Introduction to Social Psychology Assignment

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In our textbook some of the big ideas are social thinking, social influences, and social relations that all apply to social psychology. Figure 1. On page 6 explains that in social thinking we construct our social reality and that our moods shape and are shaped by the behaviors around us, which makes the world we see very powerful because we apply ourselves to what influences us the most (Myers, 2010). Figure 1. 2 speaks about social influences, which I have touched on in social thinking (Myers, 2010). It goes deeper into the social influences that shape behavior and dispositions mood behaviors.

Figure 1. 2 also announces in social relations that social behaviors are also a biological behavior and feelings and action toward people are sometimes negative and moieties positive (Myers, 2010). Noticed the cartoon on page 7 the scene is a bar, the bar tender shows concern for a guy that is on the floor holding his chin, as if he had been hit. The guy behind him is trying to pick him up and three others are in front of him angry and one is yelling. The quote at the bottom says that “He didn’t actually threaten me, but I perceived him as a threat” (Myers, peg 7).

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Our book explains this as social cognition matters and I think that is true for every real life situation. Myers, D. G. (2010). Social psychology (10th deed. ). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. What are some challenges in conducting research in social psychology? Remember to include a citation and reference in your response think that some challenges in conducting research on social psychology are the fact that we cannot understand everything to its Max unless we live in it and apply it in our daily lives.

In some cultures the butter finger means a couple of different things to different people. It is not just some hand sequesters that may get the wrong attention but also art, language, style, and culture. It is mind bobbling how someone can gladly give their life up for faith, Emily, revenge, and self-loafs but it is not until you go in their heads you figure out the answers to why. People are changing every day; another reason why research is hard, you just can’t keep up with all of them. With trillions Of people in the world it is hard to watch and track peoples behaviors.

Some researchers propose theories and organize hypotheses in their quest to get for insight on social psychology (Myers, peg 17). They test their hunches by using correlation studies and experiments. Correlation studies are often conducted in a natural setting or just asked why they might feel a certain say bout a certain topic (Myers, peg 17). Experiments are done in controlled environments and study what makes things worst for this person and what what’s things better (Myers, peg 17). Myers, D. G. (2010). Social psychology (10th deed. ). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

What are some self-serving biases? Remember to include a citation and reference in your response. I do not think I know much about self-serving biases, but if I had to guess I would say it would involve placing things in certain categories to go in your favor. An example of what I am trying to say is, let’s say have some jelly beans. I love the red ones because they taste like watermelon and don’t like the black ones because I don’t like the taste of lickerish. All the other colors have a neutral effect on me, none amazing and none too gross.

What I do is throw out all the black ones, eat the red ones first and scramble through the rest. In some cases I would avoid buying any type of jelly bean bag that had lickerish flavored beans and that would then go for other types of candy and foods. Doing some research I found a better example that I can use, you might have met a person like this or you might be like this “I’m a much better ND smarter student then any of my classmates. I don’t even need to study because I make better grades then any Of them” (Myers, 2010).

Self-serving bias is favoring oneself or crediting oneself (Myers, 2010). I believe that these biases’ can be falsely made, some true, and some just exaggerated. In my opinion a person that can change their environment and surrounds to best fit them are really strong. Influences are incredible and we are all under some type of influence 24/7. I live in a small town, everyone knows everyone. Lived here for about three years are really I hate it but I stayed to support my Emily and to give myself a chance to work and provide for my family because had a child.

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