Forensic Psychology Assignment

Forensic Psychology Assignment Words: 366

An example would be getting called to a court of law to testify on a defendant’s mental stability in a trial situation. A forensic psychologist has to develop and review appropriate treatment and rehabilitation programs for the offender such as anger management, treatment NT for drug addiction and social and cognitive skills training. The field of forensic psychology is very competitive one needs a masters degree doctorate level degree. Important undergraduate classes that should be take n include,statistics, criminology, abnormal psychology, social psychology and criminal law.

They must have a strong background and expertise in psychology which usually involves working g in a practice dealing with patients over a number fears. Other skills one needs: 1 . Pristine e critical thinking skills:2. Thorough knowledge of social and cultural issues, 3. Strong writing and oral presentation skills, 4. Familiarity with mental health law, 5. Case law and courtroom proceed rest. 6. Must also be able to maintain calm under pressure. Some employment opportunities that come along with being a forensic psych eulogist include being able to work in lice stations, courthouses, and law firms.

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Prisons, jails, and juvenile detention centers also hire forensic psychologists. The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of a Forensic Psychologist was $64, 140. Some universities and colleges worth attending include the University of Arizona an and the University of Virginia, for they offer degrees specifically focused on forensic as histology that combine courses in both psychology and law. It is very tedious work to first eve en become certified as a forensic psychologist, for such a degree typically takes 57 years f graduate study.

Professional organizations Of this field include the International Association of r Correctional and Forensic Psychology and American Board of Forensic Psychology. Over the past two decades, there has been a steady growth rate with the file d of forensic psychology. It is expected for the practice in psychology and law to increase 2 2% in the next ten years. Pursuing a job in the field of forensic psychology takes almost an inter amiable amount of time and is only for those willing to work in a highly stressed filled environment NT.