations which took place when you were working there.

It could be also feedback from you manager or senior colleagues regarding your work. It is always good if you can look back and realize what was done badly or not so well so you can prepare better for situations in your future work. Outcome 3 3. A personal development plan is a way how person can achieve their goals and develop and improve themselves. A personal development plan is unique to each individual and it suits exactly that person personality. When I would draw up my own personal development plan, would: 1) Determine my strongest personality traits.

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It should be realistic written information, not fantasy of you because all people are different. One can be more outgoing and hardworking but another in same time would have opposite personality. 2) Determine my goals. After knowing your strongest personality traits you can determine your goals. They should be realistic too. For example, if person is introvert he probably won’t determine goals about becoming sales person or manger Of care house. 3) Create a mission Statement to my personal development plan. Mission statement should be short, just few sentences.

Mission statement defines who you are and what your purpose in this world is. It can also include your most important values. 4) Create the plan. Now you have mission statement and defined goals. You have to determine how you can accomplish your goals. You can break each goal in smallest tasks you should do and they can be done in daily, monthly or yearly time-scale. 5) Keep a schedule to track my progress. 6) Update my personal plan when it is necessary. Goals and plans can change depending on what happens in your life. With updating your personal velveteen plan you can improve yourself.

Outcome 4 4. Record progress in relation to personal development can be done by regular supervisions with manager. You can record the progress through discussions to agree any development is achieved or any trainings needs to be done. You can also look to your goals in personal development plan and see which you have achieved, which you have to still work on. You can understand what you still need to achieve and how you could do it, for example, participating in some trainings; you can discuss it with your manager who can help you.

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