Crime and schizophrenia Assignment

Crime and schizophrenia Assignment Words: 445

It is now recognized that individuals with the particular disorder called schizophrenia are much more likely to be violent and commit a crime than other individuals Of the overall populace. The major problem that is portrayed in the Eleanor and Walters study is how ‘delinquency, violence and hazardousness are connected with one of the disorders schizophrenia’ and how this illness can cause someone to cause a criminal act that will lead them into receiving a criminal charge (Hendricks & Sam, 2012).

Serious mental illness and violence are interconnected, it has been questioned that this association is ‘mediated by a sequence of third variables’ as stated by Walters. There is a chance that the link between mental illness and violence is intervened by criminal thinking. The problem is that ‘criminal thinking has been a contributor to the mental disordered individual to take action in criminal procedures. Subtopic: The sub-topic believe would be the disorder schizophrenia since my research question is based on mental disorders.

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Schizophrenia is a mental crosier and when someone is diagnosed with it is difficult for that individual to determine what is actual and not but they are able to react ‘normally’ in certain situations. It becomes a problem when a crime is committed, the discussion from the article states that ‘this study of crime-related history and statistics in people with schizophrenia shows that selected aspects of illness context and clinical status predict criminal charges” (Eleanor & Walter, 2010). ‘The rate of violent crime have slightly elevated in people with schizophrenia elates to the general population’ (Eleanor & Walter, 2010).

The main findings in this article are ‘the importance of the socio-economic and personal context of serious mental illness as well as symptoms in understanding the occurrence of criminal charges in people with schizophrenia ” because it maybe that; that would cause them to commit a crime. I did not find any problem in the article but I did find an interesting methodology that contributed to my argument is how the environment and social economic can impact their actions towards committing crimes specially those with that type of disorder.

There is indeed a relationship between crime and mental disorders. There is one difference in the literature simply because it is only focusing on specific disorder and how predictable are charges, convictions and violence. If this article was based on many types of disorders or talked about the different types of crimes then it would have been even better the reason why there is a lack of similarity is because again this article only focused on one particular disorder and it spoke more about the symptoms.

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