Consciousness and Power Assignment

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Power can be defined from different outlooks and in different ways. In some countries being born into certain families of royalty and wealth gives you power. That’s power not given by choice. In this country individuals can be driven to power through determination and will. There is an equal opportunity to obtain it. In my opinion power can be defined by wealth, knowledge, and ones voice. Money can commonly determine a persons status in the world.

It can bring in estate, big business, and a “successful” life in general. All of these things can be seen as power. The more money you have, the more access you have to the things of the world being big or small. The wealthy are the privileged and so they contain more power than those who don’t. The more you know, the more you are aware. If a persons knowledge exceeds the mind span of others they posses a greater outlook. Knowledge also brings wisdom.

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Those who know more have the ability to get further in life. Knowing what goes on through intellect or experience can bring confidence which radiates power over oneself. The mind can obtain a deeper strength and skill which can mentally place a person a few steps ahead of the majority. That is power. Ones voice being spoken above the crowd to be heard is power. It brings change and awareness. Heroes of history such as Martin Luther have displayed such power. It is one voice speaking for the voices of many.

Spoken word creating influence through a few people, a crowd, or even a nation presents great strength and great power. Although power can seem out of reach I believe everyone can find it within themselves. There is no one way to achieve it and no one way to look at it. Freeing the mind, finding independence and feeling confident can all be forms as well. It is the power over ones life, which is the greatest power of all. Everybody has it, it’s Just a matter of embracing it.

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