Non-conformity day report Assignment

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A non-conformist Is someone who does not conform to other people’s Ideas on how things should be and should be done but instead he/she follows her/his individuality. This may be influenced by many factors like the need for uniqueness. Most non-conformist violate certain social norms and for my non conformity day exercise I had to wear something extra ordinary to school Just to see how people will react to all that and me being a follower of the Restrain movement I wore a Muslim Kurt on this day.

At the beginning of this exercise I had mixed feelings because It felt wrong doing something I completely was disagreeing with, but at the same time I had to be obedient to what my lecturer said. I had feelings of paranoia because of fear of what people might think of me to an extend that I ended up having thoughts of not attending school at all but there more I got used to the idea of wearing something completely deferent to what I normally wear, I started looking forward to how people will react to the new me If I may say.

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Monday 14 October’ 13 1 joke up feeling nervous and scared because I did not know how people will react to me wearing a Kurt. The first person to see me wearing the Kurt was my mother and she was surprised to see me wearing it because even she did not know that I even have a Kurt and it looking like a dress she felt it was inappropriate for me to go to school wearing it.

By the time I left the house some of the guys who are my neighbors laughed at me and they kind of thought I was high on drugs but the most interesting part about the whole thing was that some of the people I normally meet s I go to the combo stop starred at me and the minute I got to the stop I was the centre of attraction and to make matters worse the guys I was with were still making fun of me so everyone there laughed at me. As I got to school I felt like taking the Kurt off because it felt like everyone was looking at me and I started wondering what is it that they are saying about me.

Most of the people who the people who know me were really amazed and shocked to see me more so that some asked me if I was a Muslim to which I answered NO, the most Interesting responses I got were from my rinds because I have always told them about wanting to get myself a Kurt and them seeing me in 1 was their chance to start making fun of me at the same time loving it because they two have been planning on getting some for themselves.

The only thing I enjoyed about having to wear the Kurt was being centre of attention but most of all talking to that girl I have always wanted to say hi because she too was one of those people who were wondering if I was a Muslim. Even I enjoyed the attention I was really not confident because kept having this feeling of the spotlight effect but s I got 2 class all that changed I gained confidence because of cohesiveness of my classmates.

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